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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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June 10, 2008


Sylvia Anderson

How fun Donna! I too saved some of my old drawings and sketches from the early days, and it's always fun to walk down memory lane. :) Those longggg legs are killer, and your drawings remind me of high school in the 80's!! LOL!

Fated Follies Studio

isn't fun to go back through everything. i have so much that i wish i had saved. i gave so much away! oh craps. i'd like to see what you'd WANT to draw these days if you got the fancy to.



The sketches are all great...don't you wonder what your parents must have been thinking when you came home from art class as a teenager with the couple Calvin Klein ad? I know mine tried to keep a straight face when I came home with my male model sketches in my figure drawing class...poor parents...and now were THEM!

Karen Young

Donna, those are fantastic drawings. You are one talented lady and I'm sure you will still be able to draw now. Go for it.



I HAD NO IDEA!!! WOW OH WOW! You better pick up those pens again, or we'll come pounding on your studio doors, too much talent locked up in those slender fingers!!! Do I see some 'Gold' sexy drawings on their way?


My talented best friend......what memories.
Did you ever draw a mounds bar??????????????

So enjoyed the drawings.....


Well Donna, It's a good thing you married the man to whom you gave the wonderful drawing. Otherwise you may not have it now...and what a shame that would be!
By the way, can legs ever be too long? ha! xo Roberta

Christine LeFever

Truly wonderful drawings, Darlin'!

You "could have been somebody; you could have been a contender" sob, sob (On the Water Front ~ Marlon Brando, you know...) Oh my goodness, Girl, your drawings are beautiful and I see that flair for fashion, romance and all things glorious. Mix your drawings with your pretties; that would be amazingly exciting!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!


Donna, it's great fun seeing your portfolio from school. I'm delighted that you shared it. It reminds me of mine from when I was in school. Hmmmmm, did we know each other?

So fun!


I believe you should peruse this, as you are so remarkably talented. You are a Natural it shows through all the way from your head to your finger tips out on paper!!

Please surprise us with more..or at least I would like to see more;-))

Much Love,


Reminds me of my own drawings from the 60s-70s. After college I worked at a card company for 30 years doing
other people's ideas. Now I do my own. Funny how we keep creating... one way or another. Thanks for sharing.


Oh how romantic to have that pen and ink from your big crush (and present day love)!! It really is so well done too...and you can see with all of the pieces you shared the thread of talent woven through all of them....bravo to you for sharing :)


What a treat you shared! Love the first and last sketch. You did a nice job on human eyes, too! I like long legs...I owned a pair!


Wow you´re a talanted woman! Of course You should start drawing again! I didn´t paint for 10 years but it was nema problema picking it up again. I matured down the road anyway and got more confident with my style.So just pick up the pen and I´ll be waiting for the results!!

LiLi M.

I love that trip to well drawn Memory Lane.
Well I would say, just try girl and surprise us all!

( I mean this the good way hahaha!!)


What amazing talent you have! I think it's wonderful that you have found some memories of the past and I think it goes well with the present. What amazing past memories you share with us today!


Hi Donna,
You are lucky to have your art still!
The castle fits in with everything you do! Don't you think it's all the same energy. It just takes on different forms throughout our lives.
Hope all is well in your world today.


Remember the Rapidograph pens? They were so much fun to doodle with. I'm sure that castle would fit in perfectly with your visions today.


Ooh! I like the old stuff bumped up against the new stuff. I think your pen and inks look fabulous with the dresdens as a frame :)

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Oh my goodness Donna!! You have wonderful talent. I think it's like riding a bicycle. It would flow through you pretty quickly I bet. The drawing you did for your hubby is outstanding. I love it!!

Hugs! Nancy

Karla Smith

Ms Talented Donna,

Love the variety of art you have in your soul. I too started my art days with colored pencils, pen and ink, just around the same time. I hope you can save some of the your water damaged art somehow.

Soon, I'll be going through my storage unit that is a real collection of my past art as well as my family history in the arts. I inherited so much since my mother and grandmother passed away, I think I'm ready to begin my journey going through all the boxes.

Karla Smith


You are so talented! How fun to view some of your past artwork.

Miss Maddie's

It looks to me like you envisioned the future.
A young lass falling for her high school sweetheart dreaming of the castle on the hill.
Well you got the sweetie and are Queen of the castle.
That ink drawing looks pretty good beside the Dresdens and ribbon, perhaps another vision???
xo Susan


Oh Donna, these are Wonderful, so gentle and sensitive! You know it is something that never leaves you, the magical castle is my favorite!
Sandra Evertson

A Fanciful Twist

I can't speak (no, not just because I have a sore throat). I am jumping in my seat!!! You have to draw again!!! You have to!! You are a master of that, for certain!! Wholey Guacamole!!! LOve them all! Even the extra long legs! FAB!! You are more than goooooood! xoxoxo

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

I love the castle like building! I like to color with with pencils. I use Prismcolor, there really good!

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---

Lisa Oceandreamer

Holy smokes girl you've GOT incredible talent!! It will definitely come back to you, how could it not since it will be the same hands, the same person!
I SO wish I had kept art work from back then, funny I did mostly pen and ink in a very different style than I draw now. I love that your past can possibly be incorporated in future art pieces. A perfect blendship of what was and what is.


Bonjour !!^^

Woow I love the drawing with the castle ! You're a great artist !!!^^
I've added a translator in my blog. Tell me if it works^^



I love to see the evolution of an artist. Thank you for sharing your archives!

Pinkie Denise

Wow Donna,
You are quite an Artist, well we know that...but you really can draw!
You are so very talented. Thanks for
sharing it was fun strolling down memory lane...Pinkie Denise


How fun Donna!!! to go back and look at all your old drawings...so many memories.

Love your humor in the post:)
You made me laugh and smile!

You are very talented,


Gillian ~ Indigo Blue

Your sketches are so, Knots Landing meets Dynasty!!! I love them!!!
I loved the 70's I remember them well. I had clogs and a purple bandana in my hair. Bellbottoms!
Your art is such a treat, it totally takes me back!


These are wonderful and you can see how creative you have always been. xoxoxo Clarice


You go girl!
Glad you saved some of them...brings back a flood of memories I bet?!

My parents saved some of my things and had them framed...don't think I have them now...wish I had them though.

Treasure your past! If you can work it into your future...all the better I say!

Have a great week Donna!
Hugs, Nancy


Hi Donna,
I think I took some of those same art classes. Drawing people was not my thing. I was into pen and ink as well.
I love your drawing, I bet you could work that in to your stuff.
Have fun with it. I haven't sketched in a very long time either.
Thanks for sharing your past with us.
A very sweet story about your husband.
Have a great night,


well let's see...i am maybe half a baby step past Tan, stick figures i can do...Donna, i can't believe with the talent you showed that you didn't stick with the drawing...of course then i wouldn't have my gorgeous crown and scepter...perhaps a drawing of them? i hope you do draw again and share with us what you come up with:)

jessi nagy

you are an amazing artist!!
i love the CK ads. also you would totally rock at drawing vintage Barbies!!!


I admire your talent. I can't draw stick people, let alone anything like you can do. I do think the two styles will mix together quite nicely!

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