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May 19, 2008



Just adore those red dancing shoes!
What a fun blog entry:)
Makes me want to dance the night away..or listen to the music from the nutcracker.


Michelle Sylvia


I LOVE all the red!!! The ballet slippers are wonderful!!! Sorry you have to get back to work. No fun in that. I would LOVE to see your Construction Crown though! :0)

Sorry I haven't been able to visit much. Life has taken over my social being.....How dare that happen?

Remember to take a break and smell your flowers in your beautiful garden!

Blessings and Hugs,

karen cole

Ok...I can't stop staring at those red shoes.

Congrats on Artful Blogging. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I too have an outside "day job" and have been crazy busy, leaving blogland behind.

I VERY MUCH appreciate the comments you have left on my blog...especially coming form you Donna.


I just love the red slippers! Very Dorthy meets the pirate...that could be a cute story line! Saw you article in Artful Blogging....no surprised...your site is a visual fantasyland.


Best wishes to you! (Love the pics you've posted, btw.)



You have such beautiful blog... I enjoy coming here...



Well, someone has to bring home the bacon for all that glitter you buy!:)
xo Lidy

Karla Smith

My ballerina daughter (18) was touched by your red toe shoes. A treasure for sure. Can you imagine the beauty created while they were worn? I wonder what the story would say.
G'day day Donna.

Martha, Vintage Trifles

Just put on those red shoes, click your heels together and say, "There's no place like my studio." You will be instantly whisked away from work and back to creating all your lovelies! Wish me luck. I just posted my first giveaway! Pop in and take a peek!

Pamela Overmier

Oh no just when I find this, the party is over and work has begun! Sigh, I guess I still have my memories! Pam


These are such nice photographs. I enjoyed both the composition and the colors. Nice.



Work. Let me go look that up :)

I forgot that you had that other thing! Well, take care of those pretty fingernails...


work? whats that?


When my youngest daughter was small, she called shoes like that babulay slipalers. I still have her tiny pink pair.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh no! Not that terrible "W" word!


So Donna have you got your hard hat on and are you the brickies labourer? LOL
BRILLIANT news about the magazine article, many congartulations.


Yes, get to work! I'm looking forward to your upcoming show as I'm sure a million other people are and we each want to own one of your treasures.


Love the pictures of the red shoes.. I only ever saw these in pink .. Red is such a more sophisticated color hehe

A Fanciful Twist

Oh!! It's all work work work. hee hee. Okay, not always :) I need to crack my whip tooooo!!! LOOOVE the wee shoes!! xoxo


Hey Donna,
Has your Typepad posting format changed today? Mine has. It is different not bad, but it's moving slowly.
Take care today.


Have a great week. Love your dancing red dancing slippers!!

Julie Bergmann

Donna! What FUN! Those red shoes are completely fab! I love your whimsy!

Julie Bergmann


WOW! Those shoes are amazing!! I LOVE a good RED!! Were those from a your past life or are they from a scret life, your not telling??? I expect to see that TUTU in another posting!! Twirl, Dance and on those tippie toes.. up, up, uuup, here let me help, UUUUUUMP WHEW, are you up yet??...Well heck, guess ya better stick to doin the JIG!!!!


"Hey who says you can't dance around at work...as long as you get stuff done, uh?"

"Have a wonderful week D:-))"


great dancing shoes (what a red colour!) and great article (post bellow) ! Bonne semaine !

Miss Maddie's

Did you see we both did a post about dancing. Mine related to bees and yours alas wannabes. Is it not a young girl's dream to dance about the floor in her beautiful dancing shoes, I still envision it to this day!
Just a little note for GIRL power, may Kristie win 'Dancing' tonight!!!
And thankyou sweetie for the lovely comment, 'my pen is my paintbrush'.
XO Susan

Denise Fontaine

OOOO! I wanted ballet lessons as a child but my mom knew I was a nerd...tall,buck teeth,horned rim glasses..BUT NOW..I can be a ballerina thru my artwork too!
Donna, your TAGGED! I love your sarcastic wit like myself! Ha!!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

After all these parties ...and all these famous things you'd better go back to work ...smile..
I love these shoes


They look like Dorothy's shoes^^


Love the shoes! And the red balls (oh, I am so tempted...)!!

Have a fun week Donna!
Hugs, Nancy


Darn, darn, darn..... work always gets in the way of the fun stuff.....


you have a great week too Donna...i agree with the girls already who said your pictures are gorgeous, you have the most interesting goodies!!!


You funny girl, those red slippers are most Wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Lisa Oceandreamer

I gasped, literally gasped an audible sound at seeing red dancing shoes. I have searched.......I have to now compose myself a moment.
ok, I'm fine.
NOW, if you get bored at work (hahaha) CALL me! We need to catch up!
and as for you in Artful Blogging - my only question is.....what took them so long?


The shoes! The shoes!!!!!
Not since bumping into Dorothy's at the Smithsonian have I seen shoes THIS red.
I am in love!


Your blog is so beautiful! Love the red ballet shoes!

Jessi Nagy

beautiful pictures!!!
and i bet you can boogie!!

Karen from A`Musements

My cable is messed up, my heat pump/air conditioner is on the fritz, and you are meandering around in red ballet slippers?! (I'm hearing Lucy and Ethel singing "Friendship"...)

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

When I was little I always wanted a pair of red ballet slippers. My mom bought me a pair of red Mary Janes instead. I loved those shoes!! I'm so glad this post made me think of them. I'm going to try and dig them up.

Bummer about the work part. ;{

Hugs! Nancy


I love the way you work !!! Clarice

Miss Maddie's

So I see you have your dancing shoes ready for tonight.And are the red balls to hurl at the TV if the right David doesn't win?
Enjoy your week ahead. Wouldn't that circle of dancing putti look wonderful as a crown???
xo Susan


You have a great week too Donna!
Love the pictures!

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