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June 20, 2008



First...she's beautiful...
Second... I was there last month! Yikes!
The tea party was great!

Raised In Cotton

What a cutey! Congrats to her!


Oh, our girl got hers this month too. A wonderful milestone!


Oh what a beauty she is!! BIG huge congrats for this wonderful achievement :) :) :)


What a lovely young lady coming of age, I bet you're proud of her Donna!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Congratulations for the license but also to have a gorgeous daughter like her !!!! belle ! belle ! belle


Lord have mercy girl, it's so hard to have such cute girls, and then we have to let them drive around in a car to boot! ack.
xo Lidy


That's a big day! What a great photo of your darling daughter to mark the milestone. Congratulations.


Congratulations McCall! How exciting! Sharing in your joy!


What a pretty girl!! Congrats to her.
Have a nice weekend,

Karla Smith

What a beautiful young lady who looks proud to be growing up. Be safe and watch out for the other guy little one. Have a good time with your new freedom in life.

Karla Smith

Christine LeFever

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter, and to you. She may be able to run some errands for you! Our 16 year old grandson is good at that for all of us up here in Oregon.

Christine (Zwee!!!!!)


Big Day! What a time to get a driver's license. whew!

Sending you hugs and good wishes.

Karen from A`Musements

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!! What a beautiful young lady... she'll look great cruising around in that new car you'll get her, now that she has her license, right?! I remember thinking that was how it all works... then reality hit. What I really want to know is, Donna do you still have all your hair? Ahhhhh teaching the wee ones to drive.... gotta love it!
She's absolutely beautiful, Donna! You must be SO proud, and should be.
Happy, Safe Always driving to your bebe!

Ann-Denise Anderson

Wish her a big congrats! I remember that day like it was yesterday! Tell her" be a defernsive driver, be sure of yourself and always take of the other driver as well. My pop gave me that exact advice and I've been accident free,"Knock on wood, LOL!


Congratulations to your daughter...she is as pretty as her mother!

Hope life becomes a little easier in the coming weeks, Donna.

Have a good weekend.
Hugs, Nancy

Miss Maddie's

Congrats to darling daughter. I sure hope you didn't teach her any bad driving habits. And hang on to your wallet, her cruisin' is gonna cost big bucks at the pumps.
Oh to be young again!
xo S.

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