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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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April 24, 2008


le petit cabinet de curiosites

I Love the crowns. Your pictures and treasures are gorgeous


Love your blog...just found you...via...Vanessa:) What a lovely crown!



Oh what a bunch of loveliness I am visually bathing in!! Just the shot of pretty I needed to brighten up my rainy day :)


One day before I die (that isn't on the calendar yet...) I want to sit with you and make these things. Okay?


Bill Murry in a tutu, now that would be quite a site. Your crowns are breathtaking Clarice

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I love the crowns! I can see myself lightly tripping across the grass, May Day basket in hand with one of your scrumptious crowns on my regal head! Well . . .maybe I might look more like Bill Murray in his tulle tutu, but the crown would help.

HUGS! Nancy


I'm bowing to your brilliance! Lovely new items for AH!!! Looking forward to the Soiree.

Denise Fontaine



These are all just perfect. Really want to join you for your soiree.


LOL on Bill Murray and Miss Maddie's comment to you!!! you new creations are gorgeous as always Donna!!! i love those sweet little boxes, and your crowns are always stunners:)

Miss Maddie's

What a delightful way to greet the month of May, all bedecked in crowns and glitter as we dance around the Maypole.
Perhaps while Bill is skipping through the glenn he could inquire about your bunnies.
There is alot that goes on in your garden; fairies, Queens, bunnies, Bill Murray and even Johnny stops by on occasion. Perhaps you use a special blend of fertilizer?
xo Susan

Amy Falconer

Little Fairy box? check... Little Doll box? check... Little girly box? check.... I did not even move from the computer and I had Sharon on the phone sending those to me. I do not want to appear greedy but I still need a wand,waaah!!! Thanks for the goodies! xxxooo Amy

A Fanciful Twist

I loooove your crooooowns!!!! I can not find them... Loooooooooooooooove...xo

A Fanciful Twist

I am dying for one of your crooooowns!!!! Did they all sell already??? xo

Karen from A`Musements

Can a swashbuckling kinda gal wear a glitzy crown (like your new ones---so wonderful!---) and still swig from a bottle of rum? Do you make dribble cloths (for the fashion-conscious pirate babe) with glitter? Best be settin' yer sights on May 3rd thar lassie... she'll be comin' b'fore you know it. Yo Ho Ho and...


New beautiful work. Especially like the crown with the woman placing a crown on her head, but all wonderful. Happy Early May Day Donna!!



Beautiful, Donna! Love the little fairy boxes...so sweet.

We should celebrate the joy of creation every day!

Hugs, Nancy


Oh Donna... You bring tears into my eyes... of pure joy! These are exquisite!! I will struggle on with my creations for the soiree.
(and will not have time with all plants that are growing too fast in this summerwarm weather..nor with the laundry!)


teri c

absolutely breathtaking creations! think I'll join Bill in the glenn . . . now where did I put my wings . . .


I don't think it's silly to celebrate early. Certainly these creations should not be held back a day longer than necessary. They are amazing...as is your work!

Can't wait for the soiree!


Hi Donna,
Your work is so amazing!
I love it!


Love Bill Murray! Celebrating May Day early is a great idea!


Hahahahha Bill Murray in tulle..... I can see it now....

I think fairies definitely have their own calendar... and who knows what special days they celebrate. Then there are the dolls, bears, and others? well..they just come to life whenever and celebrate the time of of day...the time of night or ....the..well, you get the picture.....hey! life's just one great celebration when you live in fantasyland!

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