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April 08, 2008



She's absolutely fabulous!

I was a few days late, but did post my own favorites ... if you are interested, feel free to stop by: http://3rdeyemuse.blogspot.com/2008/04/doll-party-worse-than-fashionably-late.html

Cheers! ~M~




She has such a sweet face - a unique treasure.

Natasha Burns

What a lovely jack in the box she is!!


Fabulous:) Rachael

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

How unique! I don't believe I've ever run across anything like her before. So glad you shared!


hi donna =^..^=
Your little jacque in the box has the best face! I really love the delicate features, the softness of the eyes ::sigh::

how wonderful of you to share!
=^..^= love, zU

Pinkie Denise

What a darling jack in the box, so fun and I have seen your wonderful Scottish dolls and you say you don't collect doll hmmmm thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Miss Sandy

I've never seen a jack in the box doll before, she is really neat! I took a peek at your other posts also and the Scottish dolls are amazingly beautiful, especially appealing is that Sean Connery doll! Thanks for sharing your treasures.

Miss Sandy

I've never seen a jack in the box doll before, she is really neat! I took a peek at your other posts also and the Scottish dolls are amazingly beautiful, especially appealing is that Sean Connery doll! Thanks for sharing your treasures.


I have always loved Jack in the Boxes, and Castle in the Air looks like a wonderful place. I think Kari from Artsy Mama just taught a class there. Your treasure is lovely. Karen


what a delightful piece !!!! Tahnks for sharing your sweet treasure. Mica

Miss Maddie's

I thought you were at work, here you are playing with dolls! And why not, next to your fantastic garden are they not your favorite thing?(excluding Johnny of course)
She is sweet.
xo Susan


Hi Donna! Love your adorable Jack in the Box doll. Also checked out your Scottish dolls (very unique) & hmmmmm.....Sean Connery! and also checked the doll heads post. Too cute!! You have such a way with words!

Please visit my dollies!

Angelic Accents


love the doll in the box, but love the scottish dolls more! what a great collection!


The Jack in the box is wonderful.
Your blog is gorgeous !

monica magness

Donna what a great piece! I'd surely treasure this jack if he were mine... still I admit at my age now I'm antsy while waiting for him to jump out and surprise me! :) ~Monica


Thank you for sharing these! I don't really have any dolls to share - I have to start a new collection.


She is very wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


Lovely isnt a word I use often but, that she is! I love the colors of the box and fabric and her red hair:)
And of course your Scottish dolls are just wonderful, especially the life size 007!


She is adorable, and I would be inspired by her too!!! What a total cutie!!! Thanks for sharing.


How sweet and lovely she is.
I wish I had know about Dolly Share day in time...I have quite a few that I could share :) Well in any case I can enjoy all the lovely links. So many of my blog friends are participating.
Today I am sharing one of my artist friends...so I could not have participated anyway...so I shall take a little cheese with my whine...and click on links.

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

WOW! That Sean Connery doll is gorgeous. So life like. ;~)
Love your dolls and the Jack in the Box is the best!

xx Nancy

Karen Young

Donna, She is absolutely gorgeous


Bunny Rose Cottage

WOW! I just love her, she is absolutely fabulous and so unique! Thank you so much for sharing!



What a wonderful jack in the box. I can see why she had to come home with you.
She has an Enchanting faceā€¦



oh Donna, she is so sweet:) thanks so much for sharing her with us today and for playing with me!


Oh Donna...she is lovely! So simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing her...I have started Jack-in-the-Boxes a couple of times, but haven't really liked what turned out...will have to try again...you have inspired me!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

She is beautiful!!


Hi Donna,
Love your blog! Thanks for visiting me today!
That Jack in the box is so precious. I made one years ago, but you know, I think I gave it to Salvation Army! LOL Oh well, hope some poor child got it.
Will be back to visit again!

Christine LeFever

Shouldn't she be Jacqueline in a box?

She is wonderful!



"Oh how adorable!!!" Leave it up to you to come up with the most amazing doll. She is just so stunning and so cute. I just want to kiss her..of course when she "Pops" her head out;-))

I hope you stop by and see my collection for my daughter;-))


She is great Donna!! Love the black and orange.
I am going to go and put my dress form and Chatty Cathy shoes on my blog this morning.

jessi nagy

rock and roll Donna!
these are fabulous!!
i kne you would have something special to share with us!


Hi Donna,
Isn't she just so sweet. I love the look on her sweet face.
Cheers Linda

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