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May 27, 2008



You crazy girl, you crack me up. I can't believe you like MMA, because it's become a secret addiction of mine. I had to halt life to watch Faber-Pulver. So so sad...


Best Tan? What were the other superlatives, best nail polish? most dangly earrings? Your school did know what was important in REAL life.


~*best tan*~


here in florida,
that says it all, missy!


so perfect that is!!!
as i have *always* thought
a nice tan goes so well
with crown*wearing.

don't you think so?


Best Tan! LOVE that! I was voted "Most Likely to Become a Millionaire" LOL! So I guess I have my peers to blame for my Powerball ticket buying addicition.

fated follies studio

unimportant but entertaining facts, I must say. How funny, I don't even know about cage fighting, unless you are talking about the ultimate fighting conferderation? Is that it? My husband watches that but I can't because they get to be so mean to each other - a for real!


I enjoyed reading about you... so funny! love your spirit.



LOL on #4!! That is too funny :)

Have a beautiful day!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn


I have just discovered your site and cannot wait to peruse everything at length.

Stop by my blog as I am having a giveaway.


But didn't we both want best dressed???

Wittiest BFF


Whatchu scared of dogs for? I petted a snake in our yard yesterday. Did you know you can't pet snakes? I didn't.
Okay...sweet tea...maybe you guys call it iced tea...same thing...I don't drink it but everyone else does!


Giggling here too, "Miss Best Tan." Too funny!


Lili M.l

Hi! I recently discovered your blog, while someone else was telling about you hosting the Swashbuckler Soirée. Unfortunately I couldn't play along because I was on vacation, there I bought 'artful blogging'. Great article about you, you are so right being proud of yourself!!! Now I see you are not only a gifted artist but you are very funny too! Nice to meet you!


donna -i love you- thankyou for your kind words-singing and skipping-jo.


Oh my gosh I love you were voted best tan. Only in CA xoxox Clarice


You are just a riot! Love it that your children were both born on the same day! Amazing and lucky! And I too started going grey at 19!
Sandra Evertson


Hi Donna,
My mom started getting gray hair at 17. Love your list.
Love Friday the 13th!!
I have to touch up my hair tomorrow. YUCK!
Have a great evening,

Iva's Creations

Extreme cage fighting? YOU?? I guess we know now what you'll be wearing for Halloween. And won't you look great with your tan and no-gray hair color!! Thanks for the tag...I think?
~ Iva

Du Buh Du Designs

HA! Two kids on Friday the 13th..sure your name isn't Rosemary? I just listed six "quirky" things about myself as I was tagged too but should be called "unimportant" instead. Actually I think calling them "six things that are messed up about me" would be more accurate:)

A Fanciful Twist

You are sooooo hilarious!!!!!! That is why I adore ya!!!! xo

Lisa Oceandreamer

Ok, get your tanned self over to my blog because I actually did this meme. I promise there are no dogs over there of any kind (except me of course).
I think it's so sweet about your husband.....very romantic.
Not sure what Cage Fighting is but somehow I don't think I'd like it. But I'll never tell you DO! heehee!


You forgot to mention the Extreme Cage Fighting outfit you own.


You were voted Best Tan? I'm so impressed! Glad you married your first kiss!
Looking forward to reading everyone else's list and checking out Shawn's site!

You figured out how to do your Typepad! Bravo. It is still hard for me!


I see your growl is much louder than your bite ;)
Thanks for playing and the PS !!
Extreme cage fighting?? You really are a pirate :)


you crack me UP Donna!!!


hahaha you are so silly ;) (that is the dutch way of saying that I like your answers)


hahaha you are so silly ;) (that is the dutch way of saying that I like your answers)

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I love that your hubby was your first kiss! I am ever the romantic.

xx Nancy


Oh Donna...perish the thought!

I so enjoy your blog...you make me laugh! You ARE truly human! Now let me get my crown!

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy

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