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April 19, 2008


Lisa Kettell

Just dropping by to let you know how much I enjoyed this soiree event. I enjoyed, tea, rum, and making my crown. Everyone's post were absolutely wonderful!
Thanks Donna for hosting this event!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I love to have a face on a blog I love.
No matter if you have makeup on or not , YOU LOOK GORGEOUS.I saw your picture on Ulla's blog and I said to myself : WHAT A WOMAN !!!!
I love your collection of menus


As one of Donna's REAL sisters, I can attest to her natural beauty both inside and out. Though she is my "little" sister, I look up to her and am impressed and delighted in her success. You think she's funny on her blog? You should be with her in person...we nevah stop laughing!
I adore you, Dons.


You are totally gorgeous with or without makeup or great lighting. lol...wanted to say Congratulations about being in the Artful Blogger magazine. Great article...

art Tea Life

oh you are funny

I have been enjoying my walk thru your blog here for the very first time.

Just Love It !

Linda Harre

You are just adorable!!!! I think you look younger without all the makeup:D So cute with that girlish grin:D


"Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you...how did you fix your image to not (ENLARGE??) That I have to know!!




I am expecting to meet you @ "A JOYOUS SPRING FETE" this Saturday!! Make up or NOT you will be the loveliest there....

All I want to do is give you a great big hug!! Cause you are too...darn...tut in...cute!! And very honest if I might add.

By the way, I am afraid we all look like "Altered Art" without our (make up) *Even
Hillary SWANK...LOL!!


Ann-Denise Anderson

HI Donna,
I feel that you are an inspiration to all bloggers and artists. Therefore I have presented you with an award. You can save the award as a jpeg from my site.


Yes, dear Donna, you ARE beautiful with or without makeup! Your self-depricating humor is just too funny. We love you...Iva

Ann-Denise Anderson

You are so funny! Good HAIR! caN'T wait for the soiree, I'm looking for that trusty sword to go with my gally qown-hehe.

HUgs, Ann-Denise

Raised In Cotton

Well Ms Donna, you are beautiful with or without makeup!


Donna my dear, you are as cute as a bug's ear .. and yes, bugs ears are extremely cute! ;)

And this just proves it .. you're as gorgeous on the outside as you are on the inside!! :)

Hope all is well with you!

PS: If I can manage to get my act together, I hope to be there for the party.


OH Sweetie! Count on you to cook us up a great post! I love you in every color and taste! What would a pirate do without her eyeshadow? Use real gold of course - treasure just like you are!!!


I'd know you anywhere! (I think we went to different schools together if you know what I mean...) Very pretty you are! And I can't wait to make things seem like they don't appear on the 3rd. Hope I can figure out how to decieve everyone properly!

Lisa Oceandreamer

your cheeky sense of humor, your talented self, your friendliness and kindness......that is what defines beauty. the beauty I knew you possessed before I ever saw your photo. So now I know you are beautiful inside AND outside - makeup, shamakeup.....it shines!
Now pass me some spackle please!

Dorian Fletcher

Well, Donna, you went from a French coquette to a fresh-faced kid in one fell swoop! I have had a "thing" about not going out anywhere without make-up for years. I have finally gotten over it and do "no make-up weekends" (that is, of course, unless we go out to dinner). My aunt used to refer to getting made up as "applying the trowel"! Anyhoo, thanks for the great post - perhaps you've inspired me to post pictures of the dust bunnies under the bed...but then again...

stephanie smith

I think you look fantastic! Speaking of make up, I DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT IT! lol
Love your blog..Happy Spring!


Beauty begins within ~ and glows from the inside out Donna! You're a true beauty ~ lovely heart and soul, and as someone said ~ you're still a cutie pie!

So funny about the party mix-up. By the way, is it over at Johnny's house now?


Well, dang! I feel better now! I believe we are the same age and I was thinking how old I look in comparison to you. Now I think we look like the same age. Thank you! And you are absolutely lovely! And so am I!

A Fanciful Twist

Okay. Just to make it clear. if this isn't reason enough for me to just ADORe you, I don't know what is????? YOU ARE so REAL!!! So fabulous and wonderful!! Although, you look pretty darned wonderful naturale!! I totally get what you mean!!! xoxo


Hi there! I just found your beautiful blog from my newest Artful Blogging, and I just love it! Your photos are just gorgeous! Just wanted to stop in and say Hi! :)mendy


The pics of you are wonderful...so cute...a bit mischievous?! But, oh so fun!!

Have a great day, Donna!
Hugs, Nancy


Where's the Party?! :)
And try as you might, you silly girl, you are even MORE Beautiful in the photos sans makeup!
Sandra Evertson


Hey...do you use that silverware when eating the famous O'Brien hot dogs?

btw...you look fabulous with and without make up!! Love the glasses.

Country French Antiques

Well shucks! I would much prefer to come to your home and see that lovely face in person. You know I think if you really wanted Johnny you could get him!


always a pleasure to stop here! love your old menus!
but you know, nobody think they could be very useful but for a pretty photo for your blog!

butI don't see any difference between all the photos you posted obviously no photoshop,as most of the people we see in tv cinema...you are charming in all of them !

it's just like me: everyone would like me to live and create my work in an old castle mlost in the country and married with a prince and sometimes I can see they are a little disapointted when they discover the truth I work in a not too large flat in a very new building in the business quarter of a big city..and I'm afraid no prince around, at the moment..I can't but break their dreams ..


Wow! She shows a picture of herself! What a brave girl!! Now I know You donĀ“t just "sound" young ...you look young and beautiful too. (with or without makeup!) I wonder if I ever will be that brave. (of course...If it gets real bad there is always Photoshop!)That silverware and the menues take my breathe away...very beautiful! And how fun that so many are joining the party!


My god woman you are a riot!!!
Well, don't we all put the best of ourselves out there?? I know I try to!
You are gorgeous!

Christine LeFever

Well...you look at best 30-something in the top picture, and teen aged in the make-up-less one. Love your glasses; they're similar to mine, and I do love them.



You crack me up. You are so adorable I could jus tpinch your cheek! tee hee!!

Miss Maddie's

I almost had you pictured in one of those little French maid outfits and then you had to confess the truth.
The truth is with or without the eyebrows, lipstick, eyeliner... your beauty comes from within. The wit and humor you share along with those dreamy creations, puts us at ease and wanting more.You're a beautiful gal regardless! (brave too revealing your face to the world)
Enjoy your week, mine will be in the basement of a museum.
XO Susan


Blessings and thanks for the visit and kind words.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

You NUT!! You have the best personality and sense of humor and wit. I think you're GREAT!

Lori Avery

Oh my gosh !!! So that is the cutest post ever !! You are a doll !


Donna, you are SO silly:) you are as cute as a button in all the pics!!!

may i suggest self linking for your party? miss sandy at quill cottage did that for one of her shindigs and she will help you out if you need the info...my fingers still haven't quite recovered from doing all the doll post links...


So brave and beautiful of you to 'come clean' Donna!
I've added your blog link to mine at TresorTrouve.typepad.

Julie Bergmann


You are absolutely gorgeous no matter how you look at! We all want to look our best, but it is apparent that you are beautiful inside and out!
Can't wait for the Soiree....and I hope to get a good glimpse of Mr. Johnny! (Depp...of course!)

Julie Bergmann


Donna, you made me laugh so hard, you are full of fun. We met on one of the events, perhaps the dolly day, I loved your blog so much that it is part of my daily reads.

I have joined your virtual party for May 3rd and I don't have a clue what I might create, but you have shaken the dust off my creative muse!

I have tagged you on a wonderful Blogging game that I was invited to join. Please stop by when you get a chance and join in on the fun.



You crack me up Donna!! You are adorable, and yes you got into my giveaway.
I will be having the drawing shortly.


You have a lovely journal.
Jeanne ^j^

Karla Smith

I appreciate you sharing about how we see things, all different at times. I still have not been brave yet to post a picture of myself.

Thanks for hopping by and saying hello too.



You look beautiful both with and without makeup Donna! It dosn't matter.
Looking forward to your Swashbuckler fete on the 3rd!!


Du Buh Du Designs

Hehe..they're still good pictures :) I wear "camouflage" cream to cover up some scars and dark circles under the eyes from staying up till three am. You've got great skin even without makeup. I dont post close ups either as someone might see an image of the madonna or something in one of my enlarged pores..
The one Ulla took of you is fabulous!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Hah! You're still a cutie. No matter what you say. Pass me some of that magic makeup...I'm planning on meeting Johnny at your party.


nice try, sister. Despite the Sunset Cookbook, which I used to have and use, and the "real" photos, you're pretty darn cute. so give it up already.
xo Lidy


No matter how much the lady protests she still has that je ne sais quoi...and she makes French Toast.


you beautiful-sexy-women you- your divine....


Oh how funny. I did see this photo on Ullas blog...now I have a face for the blog!
Hoping to have time for the party. If I get it together I'll be joining in the party if not I'll be just crashing it!

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