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May 10, 2008


Maija Lepore

Enjoy your beautiful time with your mom! I miss mine so much-she died in September at the age of 70- but I treasure the time I had with her!

amy faldet

Oh.. the glow of your Mom and the glow of the white rose in the next frame made me teary for you two. Sweet.
Blessings and light,

amy faldet

Oh.. the glow of your Mom and the glow of the white rose in the next frame made me teary for you two. Sweet.
Blessings and light,


Mothers are the best

Enzie Shahmiri

What a lovely tribute to your mom. You look a lot like her.


I really love the pic of your mom.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Wonderful tribute to your mum. Both of you look gorgeous !
In France , Mother's day is on the 25 th of May. Funny , that it is not an international day

Cookie Sunshine

What lovely ladies. Thank you for sharing. Happy Mother's Day.
Hugs, Cookie

ps...as a daughter who has a Mom in a nursing home, thank your Mom for me. There are not enough wonderful people like her in this world. She's a gem.

Uncle Matt

Great Pics! Say hi to Mike and the kids.


oh donna -this made my heart beat so fast-


Look at those blue eyes! Does she like David Cook? Johnny Depp? I'll bet a Swoiree would be right down her ally ;)

kari & kijsa

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

kari & kijsa

Ann-Denise Anderson

That is truly beautiful,what a lovely mom you have!


Happy Mother's Day to your Mom and Happy Mother's Day to you Donna! Your mom is beautiful. So happy you have one another!


Sharon at American Harvest

Happy Mother's Day, Donna...
What keeps your mom so youthful? I expect that it must have something to do with her youthful outlook on life! She is a great inspiration to all of us.
With wishes for a glorious day with your family...

Jessi Nagy

Hey Gorgeous girls!!
Happy Mothers Day!!



Happy Mother's Day to you and your fabulous mom!!


Oh Donna, your mom is so precious!!! I love that she is such youthful, young spirit!...xxoo, Dawn


What a sweet tribute to your Mom! No wonder you are so cute, look at her!! Have a happy day, sweetie.
xo Lidy


Your mom looks great! 85 sure isnt what it use to be! Happy Birthday to her. I love looking at people and seeing images of them as a kid because that is still a part of who they are despite the gray or white hair and other things that come with age. You can still see she has the same face:)
And she has good taste in coffee..what's not to like about her..hehe:)
Speaking of which when we pull up to Starbucks my two year old says "Macciato" perfectly. Time to lay off the drive thru..Have a wonderful weekend;)


Sister of mine~beautiful words about our mama!! She truly IS an amazing spitfire at 85~wow!! Thanks for showing the world what a special mom we have. Of course you WOULD be the one to post it...since you ARE the favorite! (wink wink)
Love you much!!


Wonderful photo and what a treasure for you and your sisters.
I can see where you get your beauty from...love the photo of you and your Mother.
My Mother turned 85 in March...where do they get their energy :?


great to se you bringing a tribute to your mum ;) I looked up a lot of pages of your blog and I really love the variety of crowns and Johnny pictures hah! You make wonderful crowns and boxes! although gold isn't reallly a colour I like they still are amazing to look at. I esp. love the old black and white drwings you use. Bought an old french calender recently that got pictures in it like the one you are using above. But I think the picture off the girl on the left is amazing.. I am looking up at the moment why there are crowns used in interiors.. The only thing I can imagine is the Santa Lucia Crown festr from scandinavia... So who knows ... the day I make a post about my zinc crown I will dedicate it to you ;) Really enjoyed my stay here Till the nezxt time. Greetings from Holand


How wonderful Donna!!
You are both pretty girls!!
You two have a Happy Mother's Day!


A lovely tribute to your Mom, Donna.
I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Hugs, Nancy

Karen from A`Musements

What a beautiful tribute to your mom! I love that she is so full of life and energy, that she hasn't let the end of your beloved father's life be the end of hers. I love the fact that you two favor each other so much... you two girls are the bomb! Happy Mother's Day to you both!


Where is her crown???!!!


Hi Donna-
Wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady, both inside and out.


Donna, what a lovely post to your Mom, and two such Beauties, I see she has cute little knees in the first photo and in the next,big Beautiful blue eyes !
Sandra Evertson

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

What an amazing blessing and legacy. Your Mother is the Proverbs 31 woman.

Happy Mother's Day Dear friend!
xx Nancy


Happy Mother's day to your Mom Donna...I so envy you that you still have her in your life.

My Mom would have been 82 .... she has been gone 10 years now........and I still miss her so much. I still reach for the phone thinking to call her...to tell her something funny or important....to ask her for advice..or just to talk for our usual......about an hour ......no matter when I had last called her.......

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

Happy Mother's Day!!!!! That picture of her as a girl is very sweet! My birthday is in Jan. two! ^-^

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---

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