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May 03, 2008


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Sasha Libby

I adore Adam Ant. I was the original "Goody Two Shoes" back in the 80's. Like, totally. Fer shur.


Shame on me! I missed all this! ... hope to be one time next time... I'm like the late rabbit from Wonderland!


First of all, I came across your site through Vanessa at a Fanciful Twist...and I LOVE IT!! I too am a pirate queen, although I have been landlocked for too long, and I wish I were as talented at expressing myself as you. Secondly, Robert's Pirate's Booty is soooo delish--and difficult to find here in Canada! I try to always have a bag on hand to pull out for guests aboard my ship, The Black Cherry Pearl! You have re-inspired me to find my inner Pirate Gurl and start plundering for treasures again!


voyage of a lifetime. truly enjoyed this magical dramatic post.

kari & kijsa

These were fabulous!! Loved seeing so many beautiful creations!! Have a blessed Sunday! smiles, kari & kijsa


Thanks for a great party!! T´was fun to visit all..although I haven´t met everybody yet! I may need a "pick-me-up" after all that rum...eeh..cake!


Magpie Sue

Whooosh! I'm fair flagged! What a party! Best one I've been to in years ;- ) Thanks for havin' me aboard... now I think I need to go sleep off the rum...

Dorian Fletcher

Call it "old-timers" or an extreme case of gap-osis...I don't think I ever got back to leave a comment on your blog, oh stunning Queen o' the Bounding Main! What an undertaking - amazing posts by one and all and many thanks to you, Donna, for pulling it all together. Your elegant photos (well, maybe not the puffy shirt) and bodice-ripping dress were just splendid. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend.


I'm quite sure you went! What a perfect post for your party.

Christine LeFever

Wal, dere Donna, t'is over fer me, for t'was beyond 'eaven, yer swaray, but ther are t'other things as which this matey 'as to do.

Whoa, Girl! What a fun party!!!

You wear 18th century garb well, my dear.

Love Jerry and his puffy shirt. Oh how hilarious! I loved ALL of the party goers too!

You continue in your brilliance, and YES, your story in Artful Blogging is the best!



You sure know how to throw a party!!! AND the guests, well, please excuse me if I just stay in the corner chatting with Johnny all evening...K?



Donna!!! you outdid yourself on this party, how FUN!!! LOL on Jerry Seinfeld and his "puffy shirt", i LOVED that episode...my post is finally up...SO sorry i am so "un~fashionably late"...work was a killer and i went right to bed yesterday when i got home and slept waaaay too late before i had to leave again...thanks for the fun, i will try to get around and see everyone's post today or tomorrow...your creations are gorgeous, that dress you made is so stunning and the crown is too fabulous:)

Denise Fontaine

Thank you Donna! I did not know there was so much history in my backyard! Thank you for inspiring me to do my homework! Aye!!

Miss Maddie's

As I watched your ship,
Sail off to sea
With your man at the wheel
On the 'Bonne Glee'
I think I heard shouting
From that sweet Johnny,
'Oh Donna my Lass, come back to me!'

Thanks so much for all the fun.I'm sure there will be a lot of late risers this morning after all that rum! Take care Queen of the Pirates!
XO Susan


I think I may have had a little too much rum.....


~smiles 'n bows before ye~

Congratulations me Queen on yer 100th post... as well as on the Social Event of the Season!

Yer Crown is a stunning piece of art, and one that any Pirate Girlie would be proud to wear. Of course, yer gown was mighty fine... me-thinks I heard low mumblin' about how some of the scallywag girlies could steal them from ye! Shameless wenches, me says!!

Many, many thanks to ye, Donna, fer allowin' me, the new kid on the block, to just stumble upon yer awesome blog and join in on the fun ~ good memories were created this day.

Ye sure do put on a grand party! Me-thinks a week is needed to visit all Ports! Ohhh... ye might want to remind yer Pirate Girlies to not miss out on Pirate Camp next year... it sure did help me!

Well... time fer this Girlie to get movin' along... me has some Chandeliers that need swingin' from!

~Sail On~


blogs 'n' grog.... wenches, blaggards and pirates ..oh, saw parrots too... with faces... ..parrots..'n'... oh, me head is swimmin'.....

thanks Donna lass for a wunnerful day...don't think I'll be needin' any more rum for a while.....


Sweet Donna, the band of pirates has left...now I can kick off my shoes and enjoy a tankard of rum while reading some of the wonderful posts from your guests.
Hope you had a blast, and congratulations on your 100th! (You look quite young, still, for being 100)


I adore the crown and the dress. I would have given up food for weeks to be able to fit into that. Oh, thank you Donna for hosting such a wonderful and beautiful event. It will take me a few days to get around to greeting everyone...but then that only means the party will last longer won't it?


Oh, Donna I just couldn't go off to bed until I came by to see your festivities, and I must say, Your creations are beyond Divine,the corset is simply Fabulous!And the pirate shirt! I almost choked with laughter! And Adam Ant, Yummy! And Geez, Johnny, almost too much! Well, almost!
Sandra Evertson

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Ahoy fair maiden!

Thou has created a splendid festival.
Capt. Johnny makes me want to say argh.

Fair thee well.


What a wonderful party
I'm so glad I came
Even though you're amazing
you won't take his name
A beauty you are
so much in demand
Extravagant attire
jeweled crown in your hand.
He prefers swarthy types like me
You've been deceived, just wait and see!


Ahhhhh....pirates (especially those of the Johnny variety) and rum...what more could a salty wench ask for...

Thank you for a most excellent soiree...my timbers have been shivered :)

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

What will your decision be??? I can hardly stand the wait!!

xx Nancy


Sorry I'm late!!! I loved this post Donna!
I'm whipping something up for the soiree, I'll be fashionably late though. It will be up later.
Much love,

Julia Rose

THanks for having me at your party, Donna, It was a pleasure joining in, and I got to meet some wonderful people, and have alot of fun


well done Donna!~~
i shall sail back this way
and look for the Garden
again sooN.
Congrats on Artful blogging too.

Miss Sandy

I so wish I'd known of your event I would have participated! I would have told the bloody tale of my husband's ancestor who was a wicked pirate indeed and I'd have crafted something too! Alas, I must be satisfied with sailing from site to site and pillage great posts! Such a fun event!


[[ i am crashing your
*Stellar Swashbuckler Soiree*,

blame it on the rum ]]


i see a future
where this party appears in print,
mark my words,
i'm just saying.....


Hi Donna,
It's all magical, and great as I knew it would be. The crown and dress are piraterageous!!
I'm glad to know such a fun whimsical person!
Have a great weekend!

Lynn @ theVintageNest

Thank goodness Karen stopped by my blog or I would have missed all this fun. How delightful! ~ Lynn


My oh my...what a turn out! Adam Ant even!!! Thanks for hosting such a smashing party, even though I was a little late! Your dress is gorgeous and I'm sure you'll fit, despite all the pirate's booty.

Ahoy, make way for the captain!...That's my cue to go swab the decks. What fun!!
~ Iva


Oh my what fun you have created! Looking through the eye glass waiting for more. Thanks so much for sharing! Terri

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

Thank you for the nice comment! Glad you like the bookmarks! ;)

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---


Who cares about Johnny when you are wearing that fabulous dress Donna! I couldn't have dreamed of something so stunning! Congrats girl! xo Shannon

fated follies studio

oh my dear goodness! the dress you made is simply amazing! what a fun and creative idea, i'm so glad that we all did this. there are some amazing creations out there! thanks donna, you are so talented.


rebecca woodward

It's THE party of the year!!!...and there's a fight goin' on over a man??? Oh, yeah, 'tis Johnny...no wonder!
Donna, you're a Queen to host such an affair as this. Love your loot and your beautiful creations.
I wouldn't have missed this for the world!


Amazing dress Swashbuckler Donna! And wow what party! You simply must set sail with Johnny...sigh...


Just give me Captain Morgan there, and you can keep your Johnny! Great pics, party and fun!


Oh Donna! I arrived late but wouldn't miss it for the world, Johnny maybe but not the world. You have given us all alot fun,fun, fun let's celebrate with some rum, rum,rum!
Thanks for everything!


How fun! Adam Ant - LOVED him in his day! :)

Love your blog - it's wonderful!


Karla Smith

Yo Ho Ho to you on your 100th post.

I was shipwrecked for a while but your ship sailed by in time to save me from more pirates. You passed me the bottle of rum and now I'm feeling wonderful as we all sail together.

I truly love your work Donna and Thank You for hosting this Soiree. Your dress is perfect in every way.

Now for a little more rum and Johnny too.


ohhh...me achin' head..... just managed to get upright....

headin' for the sui...the sroi.. the... ssoorrI? .... arrrrghh... the fun! be there in a bit...... don't drink all the rum!


Oh dear! What will Mr. O'Brien say? Scandalous!

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

What a beautiful dress! Cool crown to!!!! ^-^

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`--

(P.S. I think you should follow your heart, where ever it may lead;)

Twyla and Lindsey

Oh, thank you for hosting such a faboulas party! You outdid yourself! Such a beautiful dress! And the crown is to die for. Which I think there are a lot of women who are ready too!
Now pass us the bottle of rum and set sail!!!!!!!!!!

Raised In Cotton

OK, I am ready for my spiced rum! The website launch just about did me in, so could you send Johnny over to comfort me?
Hugs sweet Donna:)


What a very fun party! Thank you so much for inviting us all!

Black-Eyed Suzie

mwah hah ha! What a fabulous post..I love the Seinfeld pic! And I'll take a double 'o' the spiced rum or it's down the plank wit your briney self! (don't really know what dialect that is..pirate meets cockney meets queenie?) Anyway, thanks so for organizing this, Donna! It's been so much fun and I've only just gotten started!

Sue from Cottage Way of Life

First, yes, absolutely, you must abandon your own soiree for the dashing Captain Jack. I am quite certain that none would hold it against you.

And secondly, what delicious fun this is to see the different variations on a theme, and so very inspiring as well. Would that I had discovered this earlier, I should have loved to set sail with you all.

Thank you for hosting the fete, it was fun to lurk about.

Now go ... off be you with that pirate!

Karen Young

Donna, what a fun post. The crown and gown are fabulous. I love them both. It looks like there will be a lot of fighting over Captain Jack. I only have a few takers on Captain Barbossa. And, my dear I will fight you for my loot.

Happy 100 Posts I'm enjoying the party
Hugs Karen


Oh this post was soooo full of eyecandy...sweets and sweeties!!!
This has been the most fun to prepare for but....it seems my pirate festivities have been hijacked and marooned with the yucky weather and the breaking of a sewing machine :(
Well, I'm off to hoist up a newly mended sail and continue on in my journey despite the troubles....yo-ho-ho!!!

monica magness

oh the PC gods or PIRATES that be attacked my days and stole the night leaving me LATE for the soiree! Charming creations Miss Donna, you set me heart on fire, a post I surely treasure! Let's see if I can manage to put together my pirate best and make the ship before it sets sail, Monica :)

seeing Jerry in his Saturday BEST made me smile, ahhh the infamous shirt- maybe he'll let me borrow it tonight?

Magpie Sue

Ha! Found the map, found the treasure, but I'm not giving up my turn with the honored guest!!!


Wonderful creations as usual!!! Almost as nice as that one creation from Kentucky (my state :) which probably gives me dibbs on him...Maybe he will come and pilage my house one dark night...

Karen sailing as The Lady of The Sea

Congratulations on the 100th post on a blog that is rivaled by none!!! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF THE SEAS!!! MAY SHE SAIL SMOOTH WATERS ALL HER LIVE LONG DAYS!!! Thank you for allowing me to attend your fabulous soiree, Donna! I couldn't have imagined how wonderful it would be or how lavish and beautiful your special pirate art would be! Even YOU have outdone YOU!!! Mostly this is how I've met you, and that's the best prize yet! I'll see Adam safely back to Tortuga, and the rest of it lass, is none of yer business ;-)
Karen Otto

Denise Fontaine

The dress and goodies are stunning, black and yellow so classic and elegant like you!
Thank you for stopping by..aye!


Tis Truly The Best Soiree! I need nothing else today to satisfy me. Pass the RUM!
(xoxoxo thanks donna for the amusement!!!!!)

Lisa Oceandreamer

I just knew you would put out a spread....I just knew you'd be corseted and ready for the party! I just knew it would have entertainment and a little debauchery thrown in too! Ah it is a fine party......especially since the story had a happy ending for me and now I have TWO dates.
You didn't think I'd leave it at that..........did you???????


Lemonade and Johnny please. This is all delicious!

Debra Schoch

oh my! i forgot all about pirate booty! thats my gransdson's favorite snack! love all the fun piratey snack and drinks you have for the party and i'll bring the movies!love your lover-ly dreseden creations..

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

music, chocolate, songs...Adam and Johnny fighting over you...What could be better?!


Adam Ant and I have been partying it up sine the 80's so back off ladies!! Such fun...


Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Oh my! Donna your Swashbuckler Soiree goodies are to die for. I'm sure there will be many a pirate lass wanting your treasures! Johnny must me so proud!!

xx Nancy

jungle dream pagoda

I am here!!!! I came ,okay so its somewhat lame,but I got here!!!


Love the booty! The crown is gorgeous. I hope the laces loosed enough on that dress!! Fab party.

A Fanciful Twist

OH MY GOOOODNESSSSSSSSS!!!! I will perish if I never get to touch that crown in person!!!! I LOOOOVE your candy loooot!!! Annnnd, I am claiming Adam Ant!! Right now!!! (Only I want the 80's version of him) Also, that photo of your Johnny is outrageous!!!! You must go with him!!! Go go go!!!!!!! He is wayyyyyy to scrumptious!!! Gooooo!!!!! Run!!!! Put on that beyond gorgeous corset and go!!!! (LOVE the black and yellow stripes!!) Oh, this is wayyy to wonderful!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoo


ps. Did you know there are still Pirates operating today?! On April 20th, 2008, two or more ships were taken. One was released, but there is still one ship with crew being held for ransom. arggg! (I have a link on my blog.)We better look out, these guys are not handsome nor well behaved like YOUR pirate.
xo Lidy


I see a battle to the death coming up between your Scotsman and Johnny. (The Scots always win, they wear KILTS and eat haggis, no one is as fierce as them!)
Hope you have fun at the soiree, matey.
xo Lidy


A true Pirate Queen to the core ~ Donna you WONDERFUL! Eat your fill, dance till dawn and make poor Johnny eat his words ~ no one Soiree's like you my dear!!!!


In that dress you are the Queen of the Soiree,Donna! How could that pirate resist such beauty. But the guy in the puffy shirt sure is cute. Woo hoo! Party time!


Such swag I've never seen. You are the Queen of Treasure. I'm off to party with the other guest. I'll return before sundown.

Lisa Kettell

I'm enjoying the journey, the views from the ship are exquisite. I have packed a secret case for my hidden bounty of candy. My crown for the soiree is almost complete, ready to wear....
More to come.....
P.S. I have extra rum if anyone wants some! LOL!


I am indeed having an absolutely brilliant time - Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!!


Put that drink down Donna you are not thinking clearly...go, go, but I am coming with you after all you invited me to a party :) So let's parteeeee!!! Oh, Johnny, Oh, Jonny, Oh, Jonny, Oh!!!!!!


Let's see candy, Johnny, candy, Johnny. Oh what a choice. Have a cup of black pearl to help you chose xoxoxoxo Clarice


The thank you goes to you Dear Donna. This has been so much fun. Love your writing and that dress and crown are over the top fabulous. Now if you don't go with Pirate Johnny after seeing him with his shirt off, I will question your sanity. I will hold Lisa back if you need me too. But send him my way when you are done with him.


with Johnny Depp, the pirate. oh ya, I would go in a nano second and worry about it later. great party!

Denise Fontaine

Good Morning fair ladies.I am a mermaid of old,but was once a fair maiden aboard the infamous "Whydah".
Pirates raided the ship that now lays in an ocean grave off the shores of Cape Cod.....
Have a cup of warm tea as I share
my journey..

Ann-Denise Anderson

Donna, Thank you for a lovely party and your hospitality, I love your sense of creativity! Excellent pirate attire! LOVE IT ALL!


Donna, the crown, the dress, the loot and Johnny too, you have created a bit of pirate paradise for us all. I love your dress creation and that crown is absolutely heavenly.

Thank you for hosting such a magical event. I believe you did awaken the creative pirate muse within us all. When I read what you wrote about these Swashbuckler boots in your article, I had no idea the adventure that you had in store for all of us to enjoy. Karen


Pass me a brewsky will ya Jerry? And some gold chocolate coins too. It's been a quite a journey sailing all this way, not to mention a complicated operation getting my "do" ready for the Swashbuckler's Soiree.
Now THIS is a fun party! I thought may spy Johnny, but I never dreamed Adam Ant would be here!!! Oh beby!
Your Pirate Girl dress is divine!
Cheers to you Donna!


(I'll be back later to visit the rest of the party) Just wanted you to know I'm here!

Miss Maddie's

The gown it is delightful,
And the crown is so divine
If you should chose to leave them,
I hope they shall be mine!
I shall watch you from the dock
As you sail off to sea,
With the man that gives you vapors,
The pirate Connery.

Thankyou so much for hosting a fantastic soiree and sharing your light hearted humor with us these past 100 posts. It has truly been a pleasure!
XO Susan

Du Buh Du Designs

Seinfeld Adam Ant and Johnny..I'll take Bachelor number three:) You have so many awesome pirate related things to share! I'd say that after J-boy my favorite would be your haute couture paper dress..! Can't wait to visit everyone else's site throughout the day..thanks for hosting the party:)
p.s. just picked up the latest Artful Blogging..congrats!!

The Lady of The Sea

Step back before I make all of you walk the plank! Adam Ant has been mine all along... That wench Donna has stolen my man slave and now I'm afraid, you'll have to pay the price... When we get to port, no rum for you lass! A begger's purse is yours for the supreme duty-free port o'call, so it's me who's settin' sail with the fresh new Louis Vuitton, and you'll be dragging around with that old piece of sad leather you call a handbag! HaaaaHaaaaHaaaa! That'll teach you to take my man...


He sure looks gorgeous! I wouldn`t hesitate!!
I posted my creations a little early and I brought some other handsome lads too...so there´s no need of fightin! And I´m looking forward to visit everyone else.

Thanks for this soiree! It was fun creating with a theme.



Oh Donna...your crown in simply stunning!! And you deserve to wear it...with Johnny of course! Thank-you so much for putting on this party...I am going to go visiting...see you later!

I really had fun with this...
Hugs, Nancy


Oh Donna! If he looks like that abandon everything...the ship, the crown, the candy, all hope...everything.

Thanks for putting this soiree together. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out what I was going to do especially since I signed up so late. Thanks again!!

Sylvia Anderson

Oh my....you simply MUST GO Donna!!! Give in to your heart's desire...say YES, YES, YES to Johnny!! And my...doesn't he look fabulous this evening!! ;)

I will be posting my contribution to the party in the morning...and can't wait to see what everyone else has in store! What fun and excitement for all! Thank you Donna for hosting this event, and congratulation's on your BIG 100th!

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