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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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April 26, 2008


Lisa Kettell

My boat is ready to set sail for the event! LOL!
Magic and Joy!


Ahoy - I'm already on board and anxious to begin this journey. Oh, what a grand time we will have. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event and happy blogaversary!!!


i so want to pirate and puffy shirt with you
will be away at the beach!!!


well, i will play at swashbuckling
in my bikini!
will look for golden doubloons
or whatever in the REAL*SAND...

no really.........

cannot wait to see all the fun
on my return.
have a BALL
and maybe i can play next year.
{is it true johnny depp is coming?
i heard he saw your spread in *artfully blogging*
and was blown away...}

i am sure this party
will be the talk
of the blog world!

going over to rochambeau's
to see what is up there
she looooves stuff like this....

Donna O.

Hi Ann-Denise- Everyone posts their creations on their OWN blog on May 3rd- the earlier the better on that day as there is the time difference to deal with. I'll post another entry by Thursday to 'splain Lucy! Thanks for asking.
: )

Ann-Denise Anderson

Maybe I have had too much rum already!LOL But please indulge me and tell me exactly how this is all going to work....Do we post our work on our blog or do we send it over to you and you post it on yours???Is there a special time you would like the soiree to begin? You point the way and we shall follow captain my captain!


Donna, Congrats on your wonderful article in Artful Blogging. I just received the Summer issue and it really has become one of my favorite publications....xoxo


I better sharpen my sward - and get my boots on... See ye there!


Hi Donna,
It still sounds like fun!!
It can be anything we create correct?

Karen Cole

Wish I could play
but I'll be away.
Art and Soul
here I come.
Hope you all have fun!

sniff, sniff


I see you are in full pirate mode. I took a little more than the Pirate Soiree image for my blog. Thanks!


i am fretting...still nothing made:(


Okay I am thinkg a recipe, think rum !!!! xoxoxo Clarice-who need some rum after all this sanding

Denise Fontaine

Aye Matey!! I found a REAL pirate story to share stay tuned!!

Lisa Oceandreamer

I'm racking my brain as to what to wear/do.....THAT pirate is too busy to pose for a photo shoot. Stand ins just won't do so I've taken to begging. Pathetic I know.
Congratulations on the Artful Blogging article - oh crowned one- beautiful and deserving!!!


I'm on board as you will see from the title of the post. In a few minutes come see.

Miss Maddie's

They're not swords, they're daggers. But then again with that many sharp blades pointing right at me, who am I to argue!!
I can already smell the sea water and feel the sand beneath my feet. Wishful thinking!
As for your pirate there may be a few vying for his attention, I'll go with Errol Flynn.
See you on the poop deck!
xo Susan


Congratulations on the article on you in Artful Blogging...I gave you an award...come over to my blog to see what it is.
Glad for the party reminder. I am coming :)


but, ....why is the rum always gone? ............will there be rum?????

Dorian Fletcher

Love the idea of your "Swashbuckler Soiree". I don't know if I will get the time to create something. Btw, check out the wonderful "shipwrecked" store windows at Tara Bradford's (parisparfait.typepad.com) blog. They could well be an entry to the Soiree on their own!

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