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May 12, 2008


Trish G.

Congrats on your Artful Blogging tribute! It is well-deserved. I so enjoy your blog. I never thought that I would be a reality tv kind of girl, but I have watched all the Flavor Flav shows (There, I'm out!) Best of luck for your viewing season. Cheers, Trish G.

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I still haven't bought this one. I'm off to Barnes and Noble today!


Hoping for Kristi! I'm totally addicted...


David Cook all the way!
torn between Cristian and Kristi...


Oh heck I will give you my washer...if you will SHHHHHHH, anything else about "Queen for a Day".. It shows our age if we admit to have watched or even known about the show...
I did love it tho as I watched it with my Grama!!! I just loved how happy everyone was when they won something!!! OoOpS,....Heres one for you mabe you should secretly mail out crowns to those who you feel are deserving and make their day!!! Well Im not so deserving but Id ike to be first in line!! :0)


A girl after my own heart! What are we going to watch now on Thursday nights?? And Idol is almost over too! So many ending now. We still have Chef Ramsey though! Enjoy...Iva


You'll always be a QUEEN in my book! Love the photo of you and your Mum - so Royal, so Regal, so Queenly you both look! Golden hugs to you my dear! Lets do a royal tea soon!!! K?

Miss Maddie's

I'm goin' for the skater and the rocker!If the other David wins Idol I'll know it is a popularity contest and not based on talent!!!
Rock rules!
From a dedicated fan aka me.

A Fanciful Twist

Yo, D. Stop giving me sugar.

A Fanciful Twist

First of all, going down below to the previous post. I have to say, Your mom is such a sweetie!!! Annnd, that photo of her, is just perfection!! I want that whole outfit!!! She is beautiful! And she plays piano?? I do too!! I loove that about her!!

As for shows. I ain't got no t.v. in my hillsvilles. At the house in town I have 900 channels. But, since I mostly live in the hills, I only get CBS, and PBS when it rains :) I know, sad. You know how often it rains in Southern Arizona? Exactly my point.

But, it is always quiet here, and I watch lottttts of movies. I have T.V.'s of course. Just no cable. And Netflix instant view is my best friend.

Did you really want to know all of that??? :) LOVES & Beaujois air kisses!! your pal, writing from the loony bin. Vivala.

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
This show is not a contest with a winner, but how about Ace of Cakes? Incredible designs, fabulous creations and then to top it all off, you can EAT the whole thing while watching Dancing, Idol, Bach, or even Queen.

Ann-Denise Anderson

Ohhh Jeez Donna,
Did miss the Bachelor? Ha-ha my reality....what's the date today!!?? LOL


LOL, i'm glad to see that you are keeping your priorities straight...although the current race for the democratic nomination does rather resemble a reality show gone bad...LOVE top chef!!! who are your hoping will win? i was cheering for Stephanie...but after the cooking with kids episode i switched my allegiance to Richard, he was so cute in that episode!!!

Lisa Oceandreamer

Well you already know I'm right there with you....all but America's Top Model. AND now the Bachelorette's(is that the right spelling?) and So You Think You Can Dance? is coming. We can be shallow together and dish about all the contestants! HA!!
Superficial, shmuperficial.. I call it escapism. Yea, that's the ticket!


I love this, my funny and witty friend! I love "Hell's Kitchen", isn't that with (Gorden Ramsey?) You just crack me up..."I haven't noticed if there is a presidential race going on either...it seems more like a fight to the "white house"..lol!!"



Yep, that's us, superficial girls. My DH keeps wanting to watch politics. eek. I frown at him and say "Hello! It's the finals of (all those you named except the bachelor)!"duh
xo Lidy

rebecca woodward

I remember Queen for a Day! Sheesh..what's this world coming to when our whole existence revolves around the tube. Well, maybe not our WHOLE existence..


used to like the musical star shows... the next maria etc And I don't even like musicals.. how low can you go ! lol

Karen from A`Musements

First Adam now Gordon... always trying to steal my men. Hussy. Does your dear mother, who looks so nice in the picture, know what you're really up to? By the way, Dame Edna called. Her rhinestone glasses are missing. I assume they're with you.
(And please try to remember... too much blush just makes one look cheap).


I think what you are trying to say is... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious??? With that kind of magic, oh Queen of Queens and all things glitter, anything can happen!!!! XO

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Confession... I'm totally addicted to Dancing With The Stars. I'll be biting my nails tonight!!

Hugs! Nancy


Hey! C'mon over..just sitting here with a beer and beef jerkey watching American Gladiators.........................................................NOT!
Christine's comment on the Illuminati is cracking me up..haha!


You are crack'n me up!
Gorgeous "D" crown!
Sandra Evertson


Oh god you are so funny!!!!
You make me howl. Thank you so much for that!
I love Hell's Kitchen! :)

I am so not going to be able to post for the Soiree. I am sure you weren't holding your breath. Sorry from the bottom of my heart Donna. I did enjoy hopping around those who participated though. (Maybe next time I won't be sick.)
Love yA!~!!!

Pamela Overmier

I'm laughing my butt off. I love Hells Kitchen, but hubby says he'd drop that guy in a heartbeat. I even watch his shows on BBC!!! Pathetic, I know. Pam


Dear Donna,
I'm SO delighted,pleased, ecstatic, amazed, thrilled, gleeful, grinning from ear to ear and in good spirits about my PIRATE CROWN!!!
TV?? Who can focus on t.v. at a time like this? I can barely breath! I am screaming and jumping for joy. Thank you, Thank you, one thousand thank~yous!
But Wait, did I remember to tell you how much I adore The Beatific Pirate BOX? I'm evenly elated about that!
Well, I think it's time for me to don me wee crown and take a little spin with the vacuum.


I look forward to reading the Audrey book. She had such style and grace.

Happy Me!

Miss Maddie's

Bring on the popcorn and in the words of Ethel Mermen 'There's no business like show business...'
Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day, I had snuck away for a little R&R!
xo Susan

Christine LeFever

Obviously you're just what the Illuminati ordered up, the dumbing down, but I know it didn't take with you, because you can do it all!


Zwee!!!!!!(who makes the sign of the ZZZZZZZZZ)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Well, the only one I watch is American Idol. I did watch Phyllis's favorite, Queer Eye. Loved that one. That guy on Hell's Kitchen makes me cringe! Eek.
I hope you and your beautiful mom had a wonderful mother's day!!


"at face value".... does that mean the same as "what you see is what you get"? I'm all for that then....as a matter of fact, I prefer that...no pretenses.....

Lisa Kettell

LOL! Dancing With the Stars, is great, my friend went with her sister to see the show in NJ, she met some of the stars, but not Joey Lawrence!
Top Chef, love it too!


You didn't mention Queer Eye For The Straight Guy...I miss that one LOL! Oh. I'm up now.


I am right here with you Donna!
Cheesy as it may be, I watched the survivor finale last night.


If it makes you feel any better, I am counting the days until the next Big Brother starts! Now that's a show you don't mention at the water cooler either! LOL! Loved your Mother's Day post.
Happy Day!


I love Top Chef! Hubby loves Hells Kitchen - I think it is a bit much! I like his other show - Kitchen Nightmares.


You can add Project Runway to that list, just started here again. Love them all:) Rachael

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