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May 30, 2008



It was so-o-o-o inspiring! I had to go home and try on everything in my closet. How I love a good game of "dress up"!


Yes! It was so good, wasn't it? I loved it. And I wasn't even the biggest fan of the TV show, I only caught it if it was on...

I loved that it was written on a higher plane than the average, shall I say it: chick flick aka the "romantic comedy". Loved it.

michelle cummings

I agree! worth watching again and again!

Lisa Oceandreamer



Paul Sears Photography

Oh yes, my wife hasn't stopped talking about it. She and a bunch of girls from work went on Friday night - dressed up and everything. She says, don't bring a tissue, bring a box of them!

Karla Smith

Hi Miss Donna O,
I think I'm going to the see a matinee soon. : )

I just love Artful Blogging and was so happy to see you in my new issue. Congrats to a fun addition to your talents.

Oh, by the way, I turned gray at 16, besides my twin sister.

I'm working on many creative projects, all inspired by blogland. My Blog is also needing some help. Still learning the hoops of Typepad.

Happy Day,

Warmly with hugs,
Karla Smith

Linda Harre

Can't wait to see it:D


It was wonderful and the fashions are to die for!!!


My mom and sister went to see it yesterday - they got there an hour or so early and every seat was packed including some people having parties!


Yay!! I was wondering if it was good.
Can't wait to see it.

Pipsqueak Couture

didn't you just love it?!? I saw it yesterday too and it was such great eye candy and so...so...good! xo Shannon


Lucky you!! I can't wait to see it. It looks like it's full of pretty eye candy...dresses, shoes, locations!

Christine LeFever

Luckily, my husband IS informed. DUH! It's in the theaters! I sort of thought it was, and it did look good to me when I saw a TV preview. I will simply go see it!!!



And so you!!!! LOL, why do I think so?

Christine LeFever

Alas, no HBO on this front. Wah!



So glad to hear it. We're going to a Monday matinee so hubbys won't be put out. Heehee! Can't wait.


I envy you ... grrrrr


Hey Donna,
Well you know me. It will be awhile before I see the movie.

BUT Stephanie sent me the Artful Blogging mag. You article looks great! Congratulations! It was wonderful to see!
Have a great weekend!

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