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A Pageantry of Artists!


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June 28, 2008



Just came by to say a hello and just thinking about you Miss Donna :)
Have a lovely day!! xo

Susan Bartolucci

Wow.........visual feast....... party food and all. I love the old world look...........the etchings to die for.......You should never doubt or worry. You are one of the busiest artists in blogland. I should have a quarter of your energy............maybe you could bottle some to share with flare!


Everything at Ribbon Crown is prefect xoxox Clarice


So nice to see you at the party! I love the drawings, SO beautiful! And what a perfect song :)

Du Buh Du Designs

Congrats Donna! I hope you like cats as "Dante" is coming to live with you and he's pretty high maintenance (I forgot to mention that bit). Just send an email when you can as to where I need to send him:)

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I'm so late and so so sorry about that but anyway I have so much fun , enjoying the party with you ! and your hat is perfect !I love your frames


Hi Donna,
I am just getting around to visit-
after being away..I love your
tea party... the tiny hat is
so precious and love the

Paris Parfait

Your post is enchanting! Such beauty and whimsy and fun. The frames and drawings are gorgeous - and the music! What a special treat! Merci bien.


Did you see that little top hat? It opens up and has TEA in it!!! Oh, I guess you did :)


An absolutely perfect hat for the party!


Just so Beautiful, I LOVE your frame and I LOVE your drawings!! Pure Magic indeed!
Sandra Evertson


Did you survive the Mad Tea?
Hope all is well! D. too!


Bonjouuuur !^^

Oooh I love the cups !! The pics are so magic !!^^


Paula Clare

Love the party....love, love, LOVE the golden frame! It's completely magical! Thank you for sharing!

Debb George

I'm late for the party, but I still want to get around your party really look great.I was at your swashbuckler party. Nice seeing you again.
love debb


I love visiting your site ~ and your MaD tEa PaRtY did not disappoint... you're so creative and make such lovely things ~ thank you for sharing :)



Such a wonderful place to stop and visit. I loved your singing and hope to hear more at another event. I am apparently running late, but my watch has stopped at 6 o'clock--I will be back to see more later.


Such golden loveliness! And you certainly are a talented artist with your drawing!

Du Buh Du Designs

Your Drawing came out fantastic! Could that be Vanessa herself? You always prepare an impeccable setting for all of your guests!

Sue - TheMagicBartender

Glad we caught each other!
I saved you a Grape Martini ANYTIME you want one!
Stay n Touch...
I look forward to...Hmmm???
Cheers, Sue `*>~[


hello Donna,

i agree with all the others !
I like the dragon on your banner...

Inge from Belgium

Dorian Fletcher

I've not been in evidence much lately - but I have been enjoying your "sassy style", as usual. Your blog is always a treat.

Julie Bergmann


What charm and pure magic! Your drawings and frames are breath taking!

So much fun!

Julie Bergmann


loving every delicate and gilded morsel - oh Donna you have exquisite style!

xox - eb.

Chic and Charming

That hat is so lovely, and the fact that its a box is such a darling surprise!


Thanks for stopping by my little soiree. I enjoyed visiting you too - that drawing gorgeous. Funny that I, too, had a long break from drawing (about 25 years!), and have recently rediscovered it. I found that long break gave me some maturity in my drawings, and they are so much better than I would have thought!

Do come back, I post pictures of my lovelies regularly.


Wasn't this Vanessa Party FUN?

Miss Maddie's

I adore the photo album frame and the entire post is full of magic and make believe. That's it, you have the wonderful gift of making us believe that we are there and part of the magic.
That's why we keep coming to visit.We can lust over your creations, indulge in a visit with Johnny and know we share a common thread of friendship.It is the last part that I treasure most.
Enjoy your Sunday.Thanks for the little check-in.
XO Susan

Natasha Burns

Donna what a magical party! The frame with the dresdens and trims oh my, is so divine!!! I love your drawings, just stunning! What a fun party, thanks for having me! xo


Wonderful Tea Party Donna! That gold framed album is to die for!! Your drawings are super...what talent.


what beautiful teacups and wonderful photos - i loved your tea party preparations! we had so much fun didnt we?


Oh! I am so glad to meet you - waht a wonderful post and terrific pictures! I absolutely adore what you've done.

cheers & party on! ~M~


Oh my gosh...I thought I'd never get here. So many party goers on the list and yours begins with "T" I'm exhausted and still have sooo many more stops to make. I'd really like a cup of tea before I go...Thanks!

Irma's Rose Cottage

Oh My! This party is so entertaining. You sang beautiful. Hope you come and sing a few songs at my party.

Irma :)


Love your party , loved you tea..
a very
happy mad
hatter day
to you!



It's a magical post my dear Donna!!
Love it!


Donna...your post is so beautious!!! Oh that little hat...wow!!

Love all of the extra special details and the frame for your drawing....superb!!


Fabulous post. I so love the gold frame is was just beautiful. Looks like you made it to the party in grand style.


It is a wonderful party! And I love that gold frame and wonderful tea...hat...did you make that?

The pig and the butterfly, should be a poem, don't you think?

Denise Fontaine

Stunning!! So precious..love everything!
Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.

Lindsey and Twyla

I love your drawings! Your so talented! I wish I had yout skills! Thank you for visiting our blog, Lindsey


Hi Donna!
Such pretty drawings!!! I was late today too!!! The watch is is great!
The sheet music makes me want to sing along with you:)



Donna, such an elegant post for a very lovely party. I adore how you present everything, and your artwork is wonderful too. Such an enchanting post and I do love that watch and frame. Karen


Hello Miss Donna O! So nice to catch up with you!!
Love all of the eye candy!!
Happy Tea Party Day!

p.s. I think I'll buy a camera like the one you have. Those close-up pics are terrific.


Donna, this is delightful...from the gold and gilt to the glorious sketch...and those eyes keeping track of your movements!! Valencia...the most perfect music...it's the finishing touch and the crowning glory to Vanessa's grand fete!

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
What a fun post! Your Mad Hatter sketch is just wonderful. This looks like a party I don't want to miss...
Pinkie Denise


Hello Donna hope you are having an absolutely brilliant time at Vanessa's party.

Sue - TheMagicBartender

Happy Mad TEA Party!!
Nice to meet You!

I'm tryin' to gain 20lbs @ this party!!
Cheers, Sue `*>~[


Hi Donna... Ohhhh I just LOVE this post! What FUN and your creativity is simply enchanting! I'll have to make some time to visit the other party guests... I hope all's been well in your world! Enjoy the Mad Tea Party!!


LiLi M.

Yep you just did it again! Those drawings are exquisite, I knew it! There has to be something wrong with the sound of my computer, I would love to hear you sing Valencia, but it doesn't work, or should I sip more of that fairy tea? Love your post and the dresdens tooo (drool, drool). Have a fantastic day, enjoying tea parties of all kind!


Oh Donna ....you have outdone yourself. Look at all that gold and glitter! It's breathtaking and gorgeous. I'm off to visit a few more parties ...I think I'll be visiting for awhile! There are many to parties to attend.


He looks so good in tails and a top hat!


Perfect dash, and loads of style! Wish I had time to join you. Can't wait to see your album when you return!!!
p.s. I think you forgot Johnny...


How do You do it?? Everytime You create something it´s pure magic!!
Oh I´m so mad (!) at myself for not joining this wonderful party... but sometimes there isn´t just enough time! Buuuuhuuuu! I´ll just have to jump around and look at all wonderful creations.


What a lovely ethereal tea party and the ukelele music was so perfect!


Hi Dona,
It wouldn't be a party without you! Love what you've done with the drawings...fabulous as always.


What a gorgeous tea party. You are a treasure for sure! I will be back to look more closely at everything. So divine.

Stop by my tea party for party hats, baubles, and moondancing. Look at the gallery (click to see the larger photos, I have a mask there of the golden hue.)


What a gorgeous tea party. You are a treasure for sure! I will be back to look more closely at everything. So divine.

Stop by my tea party for party hats, baubles, and moondancing. Look at the gallery (click to see the larger photos, I have a mask there of the golden hue.)


it is so yummy over here


i even want
to eat the golden frame!


i promise NOT TO eat the golden frame
but it does look yummy!

your blog is always sparkling
and shiny
and i bet you never even need to polish,
do you?

how loverly that you did a drawing!
see, i knew you would...
have you dropped by my place for the give-a-way
of somepinkthing?

pink goes so ~nicely~
with gold and silver
i always think.


Such a luxe place to stop! Thank you for the eye candy! YES!You can still ride a bike!!!:-)


A golden party! Lovely!

Kris Franklin

Beautiful Layout. Hope you have an enchanted time at the Tea Party.


Lisa Kettell

I love your addition to the tea party, that frame/album and mad hatter hat are just perfect and oh so hatter-licious!
I'll be sharing some tea over at my blog shortly!
Magic and Joy!


a cup of tea in those gold trimmed mugs would be a 24karat moment...


Donna...what a magical land you live in! Can I move in? xo Shannon

Carrie West

Very beautiful!!!~

Nice to meet you!~


STUNNED SILENCE.................................................................................................................................
I am overwhelmed by the beauty. I'm just going to sit here awhile and take it all in.


Karen Young

Donna, great enchanting post. Love your drawings and your top hat is wonderful. See you at the party.


Wonders Never Cease

What a lovely, magical place you have here. It's so nice to meet you! I enjoyed my twirl around!


Lovely to see you and I Love your Hat! Do you like mine? And that album is gorgeous! I hope you can put our picture in it? Quick let's grab some champagne and start singing! Wheeeeeeeee.


A Fanciful Twist

SWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOON!!!!! Oh My lovely friend!! Loooooove all your treasures! And that hat! And that MUSICA!! Oh, please open your front door! I have been knocking for hours!!!! I wanted to abscond the Mad TEA!! I should have known that you are the fairy who owns the only magic tea of its kind on earth!! xoxoxo ps: I am just so in love with your drawing style! more more more!!


You made it!! Your looking great in your Mad hat surrounded by such golden delight. Yes a taste of wonderland is shining all around here!

A toast to Vanessa and you! A toast to friendships!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my! I knew this stop for Vanessa's party would be fun!! What is in that tea?! It certainly seems magical. Everything is wonderful..from Alice to that frame!!

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