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June 16, 2008



Hi Donna!
Thank you for your sweet comment this morning :]

See you at the party!



Looks like fun. I hope I can participate! I am pointing people in the right direction at least...I posted the badge too.
I know you will be a wild and crazy woman at this teaparty, I'd expect nothing less from you.
Whatcha gonna wear? It's MAD after all! Are you gonna punch Lisa again? Don't do it! I'll have to jump in there and save her.


Oh this sounds like a fun time!! I am off to check out the details and see if I'm not to late for the very important date!! lol

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I hope I would have time to come ! I will try

Blaze Danielle

What a fun blog you have! And yes, I bet that party will be curious indeed! ;) How fun!

Denise Fontaine

OO Cannot wait to see what you create!
xxoo Denise


I'm on board. Must find just the right hat!
Hope all is well in your world!


Donna, what a lovely post dedicated to your Pops! He was quite a dapper fellow wasn't he! Such a wonderful photo of both your parents and funny, but you do resemble them both!
Sandra Evertson

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S.

Well you know I'll be there! The question - WHO will I be?!!! heehee


And I went and invited myself. Now how did that happen?


that really sounds fun...unfortunately i will be taking ANOTHER blogland break at that time...


Oh my ...this party sounds devine. Thanks for sharing and I will surely be there. Who would pass up dressing in their finest and attending this bash.


Sounds fun Donna!!

A Fanciful Twist

Hey look at that!! I am a cutie in that photo ;) Hee heeeee!! I can't wait for the party. For some reason, I thought it was this coming weekeend.. But it isn't until the next.. silly me.. Phew.. more time to make treasures!! xoxoxo

Thank you from the bottom of my wee heart!!!

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