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May 16, 2008


Raised In Cotton

Way to go Donna!!!! Beautiful article!!!!!


Congratulations Donna! Sorry to have been away for some time ~ so much to do and so little time to do it ~ the story of my life, lol!
I will have to get a copy to read.


Stopping by to say Happy Saturday Donna! Hope all is well in your world!

fated follies studio

thank you for your thoughts on jaya. she is doing well. congratulations on being in artful blogging. it is great that they were able to recognize your ingenious style! :)



Not one but TWO magazine features in the past few months??? And a spectacular spread I must say. You must be over the moon! No wonder you are feeling a little self-absorbed. But thanks for giving a shout out your sycophants. You are too kind!

Seriously Donna...BRAVO!!


Just found your blog,
looks beautiful!!!
going to read more.


"I for one, and one for all" Appreciate how fabulous you truly are with your gravitating blog!! I so enjoy you as an artist and as a writer. You make me smile through all your posts.

"It's no surprise you are a delight!!" Congrats sweet friend,

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Congratulations ! You are a blogging star !!!!



I've just discovered your beautiful world and I love it !! It's so marvelous !^-^


Congratulations and well deserved:) Sorry to have missed your soiree but did follow it, such fun:) Take Care, Rachael


Donna, congratulations!!! of course they wanted you...silly girl...you have a rare combination here of pretty things, humor, and beautiful man flesh!!! keep it up, you ROCK!!!

Pinkie Denise

Oh Donna,
I love this article! Congratulations!!!!!I keep reading it over and over and over, love all the beauitiful picts and your gorgeous crowns...It is wonderful as you and your blog....Pinkie Denise


Thank you so much Donna!!! We'll see which cover wins but nevertheless I have wonderful, sweet blog friends ~ xxoo, Dawn


THE PIRATE QUEEN TAKES OVER THE SEAS! AHOY MATE AND BRAVO!!! Wait till Johnny sees this, he's going to ---- pearls!

Natasha Burns

Who would've thought? I would have for sure, your blog and your creations are wonderful! I got my copy of the magazine and I loved your feature! Congratulations, you deserve it!!!


Bravo donna !!! great for you,!!I couldn't imagine such magazine may exist,I will try to read it someday


oh- my sweet friend-your a magazine rock chick- way to go-it looks fantastic-singing and spinning around love jo


On my last and first (ahum) visit I realised I was landed on a special planet... and see I felt it right... I found a girl becoming the queen of the Artful blogging magazine. You go girl , well done!
Une salut de la Olande


Hey, sweet friend! Well, it's no surprise to MOI that you would be in artful blogging, nor to anyone else, either, I bet.

Your blog is wonderful because you are real. No foof, no airs, just fun, fun and more fun, and a dose of YOU. fabulous.
xo Lidy




I saw it...
Whoo HOO, you go girl!

A Fanciful Twist

It is just a beautiful wonderful thing!!!!!! I am sooooo delighted for you! & even though you are wise as all heck, you are an amazing special girl. With quite the eye for all that is lovely and wonderful!! And, you are a sweet treasure girl!! xoxo

michelle cummings

One of the reasons I got this issue was beacause I saw your beautiful blog was featured in there! Congratulations!

Du Buh Du Designs

Well, when I saw that bit about the clever comments I knew you were referring exclusively to me..how about a name drop next time m'kay?

Karla Smith

Hi Donna,

I'm delighted to see your blog in my latest Artful Blogging issue. Your so inspiring with your blog and art! Congratulations to a deserving person.

Karla Smith

Ann-Denise ANderson

BRAVO!!!! I love it, you are so cool!
~Hugs~ Ann-Denise

Christine LeFever

Of course, I've already mentioned in a previous post of yours as to how thrilled I was when I saw YOUR blog in there, and believe me, you are SO deserving, because you are an incredible person!!!



Christine LeFever

Of course, I've already mentioned in a previous post of yours as to how thrilled I was when I saw YOUR blog in there, and believe me,yoy are SO deserving, because you are an incredible person!!!




Congrats!! I have to get one copy!
It´s always fun to read Your posts and to see the beautiful things You create!...now... what do You need a "real" job for?? ;0)



Congratulations dearie! Your photos are stunning in print and I cannot think of anyone more deserving than you! and I do believe I heard the rumor that a certain dark-eyed gentleman lusted after the stunning, well-manicured , glitter-bedecked author of the piece. xoxo N


The collage of photos is darling...again...congrats on the Artful Blogging Article!! Ciao


Congratulations, I can not wait to see it. By the way I was are you sure you want me in your mag. too. I feel completely unworthy. But you my dear are definitely NOT xoxox Clarice

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

My mom is going to get the magazine soon. Can’t wait to see your article! ^-^

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---


If you weren't included WHO should be silly sister...you are artful no DOUBT! Your work is amazing and your writing...draws us in and makes us say the darnedest things...like...yeah, look at that fingernail :)! That fingernail can't possibly belong to a person with gardens like yours...'fess up.

Tracey Trueman

Just saw you home and artworks in Victoria...so delightful and enchanting your style and mixture of tradional with your art

Sasha Libby

Really an honour for you, because there are some wonderful blogs. You deserve it!


I lust over the stampington magazines...so lovely that you are in one!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I bought this and I totally forgot to tell you last time I visited. Can I get an autograph now? teehee
I'm glad they recognized your talent!!


I will have to look you up in the mag!!!....I enjoy looking thru your blog.. Someday someone will notice mine I hope.. Im new to the blog world and have spent hours traveling without leaving my desk!! way to go!!!


Congrats! I thought I spied one of your glittering Lovely crowns on the cover! I will definitely have to pick up this issue!
Sandra Evertson

Miss Maddie's

Who da thought, you mean what took them so long?
With all that wit and charm dripping from each post and the seductive photos of you know who, no one could not enjoy this blog.Besides amidst all the frivolity there is a dedicated, devoted friend waiting.You know the kind you can tell your secrets to and she'll hold them close.
As well as a great hostess for a pirate soiree, artist... the list goes on!
Here's lookin' at you kid!
xo Susan


Maybe they liked the fact that on top of artsy/craftsy/glitzy/amusing/ and sometimes pretty hilarious........ you keep it real.....

Iva's Creations

The pleasure is all ours Donna!! You deserve muck Kudos for your delightful blog! Congratulations...Iva

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
Congratulations! You work so hard at creating a fun and interesting blog....it is so obvious that much time and thought are put into your blog posts!

Denise Fontaine



You rock sister!!

Julie Bergmann

Congratulations Donna! It's a beautiful article! You're always such fun!!!

Julie Bergmann


Congratulations Donna! I can't wait to read the article. Your mosiac in this post is Fall Over GORGEOUS!!! Happy Day!


I saw your feature, Donna! It's really wonderful and isn't it so funny how the reader reacts to the poster according to what type of blog it is. I always know I'm in for a good time when I click on your blog name!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ xxoo, Dawn


Congratulations Donna!!
I have not seen the mag. yet but I know I will find it soon! Yes Rosemary is right!! You are Blogging Queen and the Queen of Crowns too!!

Have a great weekend!


Congrats Donna!!!
I was really impressed with the pictures and article.
You are the blogging Queen!!!
It's so cool to open the magazine and read about someone you know. Well kind of know.
Have a wonderful weekend,


Congrats Donna! Wow is that your finger? Nice manicure!

Karen from A`Musements

Hey, I forgot to comment on your nails... looking really swell. Love a good French manicure.


Your blog is beautiful and I like your writing- you have a great voice!I loved the article in Artful Blogging - congratulations!! PLUS, you make lovely things - I just saw some in person at American Harvest!!

Karen from A`Musements

Now THIS is what I was getting at... you know what I'm talking about.
Donna you are ONE HOT PIRATE'S BABE, CROWN MAKIN' DIVA! I am so happy for you, and the publication is FORTUNATE to have your beautiful creations to share with their readers. (Your inclusion in the book was the only reason I purchased it...)
You deserve the recognition and the accolaids... You work hard on your art, and you are a wonderful person... most of the time ;-)
Congratulations and big, big hugs!


Well Donna...how cool is that?!! Congratulations, girl! I am so happy for you. You really do have such an interesting blog...so fun...lots to see and explore.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

Lynne Laura

CONGRATULATIONS! I just picked up the magazine and will have to look your article up! Way to go!! You go Girl!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

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