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June 02, 2008



It looks like a dreamy place to wander barefoot deep in thought....lovely :)


And this a problem?!!! I'm a festive sort 'a gal!

A Fanciful Twist

Hahahahaaa!! NO!! it reminds me of a perfect place for my wee elfins to live in your wee cypress grove!!! I know those wee ones aren't cypress, but we can pretend!! xoxo

Ann-Denise Anderson

~~**It's the most wonderful time of the year**~~Wouldn't you say! Lovely garden D, just lovely!
~hugs & Good Saturday,


What do husbands know anyway? :)


I love this gold wreath on your sidebar...What are those little gold pieces anyway? Never seen anything like em?? Great garden also!! I bet you have alot of happy little froggies...!

Diana Frey

Donna...I just discovered your blog through "Artful Blogging" mag. First of all, let me congratulate you on being one of the featured blogs in the magazine! Second, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK! I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR! and I LOVE JOHNNY TOO......CAN WE SHARE! and oh yes... I LOVE YOUR GORGEOUS GARDEN! I look forward to coming back often.


Oh I wanted to ask if it would be possible to link to your page?? I have your link on mine I hope thats ok??..My url is different than my blog name.. A Whimsy Wish


Well, you could always hook them together at the top when they get a little taller, then youd have a evergreen topiary trellis!


Like all the topiaries in the background! You have great taste and a green thumb!!!


Looks great to me. Your back yard is beautimous! To including mini trees! There are lots of lil' xmas trees all about around here! We have some out in front too!
Have a happy night!


What would life be without a garden! I spend a lot of time in mine though it´s far from the beautiful one you have!


Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
Your garden looks so lovely. I love your evergreen trees. They can be whatever season you like...Where's that little rascally rabbit?
Pinkie Denise


So pretty and so much talent! Bravo! xo Roberta

Michelle Sylvia

Wow, looks like you should charge admission for people to view your lovely space! The evergreens don't spell christmas to me at all. They are very regal looking manicured so perfectly!

I like the idea of the clematis on the trellis or possibly trumpet vine?

I have a little gnome on my blog that would love to come live in your beautiful garden. :0)



Donna, I love it!


my husband has a point too, it's on his...oh, never mind...your garden has made my garden very jealous...i hope you and your topiaries are quite happy with yourselves...it looks like eden over there...

ps: is there a corn~shucker owning "type" and if so...what is it, pray tell...

Pipsqueak Couture

I love all your topiaries! I have a girlfriend who has the same problem as you with lots of shade in her yard and she did a little knot garden around the topiaries really tiny and it looks awesome.
xo shannon


Oh Donna...how beautiful! Men, what do they know!!! I love it...

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy


oh Mz. karen hit it...you are missing the gnome...or a garden rooster...Hhhhmmm...might not be able to wait till your birthday for that.

Karen Young

I rather like it


Du Buh Du Designs

Your garden is missing the plastic Santa and reindeer..:)


Wow ! What a beautiful garden ! Perfect for fairies !!^^

Miss Maddie's

I see Christine and I have Johnny fever!!


What can i say, er Brilliant!

Karen from A`Musements

Where's the Roaming Gnome?
Inquiring minds want to know...


I think the lawn and garden publications are going to come calling too! Flat out GORGEOUS Donna! Happy Day!

Christine LeFever

Topiary tends to remind one of Edward Scissor Hands. Hmmm...

Positively beautiful, Donna!!!


Lisa Oceandreamer

I now have a severe case of back garden envy!!!!!!!! OH yes, you were talking about the trees huh?

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

So very pretty Donna! I love how you decorated them! ;~)


Miss Maddie's

It's perfectly gorgeous!
Speaking of gorgeous where's that gardener of yours? I expected to see him when you mentioned the garden!
Oh well maybe next time.
xo Susan


hahahahah...that's funny Donna!

it looks green, lush and beautiful.... perfect!

Lili M.

Now the question is; what's wrong with a Christmas tree farm?
No kidding your garden is sooo nice!


Oh my gosh is that your home or Filoli ??? Now I want to move in even more xoxoxo Clarice

Boxwood Cottage

It looks beautiful Donna and all the greens and whites give your garden a wide and parc like impression. I just wonder why you had no luck with flowers there. Is it a more shady space? Have you ever tried Clematis at the fence/trellis?
Best wishes for beautiful garden days sends you Carol xox


I love it, It looks like you live in England. Your yard is amazing!!!


I wish my garden looked like yours. We have a never ending struggle with grass everywhere! Love you site! Tan


It doesn't look like a Christmas tree farm - just festive for both summer and winter!
P.S. If your hubby would rather - you can gladly transport everything to my yard! :)


Your garden is just so Gorgeous! I love the two twirled topiaries that can be seen in back! And I think the row of evergreens look very regal and stately!
Sandra Evertson

Michaele Sommerville

A Christmas Tree Farm for year 'round cheer~ no problem there!


My goodness Donna! Your gardens are just breathtaking ~ all joking aside!! xxoo, Dawn


Always the silly one you are! I like it...Christmas year round.

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