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May 01, 2008



p.s. Your crowns are AMAZING! Just saw them at American Harvest...



Peace be with ye but i over heard a conversation that THE Queen--- the very one --Elizabeth.. had captured the heart Johnny er Jack i mean...Sounds like a fight to me Too...(tho jack is known to own many a heart of women round the world)

Lynne Laura

Hi, I just bopped over from She's Sew Pretty adn I just love your blog! I won't be able to join your soirre but watch for me in the future...I plan on stoppinb by many times!...and I just added you to my favorite blogs!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


what an interesting way to set sail...look forward to seeing all the interesting voyages.


It's 11:00 pm and I am posted and set for tomorrow. Can't wait to see what everyone has on deck. I am ready to party. Bring on the pirates.

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

YEA! It's almost time. I just started working on something fun.

xx Nancy

Flea Market Queen

Can't wait to see it all!
What a fun idea...


Hi Donna,
Can't wait to see the piraty stuff.
I asked the Graphic Fairy the other day to post something piraty. When I thought I would have time to play.
She posted a couple of cute graphics.
Anyway, have fun!!!


I can't wait to set sail. I will be posting my creation for this grand soriee later tonight. So set out the rum and be prepared to cast off ....it's a pirate's life for me!

Lisa Oceandreamer

You really were miffed about J and me, eh Donna? You didn't have to resort to violence....now we may have to sword fight.
So what am I talking about? go to my blog and see!

Ann-Denise Anderson

I set voyage early,take a gander....Hope you like the booty! haha This was real fun and a pleasure to cyberly meet you, let's do it again sometime and keep in touch!


Uhoh. I'm in a heapa trouble...you said don't start early...I keep saying "when is Donna gonna get up and post!" then I read SATURDAY. Like I said...I'm in trouble.Go back to sleep...shhh!

Magpie Sue

Lisa's post is great! My humble efforts may get me thrown in the brig but I'm still comin' to the party :- )


OMG!!! Lisa's post is TOO funny!!! thanks for sharing:)


LOL! Too cute, wish I could master photo-shop like I can master my sward...

Miss Maddie's

I can hardly wait, I have goosebumps!Maybe it's because I'm standing on the dock waiting for the Pirate Party ship to arrive and there's gale force winds out here.Not to worry, as soon as it moors I'll climb aboard, take my place high up in the crow's nest as we sail off to pick up the next party goer.
I have looked all over the ship for you but alas there is a sign on the Captain's door below deck, Do Not Disturb. Is that where you're hiding and with WHOM ????
xo Susan


Lisa is a funny, funny girl!!
See you Saturday, can't wait.
Happy May Day!

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