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May 06, 2008



oei oei oei !!!!! I just had a visit from the FrenchGardenHouse and on her blog I found a link to your blog I think I have landed on a very special page here !! I MUST check it out soon, to see what it is all about.. but right now we have some sunsihine and I must get out of the house ... it also is the day of my favorit brocante market soooo , you never know what treaser is waiting for me. ANyway I link you right away so I am sure not to loose this adress.. meanwhile feel free to visit my blog, I am from the netherlands and I tell little stories (with a translation in english) about my passion of decorating and art and city life... Hope to welcome you and I def. will be back here, Desiree

Christine LeFever

Soft, pristine and beautiful, that rose.


Cookie Sunshine

Hi Donna,
When a party is great people usually hang around for days. I imagine that you are all hungry. So I made a cake. It's at my web site. Come on over and bring your friends. There is plenty to go around.


Beauty! Looks like there's another one on the way. Is it Iceburg?


Hi Donna,
I found your blog through Carol's. I LOVED the Swashbuckler Soiree! It's a close race between which I love more... the hot pictures of Mr. Depp or all of your gorgeous creations! LOL! I feel like I stepped through the looking glass and into your enchanted world. Thanks so much for sharing!
Happy Day!


Beautiful Rose! So pretty and fresh. That's what you get for being a morning person, a smile from the first rose, first.


A Fanciful Twist

And a white one no less!!!! How beautiful!! xoxo


How beautiful! That is such an amazing photo...lovely, Donna.

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

rebecca woodward

A delight in white. Thanks for sharing this with us this morning.
You always seem to find the things of beauty, that's why your blog is one of my favorite.


what a beautiful, beautiful rose! I love flowers after a rain :) Oh-- and I saw you in artful blogger! congrats! Your page was so beautiful :)


Silent perfection!
A Beautiful photo Donna!
Sandra Evertson


MMMMMM, I can just smell it NOW!! I love ROSES, and it even looks so fresh;-))



Miss Maddie's

A beautiful white rose still painted with the morning dew, drooping on it's stem weighted by the velvet of it's petals...
Isn't it lovely what one may discover in the early morning waiting in the garden. How perfect that you stopped to smell the roses!
xo Susan


It wouldn't matter how early I get up....I won't see any roses around my neck of the woods...for a loooonnnngggg time. Even the daffodils don't have buds yet....sigh.....


What a fabulous photo of a beautiful rose...


Hi Donna,
You must still be tired from all of the partying!!
Love the rose!
Have a wonderful day!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Good Morning Donna! What a beautiful Rose. I would love to come and wander in your garden.

xx Nancy


Beautiful rose!


Beautious!! Mine are finally blooming too. I need to plant more. One can never have too many roses.


I'm surprised you were up early enough after the weekend's bash!
Many thanks for a lovely evening.

Jessi Nagy

Hey sweetie!
Looks like your pirate bash was a blast.
so sad i was gone this past wekk.
Ive had fun walking around blogland. everyones pics are great.


oh that is so perfectly beautiful...my ONE rose bush is looking quite sad...just a few leaves...*cry*


Hi Donna,
Just here for a quick peek.I´m at work..and I´m booored!! (hope the boss doesn´t see me!) The weather is to lovely outside to be working! Thats a beautiful fresh rose! I can feel the scent all the way here. My roses have not opened their leaves yet!
well..I´d better continue and get things done here

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