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A Pageantry of Artists!


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May 04, 2008



ohg your crowns are sooooo beautiful!! Lucky winners! Love your blog and i see you have a special realtionship with Johnny Depp,lucky you:))

Sasha Libby

Donna! I missed this party! Dang-it! I miss all the good soirees because Veto has me squirreled away at horrible musicals.

I wonder if I had imagined Johnny to be the Phantom I would have had a much better event of it.

I'm coming to visit you again soon with a cup of tea and a trip through your archives!


You are soooo funny!!! And clever!
My next post will be for your soiree. I've been sick so please accept my apologies for my rude lateness in attending.
Much love to you,
Your ashamed Shmoo.
Loved this whole thing, you rock!!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I didn't win your treasures. Big sigh...Congratulations ladies! But, it was all worth it just to have a glimpse of our Johnny! Sigh....


Oh Donna,
This was the most wonderful event who knew that these ladies had so many talents. Art, writng and who knows what else. Thank you so much for all of the fun and festivities. Congrats to the winners. By the way good choice of men.


Thank you Donna a good time was had by all.
I had to leave the party early...had no choice...it had something to do with Vikings...I explained all in my latest post.
Congratulations to the new Queen...and to the winners of you wonderful creations. Bwaaaaahhhh!!!
OK!!!I am over it.


Congratulations ladies. Well Miss. Donna, you know how to throw quite a soirée !!! I hope you are recovering well. Clarice


Great fun Donna! Thanks for holding the party and being the perfect hostess!
I should be so close to Johnny!
Congrats to all the LUCKY winners!!!

Karen Young

What a great ending to a wonderful party. Congratulations to the new Queen and the lucky winners.


Art Tea Life

Wow. I wanna WIN THAT ! laughing.

Donna got the best prize...w/o a doubt.

Poor deluded Donna. She was so burned out from the Swashbuckling Soiree, she thinks she ran off with Johnny Depp. It drove her over the edge into a fantasy so rich...she may never come back.

Well who's to say "poor Donna" then ?

It can't be that bad !

ohhh my friend Rochambeau won ! yay yay yayyy. And doesn't she just deserve that ? I think so ! YES.

What fun here . Congratulations on your 100th post. I love your blog and intend to visit more often now.

The pictures are lovely.

The treasure divine !

What a creative blog game you played.

Love, S

Miss Maddie's

I thought you sailed off into the sunset with the pirate Connery, Johnny says you're with him and Greg says he's spied you with Capt'n Jerry.
I know they're all lookalikes and you're really at home dreaming up your next soiree getting ready for 'Dancing With The Stars'.That's it our own version of Dancing With The Stars! Whip that one up.
xo Susan

monica magness

Johnny, Donna IS the crowned jewel! Congrats to the lucky winners... keep watch for those lurking pirates in wait of the slip & take girls!

oh, I'm walking the plank here that I missed out! Had to come by and officially say so!!!

xo, Monica

Pamela Overmier

Oh Johnny, isnt that Donna a peach?? I do hope you have helped her loosen her corset strings.....and let her sleep in, she deserves it! Pam

Denise Fontaine

In beachie mood now!! OOoo! I discovered 2 new NE artisans,I am featuring them on my blog for a little boost..thought I would pay it forward! Hugs Denise


Congratulations winners...especially you Donna. Thanks for hostessing the most fabulous soiree of the season. It will take days to sweep up all the rum bottles and pearls.


Oh Donna....I won! I can't believe it! I'm giddy with laughter! This was such an exciting adventure. I am drunk with not rum, but creativity! This ladies (I mean wench's are some of the most talented wench's around). All did such an amazing job. I'm still trying to get the ship around to all those who participated. My ship is slow!

Thank you again from the bottom of my piratey heart...this indeed was the grandest of parties and happy one year to you!


Those eyes! Thank goodness you have them to warm your nights!!! Donna this was such a wonderful treat! THANK YOU for letting us all be wenches for a day!!!!!

Christine LeFever

I do not have a hangover in spite of the amount of rum I drank, for it was pure magic and so much fun. I still laugh when I think of that squirrel skull of Serenity Now. I think I will always think of it when I need a laugh!

Congratulations you dear winners, and your posts were incredible too!

Donna, you earned your prise, so take good care of him!



AHHHHHHHHHHHHHNOOOOOOOOO! You got the REAL DEAL?!!! Me 'art is bein' ripped apart!
I'm sure you will have him dressed out in theatrical ribboned crowns and wonderful paper swords that will keep his heart captivated to the ends of the earth!

Miss Maddie's

Congrats to all the ladies,
But I just have to say
That all of us were winners,
'Cause we got to sail away
Aboard the ship,'The Bonne Lass'
For the 'Swashbuckler Soiree'
XO Susan


ooohhh...poor poor Mike. Left out in the cold due to a scruffy, stinky pirate. Whatever shall he do? I got a cute dollie to keep him warm!!


So much fun, Donna! I'm sorry I missed the boat... WONDERFUL!! Have a great week! Christy


Thanks Donna ...that was a lot of fun. I'm still checking out some sites that I haven't been around to yet.... the good thing is ...the entries don't go away! they will still be there when I get to them...ya gotta love this blogging lark ....


Oh my, Donna...this was such a fun and inspiring time!!! Sooo many amazing and fun posts...soo much talent in all of the ladies who joined in! And to have snagged Johnny himself...well, I must say this soiree was sure a win/win for you!! :)
Now, oh my heart be still....can it be?? I am just in shock to have been crowned-oh boy, I need to wash out the sea water and pretty up my hair to prepare for the most amazing crown ever :) I am in tears just in appreciation dear lady :)


Great story! Oh, Johnny is a stunning speciman, isn't he! Dreamy pictures you found.

~ Karen at Ciderantiques

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you Donna for a lovely week of pirates and fun! Glad you and Johnny are happy together. (Wink, wink)!

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---

Karen Otto from A`Musements

Hooray for Lusty Tales and High Seas adventure, for Pearls of any color and Swashbuckler Soirees!!!
So glad you and Johnny have each other, Donna... I'm sure he wouldn't have it any other way! And Congratulations to the Queen and her "court" of winners!
Thank you for the most fun weekend of great creations, pictures and tall tales by so many talented, good-natured women out in blogland. The treasure here is all the new friends!

So, Lass...Wishing you warm waters (in your bathtub) to dive for pearls, great grog (a nice little something with an umbrella in it)and happy sailing all the days of your Royal Life!


Congrats to the winners!!!
Congrats to you too Donna for hosting such a wonderful soiree, and also for your fabulous article and pictures in the new issue of Artful Blogging!!
I loved it!
Have a great week,


Thank you Donna for the most wonderful cruise! This really was so much FUN! The last photo of dear Jack er, johnny is So incredible! This is no way for a Grandmother to feel!

Du Buh Du Designs

"She's with me"..
Yeah..you keep telling yourself that Johnny. She'll have you pulling those weeds in the back 'ard first thing Monday morning..
Thanks so much for the hosting the party!! So much fun and I still have sites I need to go back to and see if they posted something.
Ta ta!
~Christine :)

Pearl Maple

So Good to know our girl is in safe hands with Captain Jack (oh that last photo is toooo much)
Congrats to our queen and all the other prize winners. Great party, guess blogging is the real winner with the all the participants and creative posting it has been a great way to meet lots of new friends.

Enzie Shahmiri

I see this sailor has missed the event! Due to piracy along the shores of the California coast, I found myself up in San Fransisco, landlocked going through s.th they call a college campus. My captives 27 and 17 (yes, pirates are getting younger these days) did not leave me out of their sights!

Sorry mates!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Yea! Johnny won!! This was so much
fun Donna! Hail to the new Queen of the Pirates!

xx Nancy


Ms. Fanciful just dropped by to say I was A LUCKY WENCH! Well, That's putting it lightly! I'm a VERY HAPPY Wench to receive any treasure from your trunk!
IT was Such BIg fun that my feet ache from dancing and my neck hurts from my "do". Still it was worth it!
Conrats to Bethany and Alice!!
Thank you Donna!


I MUST congratulate the winners!! Lucky You!! ....poor me...Waaahaaaa!..just kidding;0)
But a jolly good time we had! And The greatest winner is of course You Donna for pulling off such an event (and for grabbing The Man!)
Looking forward to many more posts from You!


A Fanciful Twist

That was soooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!! I AMMMMM so overjoyed for those ladies and their new found treasures!!!!! Your creations are more than fabulous!!!!!! I must have one!! xoxoxo

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