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June 21, 2008



Great work.

Alana Robert

Donna found you in Artful Blogging. Love the way you design the crowns and all the Glitter!! Amazing...

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Donna: you are so talented in so many aspects of your life!! Both my boys are very artistic and can really draw; don't think they got that from their mom! Have a great week, Theresa


Donna, thanks for you visit to my soiree. Wasn't yesterday fun?

I enjoy meeting new people and making friends.

BTW, you definitely still "have it" as far as your drawing goes.

Stop by anytime. I just love company!


Ann-Denise Anderson

You are so cool, Thanks for coming over and having crackers!!! It is so late but I had to make it over and Pip Pip and cheerio before the night slipped away! I love all the Gold dresden,it's fab!
~hugs, Ann-Denise


Happy Mad Tea Party Day!
Those are wonderful! And what a lovely pocket watch. I enjoyed having tea at your blog.

Miss Sandy

Your sketches are divine! Isn't it funny how we can slip back into something as if slipping our hand into a well fitting glove after a long season of absence? Looking forward to seeing the finished product!


it looks great.. you go girl!!


What a precious girl! Be sure to bring her to the Unbirthday Party and Ava's outvoted: nighties are allowed, encouraged even!

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
I just wanted to tell you I tagged you. If you have a chance check it out on my blog...Pinkie Denise

Kris Franklin


Glad you stopped by. The Pork Roast a la Mam is great!! I've made it several times. Your daughter is beautiful!! I bet she will be glad to run anywhere for you now! ha ha



Wonderful work from you does not even surprise me...you are a fountain of talent!!
I love the drawing and applaud you ...you have the gift, stay on that unicycle! :)
BUT, I really have to say that hat you designed is making me itch to create one in that style!! It's really fabulous with the corset detail!!

michelle cummings

i love this sketch! and i too love digging up things I done in my past art classes and re-doing the techniques too!

Paul Sears Photography

I love it when you can find inspiration from the past. I recently did that with some old photos I had taken several years ago - went in and played with them a little and kind of brought them back to life. Funny what you find hanging around!


Oh Donna - this is fabulous. I see you have not lost your touch. You are truely an artist ...I love this for the party! I must get busy putting something together for the party! Again ...I late for a very important date!


Wishing You a sweet summer! I´m on a short blogbreak (Do You really think I can!?!????)for some days off the computer (without the computer???!!).By the way my story is finished and published...at last!

See ya!



I love it...don't stop doing these drawings, your a "NATURAL"!!!

Thank you for all your sweet comments and email...I pop in when I can these days. I always have time for you though;-))




I love it...don't stop doing these drawings, your a "NATURAL"!!!

Thank you for all your sweet comments and email...I pop in when I can these days. I always have time for you though;-))



Oh Donna, she is Wonderfuls!
You are an amazing sketch artist!
Hope all is well with you!
Sandra Evertson


Golly Donna you are talented, this is brilliant! Just wanted to let you know that I have now posted over at the blogger blog which is where you'll find us from now on:


Hope you'll be able to visit soon, if not I'll be seeing you at Vanessa's party.


Sigh, queen of crowns, is there anything you don't do well?? love her, love the drawings, love you, pretty much.:)
xo Lidy

A Fanciful Twist

Oh MY Gooooooooodness. Okay, Miss Donna. SHE IS INCREDIBLE!!! Oh you are really good. If it is like riding a bike, then you are doing wheelies and stuff on your bike already!! I LOVE that you made her for the party!! LOVE her!! xoxoxo


She is just great! Can you teach me how to ride a unicycle???

Thanks for the bd wishes and hope you're getting some cool~ness... we are, but can't see the sky for the smoke!


Awesome! Can't wait to see who attends that party!


Well you certainly have not lost your touch - the drawings are fabulous!


Hi Donna!
Your drawings look awesome!

Can't wait for Vanessa's party:)
She has 2 of my bunnies for the big event!!!


ps...I added you to my friend list:)


Oh Donna...how beautiful! She is so serene and sweet...love her hat! I can almost feel your wheels turning inside that talented head of yours...keep drawing.
I am going to join you soon...I want to do a few painting for Christmas this year.

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy

Sara's Texture Crafts

I found your blog in my first copy of Artful Blogging and simply fell in love... thank you for sharing!

Sara x

le petit cabinet de curiosites

You haven't forgotten ! BRAVO

Miss Maddie's

Adorable, but then who would have expected anything less!
Can we see her in a crown too?
Thinking of you in all that heat and hoping all is well!
xo Susan


All that talent was just mothballed while you took care of some other business. Love the hat!


oh...and now it's unicycle riding is it? well do be careful:) as for the drawing of your sweet little miss and her lovely chapeau...well, what can i say? she is truly beautiful...i do so hope you are going to incorporate your drawings into your work...to not do so would be a terrible waste of a wonderful talent!!!
oh, and congrats to the new driver!!! she is a Beauty Donna!!!

katherine mccullen

You've still got it, girl!


You haven't forgotten how to draw. I have done the same thing recently, after a long delay doing anything art, I'm getting back into it. Keep drawing!! Great work!

Christine LeFever

Absolutely beautiful, Donna!

Christine (Zwee!!!!!!)

Du Buh Du Designs

oops..that was from me! I had your email and info posted as I moved you "drawing entry" for one of my dolls to another part of my post so that you'd be in the contest...I swear I'm not impersonating you..lol!

Christine @ Du Buh Du Designs (I changed it for you Christine- Donna!)

Bah! I bet you've been teaching drawing all these years over at CCAC. You can't fool us!
I love the drawing and cant wait to se what you make.
As for the tea party I haven't had time to make anything (working on a shop update) so I may doing an all nighter next week to get something made. Maybe it'll have something to do with the "after-party" (G-rated of course) :)


oh my!

now when i look at those lovely sketches
in your side*bars,
and right,
i am going to wonder....

did donna do dat?


you should design
a special signature featuring a
~~Ribboned Crown~~
for your own art*work.

just a sweet little thing
to draw quickly under your name.

what do you think?

{ i have confidence in you }


Very whimsical - I love your drawings! I can't wait to see them all done up in glitter and with other magical touches!


Hi and thanks! I´m not a horseperson either! In fact I´m allergic to them...



awesome awesome
they are great..can't wait to see some
with more embelishment!!
I'll sure they'll be wonderful

check my pink blog for hair pics!!!

fuzzy deena

Kris Franklin

Beautiful drawings. I would love to be able to draw like you!!.


She is beautiful Donna!! You still have it my dear.


Grand! Can't wait to see what you come up with after putting it all together.Get busy! Hugs,Terri


I told You so! If You´ve got it it´s there! Keep up and make drawings for us to see!

Summervarm greetings




I LOVE her Donna !!!! Clarice


This is wonderful Donna! You should defiantly incorporate your drawings!!
This girl is getting me excited for VV's Party!

Happy Sunday!

Karen from A`Musements

Well this is just great... I hope you're happy. Just when I figure all you can do is glue and mess around with glitter, you have to haul off and DRAW! I feel you are being piggy with the talent pool... What's up with that?!

Oh, and by the way.... Your sketch is FABULOUS, and I am chellous.
Karen Oh!

Karen Young

Donna, you haven't forgotten how. That drawing is gorgeous.


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