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A Pageantry of Artists!


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April 12, 2008


Jane Lynch

I would adore to come aboard-beautiful site-so glad I found it.
Love your art-Jane

Vanessa Johanning

This will be my first online party!
Thanks for the invite!!

I have visions of gwen stefani hanging from a tightrope! AAARRRRR

hee hee
aka~The Rhinestone Contessa


Am I to late or may I still join the fun.
Please add me on if I am not to late. And I thank you Las'
Loving all your fine Pirates treasures.

arrrrre maity,

Pamela Overmier

Am I fashhionably late? I would like to attend! I havent a thing to wear, so I would have to be the scullery maid, you'll need one for all the broken dishes, what with the rum and coke drinking wenches and blokes! I am busy getting my little pirate ready now. Pam

Dorian Fletcher

Ready and waiting, oh Queen of the Jolly Roger!

Dorian Fletcher

Well, Donna...I managed to slap something together to join in the festivities. Please add me to the list of swashbucklerettes.


I'll be posting a splashingly fun pirate collage in the next day or so!

Black-Eyed Suzie

Sorry to ask a question so late, but just wondering about the time...I have to work in the morning just for two hours and am wondering if I should try to post my pics before then or is around 1:00 - 2:00 okay?
Sorry - couldn't figure out the banner (techno-lamo...)

Debra Schoch

hello... my pirate passions have been posted..


Oh goody, I just found out about this too. I'll be crafting to get something up for Saturday. Count me in too please.


I'd love to join -- is it too late? I certainly hope not, as we visit an old pirate hangout almost every month. Absolutely beautiful blog -- I am delighted to find you and look forward to reading more.



Magpie Sue

Ahoy from the Pirate Vessel Bluebird! This is our first docking in your port so there's some exploring to be done. In the meantime, mayhap the crew can find something in our holds to contribute to the soiree ;- )

Black-Eyed Suzie

oooh - how did i miss this?? Is it too late to join? If I craft my little brains out b/w now and Saturday, I know I can come up with something briny and barnacly!


Ho ho hum with me bottle o' rum....I'll be there! Thanks for the
invite....hope you don't mind a few swarthy types attendin! I'm a woman before my time dontcha know!


I am willing to walk the plank matey. Please sign me up for the pirate party! I wrote a pirate poem that will be perfect for this. Ahhh, matey see you there.

rebecca woodward

Sounds like so much fun! Can I play too? Now where are my scissors?

Debra Schoch

please add me to this pirate list..and i correct myself on my last comment, the mvie was the crimson pirate,but was thinking too of capt.blood..both fun swashbuckling movies..


OK. I've been thinking and thinking..."I want to participate in Donna's pirate thingee but what do I make??? What do I do??" So, I've been stalling and thinking!! All I can think of is that kids movie "The Goonies" and one-eyed-Willie!! I'll try to come up with something...so count me in!! xxoo, Dawn

Julia Rose

Hi There,
Standing in my Crows Nest peering at you from avast distance...............
Can I join in, pleeese..


Brilliant! Indeed you can absolutely count me in on this. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!


Dear Donna, I am sure I signed up somewhere up there amongst the comments. If not, please count me in. I want to thank you for your fabulous inspiration...I am off on an adventure today in search of all things pirates. Thanks for reminding me to be Peter Pan for the day. I can't wait to create for your Soiree. Karen


This sounds like so much fun! I would love to stop by for the party...I'm off to make something for the soiree and dust the cobwebs off my party dress!


Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirate's life for me! I'm in Donna. Who can resist a soiree? Not me. I'll be sailing along with you on May 3rd.

A Fanciful Twist

I am in for sure!!!!! xoxo This is soooo exciting!!!!


Oh sounds so much fun-count me in!!! I know a mermaid who has been dreaming of a pirate love, she will be there. See you then!

Kim Gibson

I'll be there! I'll have on my best eyepatch and a sharp saber, so move over maties and let me in!

Deana Hager

I just love these way cool blog parties. Deana

Altered Route

Ahoy, i'd lo'e t' attend and would be honored t' play. Congrats on 100 bountiful posts and your booty is worth a kin's ransom!

Pearl Maple

It took me a while to join the party but we have just the thing happening now and can't wait to share with you all in a few days time.

Lisa Kettell

I just found your site when I visited Ann-Denise's site. OOH, I like the sound of this, count me in!
All the best!

Doreen Frost

Oh my goodness...I would love to participate :)...count me in:)


monica magness

I be there, o' I wouldn't miss it for theeeeee world!

~Monica :)


This sounds like so much fun. Oh, yes I would love to join in too. I don't know the person named Pearl, but she just cracked me up with her comment above. Well count me in.



I want to be a swashbuckler-ette! Please do count me in on the festivities and definetly add an extra bottle of rum for me!


Karen at A'Musements enticed me to join in the fun, maybe I can come up with some worthy tidbit.

Debb George

Congrats on ypur 100th post, Please sign me up sound like so much fun.I will post your banner
love Debb

steph stargell

ARRRHHH Matey - I am in like flynn. That Bluebeard will have a time trying to fight us off - he will walk the plank.

Sylvia Anderson

Oooooo Please count me in Donna!! I will be sure to mark it on my calendar...what fun!! :)


I am Captain Skulduggery Dug, the Captain of the Pirate Pixie Crew! No one can Buckle their Swash better than I dear lady!

jungle dream pagoda

Oh Donna !!!!!
(lookin' for ma Do ah nuh)
Hi there!!! This sounds like such utter fun!!!! I must put my Pagoda thinking hat on and come up with something!
thank you for your recent visits and not giving up on me! We are presently in house hunting h-e- double hockey stix !We found a beaut,but lots of red flags are causing us to be careful! see you soon!


Paaaaarty!!! I am up for it...you won't need to have me walk the plank.
Congratulations on you 100th Post.
Need I tell you how much I would love to have a little something from you :)

Paula Lyon

I just found your blog and I love your Scottish Room! Can you tell me what brand your black and gold furniture is and where I could possibly find it. And those slip covers are to die for. I enjoyed your blog very much and I will definately be back soon. Paula

Denise Fontaine

I will fly out in a jiffy! So boring here in Massachusetts!..I have tried to join art association and start classes but artist here are still painting seagulls! Ugh!!


Oooooh ~ a Pirate Soiree!

What fun!

I'll be there!


Oh I would love to play dress up with you...but, not wanting to cause all kinds of wild piratey trouble, I might to be a "good" pirate!! (if there is such a thing! lol)
And yes your post HAS made my head spin with lots of ideas!!! :)

Sandra Evertson

One question? Will Johnny be there?! Sounds like fun!
Sandra Evertson
Gorgeous Banner too!


rum?...did someone say rum?? mines all gone...so, I'll be over on Saturday on the backs of sea turtles... looking for some more.


Okay little Missy. There be many a fool who think they have a shot at getting their grimey hands on your glorious swag... I be one of them. I'm giving you fair warning that I'm up for the challenge and plan on attending your soiree... hair braids and all. So set out an extra bottle of rum and gather up your treasures. I don't plan on leaving empty handed. Do we have an accord? Yo Ho!


~glancing around with my "good" eye~

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your wonderful blog! Congratulations on your Anniversary...how exciting! - I love Cinderella, too; and your once-in-a-blue-moon post was so yummie to look at; and, then there are the corsets! oh my! aren't they the neatest things?!

Your upcoming party sounds like it will be alot of fun... Please stop by for a visit, anytime... it's always nice to make new friends!
Pearl ~smiles~

Enzie Shahmiri

Saw the invite over at Nancy's and thought this is too much fun to pass on. Stowaway on board!


Donna, I would love to come to your soiree. Please add me and a friend! We LOVE your work and can not wait to meet you!

Twyla and Lindsey

Please count us in on the swashbuckling fun!

Karen Young

I would love to join in the fun. Please add me to the list


Karen from A`Musements

Shiver me timbers, count me amongst the swashed and the buckled!
Congratulations on your 100th post you Scottish Pirate Lass! Now it's back to the decks for ya's until it's time for the grog to be passed and the party-makin' to commence! AAARRrrrrrhhhhh!


Oh, I have to do this, I just have to, please add me to the guestlist! I'm far too interested in pirates for it to be healthy, this will be ever so much fun.

Don't be fooled by my name though, I'm no relation to Jack. Actually more of a Barbossa girl... ;)


Congrats on 100 - now walk the plank! Sounds like fun.

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

Congratulations on your 100th post my hearty!!!! Count me in!!!! I'll be sharping my sword and gathering my treasure! ^-^

Arabella Sparrow. (Aka. Auberne' Ancalimon)


Hello me'lady,

Sorry, I won't be joining on the the "blood shed" and Celebrating for this delightful soiree!! I already have prior engagements down in "Davey Jone's Locker" fighting for the "black pearl with Jack Sparrow!" Save a bottle of Rum or Gin will do too, Me'lady!

Well, Congratulations on your 100th post Queen of the Pirates...Sounds like so much fun!!

XOXO~Elisabeth; (Turner's soul mate)

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I hope I will have time to prepare something for this wonderful soirée


oh how wonderful-i love to dress up- oh dear me-i hope our yummy man's going to be there-oh just one hour-with him would make my day-i hope alls well in your world singing and skipping love jo.

fated follies studio

So nice to meet you too! I am wondering what I am going to make for this. I always like to make something *new* that I haven't tried yet and this will be a great way to do so!


A Fanciful Twist

I am coming tooooooooooooooooo!!! don't forget me over here!! hey hey!! xoxo


I already know what I'm going to do:) lets see if I can actually do it though by May 3rd..count me in!

fated follies studio

so much fun, i'd sure love to join in this event. you are so creative!


Oh a Swashbuckler Soiree, this sounds like my house all everyday. I will see what we can come up with !!! Clarice


A wink and a nod and I'm in wenchy!
Get the grog brewing!
I am excited!

debra schoch

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..i was a pirate when you were in diapers matey..well a pirate 2 years in a row for Halloween and watched every pirate movie i could as a kid, even thou i was a girl had a sword and the hots for Burt Lancaster and his 'bearded side kick! in the Crimson Blood..which Pirates of the carribean stole a few ideas from...


Aye wench! Count me in :) (Tell me I didn't just call you a wench...)


Hi Donna,
Congrats on your 100th post!!
I wish I could participate, I as so busy right now. If I get all of my orders filled, I will be sure to join in the fun.
I will let you know.
I am also having a giveaway for my 1 year of blogging. Not as fun as yours of course.
Have a great day!

Julie Bergmann

Avast ye mateys! Lest ye be a lily-livered landlubber, or lest ye want to walk the plank, ye better be plannin' on being there, because I will! Arrrgggghhhhhh!

Julie Bergmann

Pinkie Denise

Well, Congratulations on your 100th post Queen of the Pirates...Sounds like so much fun count me in, better
hide your pirate loot from your shopping trip with Ulla,it might disappear....Pinkie Denise


I'm there:) Rachael


Shiver me timbers! Count me and me bottle o' rum in! Sounds like a hoot.

teri c

count me in . . . I love a good pirate :D


I would love to oblige, but I'm rather swamped at the moment under laces and fans and diamonds as I try to keep from drowning in all of my Marie Antoinette creatings. Meanwhile, my house is a total disaster...BUT if I happen upon a pirate idea that jumps out of me and demands my attention, I'll try very hard to be there...sure would hate to walk that plank! And do get that peanut butter...all the pirates will go bonkers over it!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my! Will Johnny be there? Tee hee! I'm in. I've got to find me eye patch! congratulations Donna!

Raised In Cotton

Ok, I guess that means I have to
bring Captain Jack Sparrow:) I am lacing up my busteia as we speak~I have lots of boost to lace up to get ready:)



Please, be so kind and count me in, too. My 4 years old son is absolutely sure that he is a knight. Rest on the family has a lot of fun because on him.


Can hardly hold my sward to my side, nor my patch to my eye! I'll be the one with bells around my neck!

Miss Maddie's

There once was a Scottish lass
Who ventured off to sea
For she knew from an early age
A pirate she would be
So she sailed on a ship named the 'Bonnee Lass'
Across the seven seas,
Plundering treasure and capturing hearts of many a pirate that be.
When alas one day on a wharf at Tortuga,
Her eyes did meet and breath did sigh
For the pirate Johnny stood he,
With his rum laden kiss and manly scent he took her heart, you see
And off they sailed on his ship together
Named, 'My Lass Come Away With Me'...
xo Susan

Country French Antiques

Well count me in!
Will Johnny be here?
How fun!!!!!


Oh this sounds fun!! Count me in please. Hope that I can create something worthy a scottish pirate queen!


Ann-Denise Anderson

I was looking for a soiree to bestow myself upon! LOL It's a pleasure and I look forward to consorting with you all! Congrats on your 100th post! Your blog is special and I consider it an honor if could be included!



Well, Queen of Scottish Pirates, I wouldn't miss congratuling you on your 100th post. And probably will be able to squeeze in some artsy fun ala pirate for this...since it's YOU doing the inviting.
xo Lidy


You always make everything fun! Please include me. Love the idea...see you on May 3rd.



Aye Matey...I will be comin' aboard with my sword and chest of treasures.


Count me in too. I'm gathering my trove of treasures! Just discovered your blog from Tracie.


I would like to congratulate you on your blog winning blog of the day on 4/11/08

Come get your quote of the day

Karla Smith

My first swap but could not resist the story but maybe some more ideas on what to make from a veteran or two. Guidelines, media, info like that.

To be in with more Swashbucket Soiree Ladies will be just the prefect thing for me. Still new with learning typepad (can't wait to catch up to you all you bloggers and swappers) and am happy took the dive into blogland. Creative places to visit is so refreshing.

We Aarrghh going to have a fun time!

Karla Smith


ok, i'm in...mostly because i loves those little boots and want their picture on my sidebar:) the pressure is on.....arrrrrrrgh!!!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Avast, M’Lady Pirate Queen. It would be m'pleasure to attend thy Swashbuckler Soiree.
I have taken it upon m'self to add thy banner to m’blog.


;~) Nancy

Lisa Oceandreamer

I'm so glad I took a break today and stopped by your lovely blog. Of course count me in matey! There may be a fair share of sword fighting over one certain pirate I'm afraid. He will just have to decide which treasure "chest" he wants. yo ho! One two "oh Johnny, buckle my shoe".
Upon my return I will have to put my pirate thinking cap on. Because....corset it's going to be a fab party! (get that, did you get that play on words?) YO HO!

Christine LeFever

I'm sorry, I meant the pirate's hat. I will do my very best to create something worthy!

Christine again


Sign me up matey!!


Ever so often you hit a blog and you feel like your inside a wonderful enchanted land! That is the way it feels here...I WILL be a regular!

jessi nagy

o my gosh this sounds so fun!
i will be in LA that weekend!
i just wanted to say congrats!!!
i love your blog!! and you.
have a fun party!!!

Christine LeFever

Well, I have purposefully avoided give aways, but anything from your hands is a forever treasure, so throw my name into the treasure chest.

In agreement with Sandra E., you look stunningly adorable at Ulla's.


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