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March 06, 2008



Love the rabbits in apparel! And such wonderful news on Betsy. Just wonderful.


Lynne Laura

Hi, you have a very pretty blog. Love the bunny pictures. I have 2 bunnies of my own but they are my pets and are inside bunnies so they never eat my flowers. They just eat the furniture!

Lynne Laura

Boxwood Cottage

Aww the is so sweet and so spring and Easter like! The rabbits really seem to enjoy your beautiful garden Donna! Love those last two pics lol
Best wishes from Germany sends you
Carol xox

Boxwood Cottage

Aww the is so sweet and so spring and Easter like! The rabbits really seem to enjoy your beautiful garden Donna! Love thos last two pics lol
Best wishes from Germany sends you
Carol xox


Stopping back to say hi and bye. Ut oh....Don't let Vivi give you any ideas for Lapin Vin!!


Du Buh Du Designs (Dolls)

How is it that you have bunnies in San jose and here in Bend all I get stolling into my yard is a skunk or two..something doesn"t smell right!
:) Christine

A Fanciful Twist

HAaaaaaaa!! Love your wabbits! We have hundreds of them!! They are everywhere!! Why do they have to eat everything? Too bad I don't like rabbit stew at all.... Nor could I harm one... So I guess I have to just let them abuse my wee garden...

OH, YES!!! I am so happy Betsy has gone home!! Home is a healing place!!! xoxoxo

Miss Maddie's

What a perfect idea your brilliant sister has, a Fairytale! With a gallant dragonslayer aka Sean, a handsome prince aka Johnnie, bunnies when kissed by the Queen turn into?.Oh yes the Queen now I wonder who might that be??? Sounds more like a harem tale than a fairytale. The Queen of Crowns surrounded by all these men!
Have a great weekend Darlin'
xo Susan


Sister of mine...always a treat to read your latest blog! I keep telling you...you need to write a fairy tale for grown-ups!!
Love you!!


p.s. I wonder if the Irish Spring will work for squirrels... I'll let you know, as I'm off to the store to buy some!!!!!


Such fantastic news about Betsy!!! I am so glad Donna, so happy to hear this news!

OK, down to rabbits... you've been on my mind a lot... you see, after all the "sage" advice I gave you last year on Bunnie medicine??? Well, how about you come on over and dress my squirrels??? Those little buggers left over 50 holes in my labyrinth in one day. Tore the ground cover to shreds... I almost called you!!! Squirrel medicine is "gathering." And now my labyrinth is wearing fishnet stockings until the ground cover can root again... gathering I guess is what is in order...



If I tell you I'm a rabbit can you dress me like that?!
I heard that we put a bar of soap like Irish Spring in the garden and the bunnies think people are around....I tried it and they FINALLY stopped eating my flowers!


Oh those bunnies are such ribboned little shmoos. So very cute!
I love your garden!!! Is that an irish moss I spy there? So wuvely.


trop chou tes lapins !!!!!!kiss à+


Sweet Donna, Come by...I am having a Wedding Anniversary Giveaway!!! Come play!



Wishing Betsy a speedy recovery.
The bunnies are so adorable but just you wait until after the nuptials! I remember reading in one of our vintage gardening books that rabbits don't like lavnder and planting a lavender hedge will apparently deter them. Either that or rabbit proof wire around the garden which also has to go at least 12" under the ground or the little sweeties will just burrow in.


"Oh Donna,
what a cute little bunnies!! I just loved how you dressed them up too! Or.. did they do that...lol!! Great taste!!

I am so happy your friend Betsy is home. Tell her I am still praying for her;-)) Come see me tomorrow, there is a celebration going on.

Love ya!

Lisa Oceandreamer

I do think they make a lovely couple and look how nice they dressed. Perhaps it's a testament to the tasty restaurant fare you grow that he's back and brought his bunnygirl.(hey is that a 5 carrot ring I see....heehee)
Maybe a cutout of Mr. MacGregor would help dissuade them. or not.
I am so happy to hear that Betsy is home...that's a huge step and I'm sure it feels wonderful for her to be back in her own environment. Still keeping her in my thoughts.

Bumpkin Bears

I'll have to make the same compromise with the bunnies that have started to visit my garden again this Spring :) Catherine x


Adorable bunnies!
And what wonderful news of Betsy!
Sandra Evertson


Oh, the bunnies are cute...especially "dressed" for the occasion! I have bunnies here too...and deer. Love to see them.

Have a great day, Martha!

Martha Kohley, Vintage Trifles

Your garden deserves only the best dressed bunnies. It is a good thing that my Miss Zoe can't see them! She isn't a big fan of wascally wabbits! Enjoy your weekend. M.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I saw your beautiful garden in Victoria. Looks like the bunnies feasted on all of the flowers. Baby bunnies soon?!


glad to see my donna today!

Dorian Fletcher

Good lord, Donna - you have a giant salad bar for these little fuzzies! With two of them, it seems you might have the start of a whole colony!
Very glad to hear that Betsy is back in her home with family and friends.


Donna! Made my whole day. I'm so very happy for Betsy, and all of you who love her.
What GREAT news.
xo Lidy

Flea Market Queen

I am laughing so hard right now!
I love their attire!!
So happy Betsy is home now, I still have her in my thoughts and prayers.

Country French Antiques

Donna...I'm going to find that YOU MADE MY DAY AWARD because you just did!
Great news on your friend!

jungle dream pagoda

Hi there! Such cute bunnypics!!!!
...and just in time for Easter,such punctual critters!
Did you love the PR Finale!!!!?????!!!!!
Your so sweet to wonder what I thought,and thought it up I did!!!


Hi Donna, I´m glad You friend is doing better! And what cuties You have in Your garden! My vegetable garden usually gets visits from both rabbits and roe deers. The whole meadow is full of delicious things but they have to pick my vegetables and flowers! And as everyone else has pointed out: You know what rabbits do moore than eat! Make mooooore rabbits!
Have fun!


Hi Donna,
No wonder these cute rabbits visit you, your garden is like Alice's Wonderland! They are probably looking for the white rabbit's hole hidden somewhere in that velvety moss.....Just be thankful you don't have mountain deer and mischevious foxes joining them, breaking gazing balls and knocking over the headstones....
I'm so glad you found a way to decorate with my Wicked Wares year round, a little mixing and matching with your girly glitter creations is the perfect touch! Can't wait till everyone discovers they don't have to wait for Halloween - it's all OK!


That is too cute. We have some resident rabbits as well though I haven't seen them yet this year. We also have a resident skunk - eek! I'm just hoping and praying the dog doesn't get sprayed!

Auberne' Fox-Hughes


Auberne' Ancalimon


I am so thrilled to hear that Besty is home...and your bunnies are too cute!!!


Oh how wonderful that Besty is home and doing better. Clarice

karen cole

I knew before I paged down, those those little bunnies would be sporting the latest in crown fashion. .....perfect for spring.

You're too funny.


omG this is too funny.
If you had only shown the
one with purple ~~
it really looked like you
ran across the lawn and crowned
that cutie :) :) :)



Oh, Donna:) i am really SO happy to hear that Betsy is home...what a truly wonderful thing!!!
i think the bunnies would look darling sweet in one of YOUR crowns!!!


Hi Donna,
That is so great about Betsy!!
Everyone must be so thrilled.
I love happy news!!
Now for your rabbits, I think they are adorable, even if they do eat flowers and shrubs. You know if there are 2 of them, you know what that means.
Great photos!!
Have a great day, and I'm so glad for Betsy.

Christine LeFever

Those rabbits are remarkable. I love their dinner attire. Perhaps you could buy and offer to them, actual rabbit feed?

Yeah, Betsy!!!!



It is certainly a miracle that Betsy is back home! So happy for her, her family, you and all of her friends!!


They do make a cute couple...especially when dressed up.
I have heard that they love clover...perhaps a small clover field would keep them away from your specimen flora.
Good news about Betsy...my best wishes for a continued progress for full recovery.

Miss Maddie's

I'm so happy to hear about dear Betsy and wishing her a speedy recovery now that she is in the comfort of her own home.
As for the bunnies, I sure hope you made lots of crowns and hats 'cause you know what they say about rabbits!
XO Susan


That little guy from last year? Well.....he's not so petit any more! Perhaps he needs a diet of NO flowers for awhile?
Only your rabbits would have their very own crown, cap, and ruffs!!
The bunnies are back cause you have a deliciously irresistible garden! They know a good thing when they see it!!

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