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July 02, 2008


Miss Maddie's

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Donna who?
Don na ask me I haven't seen her for awhile!
Have a great weekend!
xo Susan

Christy Meyers

Purely delightful = Your sketching

Hi Donna! I hope all is happy and well in your world. I wish I could come to both, American Harvest and Tinsel, but maybe next time.... Enjoy the rest of the Summer! Warmly, Christy

karen Cole

Speaking of fabulous sketches!!!!!

Wow, Donna. Love these. I especially love how you grouped them like a mosaic . They work so beautifully together.

Hope you are enjoying your"break".

xo Karen


hey, i miss you!!! when are you coming back?


Gorgeous Mrs Depp, very gorgeous sketches! From Mrs Bon Jovi


Oh so beautiful! You a wonderful artist! Just beautiful drawings! Have a lovely day! Joanna

Country French Antiques

Hi Donna
Hope all is well. We miss you!
I have given you a "Brilliant Blog" award if you want to play.Pass it on to 5-7 other brilliant blogs.
You see, I'm trying to get you to come back.


Loooooove your drawing. Such a lovely little princess.
I look forward to you return Mrs. Depp ;)

Du Buh Du Designs

Hmm..you take off just as this hits the news.


So, bigfoot..where are you guys vacationing, hmm? Cant possibly be Wisconsin!


These are Deppinately wonderful! I'll bet you were a doodler in school...you know...up the margins of your algebra there were lots of little pictures and things...other than greater than and less than? Me too!!

Ann-Denise Anderson

Sending you creative karma and blessings your way! Good luck on your shows,


There's an award for you over on my blog. Come on over and recieve your prize!


I miss you! I can't wait to see a new post. It's like waiting for Christmas morning in JULY! Hope all is great with you & yours.

The Pirate

Alright enough of this Mrs. Depp tale.
My bonne lass and I have sailed away and have been lying in the white sands of Tortuga, walking the beach, collecting seashells, swimming in the ocean and making...
I have taken her away from her imprisonment, to watch the salt-laden breezes blow through her hair and once again be the pirate wench so true to her heart.
She may tire of this and then I shall return her to reality. In the meantime you shall refer to her as Mrs. Connery.
Alas my wench she beckons.
~The Pirate Connery~


"OK Mrs. Depp",

I NOW know what you have been up too!

Lazy me I had to go back and just see what you are up too. Surprise, Surprise you are quite the busy bee. Have fun with all your adventures and don't be gone too long now; (MRS. DEPP)!!



"MISSING YOU!!" Hope you are well these days. Thinking of you...are you still sketching and drawing up some enchanting pictures.


Joanna {sweet finds}

I love your sketches. But I wouldn't cut them to make tags... can you make copies of them for tag & other art purposes? xoxo, Joanna

Sylvia Anderson

Love the beautiful new drawings Donna...and I hope you find some time to have fun a little while you are working away for the big show! I think we are all busy during the summer, so take some time to enjoy yourself!

jungle dream pagoda

Hi sweetie!!!!
Guess what starts in 2 days? I.m suddenly feeling the urge to blog!!!!


I love your sketches ! They are so beautiful !!^^


I adore the lovely linework of your sketches Donna! The expression on her face is wonderful...look forward to reading all about your times with American Harvest and the Tinsel show :) Have lots of fun!! xx

Country French Antiques

Beautiful sketches!!
I totally agree with your philosophy and based on these examples you need to pursue it!!
Best of Luck at the art show.
Be sure to show us some of your work.
Hope your not gone too long!!


Hey Mrs. Depp....thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I still cannot for the life of me believe that my artwork is in that amazing magazine!! It truly is my very favorite of all their publications...I have a nest assemblage in the back of this month's Somerset Studio and also a couple of pincushions in Romantic Country this month...FREAKY, huh??? It's really wonderful and I'm so thankful. I love your sketches Donna, I enjoy drawing too ~ and need to do more of it! Hope you're getting tons done and enjoying your lush garden, thanks again xxoo, Dawn

Monica Magness

Oh how WONDERFUL would these drawings be printed to fabric. What other tricks do you have up your ruffled sleeve Miss?

Happy time away. I laughed out loud, "Mrs. Depp," certainly, certainly... I BELIEVE it.

Reminder: our pink artist doll will be out on August 1st in ADQ'S Autumn issue. Let's celebrate!

xo, Monica :)


Donna ~ What CAN'T you do?? These little glimpses into your world of art have my attention for sure! I can't wait to see what you do next. Have a lovely day!


Great Drawings! But it´s a long time until august! So , mrs Depp!?!, I´m hoping you will turn up somehow, somewhere!




Mrs. Depp?

now my goodness....


would she HAVE TIME TO DRAW,
am wondering??

Julie Bergmann

You're so funny Donna! (I mean Mrs. Depp!;) ) I wish you all the best for your upcoming shows!

Your drawings are truly amazing and inspiring!

Julie Bergmann


Happy Forth of July Donna! Your sketch is beautiful. Have a great time preparing for your shows!
and a nice break! Hope all is well!

PaperGirl Productions

Wow, your sketches are beautiful!

Iva's Creations

Beautiful illustrations Donna! Yes, more and stationary would be lovely! Can't wait for Tinsel and Treasures!! Have a wonderful July 4th. Love and hugs...Iva

Karen Young

Donna, Your drawings are amazing. Enjoy your creative days and look forward to your return.


fated follies

i love your "new" sketches, they are awesome. i'm glad you started drawing again and are sharing your work. good luck with all you have to do mrs. depp. i'll look forward to new stuff when you "get back."



Don't stay too far away!!! Cannot wait to see what you'll do with your own drawings... And hey, when are we going to play with Nancy??? Kisses to both you and Johnny!

Denise Fontaine

Hi Donna check out my blog,your not going to believe what I found today!
An antique shop opened across the street from me today! Well loks like I will be eating orange mac and cheese rest of summer..hey do you think I can barbeque?! Ha!

A Fanciful Twist

Have a wonderful time off!!! Creating away!! Your sketching is more then sublime!!!!! I am in love!! PS: Dante wants to come live with me!! ;) ;) xoxo


i love the drawings, very tender (mm is that a word) anyway they are sweet

Kris Franklin

Wonderful drawings!! I love them! Have a great time exploring your creative side. I love your blog and enjoy reading it. You will be missed. Happy 4th.


two crazy crafters

No! I'm Mrs. Depp! Twyla


Oh Donna, you will be soooo missed. But I can not wait to see what you come up with Love Clarice

Christine LeFever

Have a happy vacation, darlin'! Periodically I will sneak back just to view all of the splendor of this delightful domain.


Christine (Zwee!!!!)

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
I love your sketches, just wonderful! I am leaving for our summer vacation in a few days. A little birdie told me a blog party is in the planning...Hope we can get
together for some fun! Enjoy your summer and happy creating Pinkie Denise


I am definitely a firm believer in things happening for a reason! Your sketch work is wonderful.


You are so funny Donna!!
Your sketches are amazing. I am trying to get my Halloween art made too!! Wish you could see all of the things I have been making. Would love your expert opinion.
Have fun, and Happy 4th.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

YOu will be very busy ! and we wil miss you but we will wait for you !Love your art !

LiLi M.

Hahaha! Have a nice time off!!

Love your artwork!! It's so good that you have listened to me LOL


What lovely sketches, Mrs. Depp.

Enjoy your Summer.
Mrs. Rickman


Hi Donna...I wish a most happy summer with your family. Hope the weather stays pleasant for you.

Love your sketches...what fun it must be to rediscover your art in a new way! Enjoy the ride...

Take care...
Hugs, Nancy


Sorry toots, but there already is another Mrs. Depp.

Have fun creating, and relaxing with your family, sweet friend.

Xo lidy


sorry, toots, but there already is another Mrs. Depp.

Have fun creating, and relaxing with your family...sweet friend.
xo Lidy


Definitely continue to play with pencils...these are wonderful. Hahahha... yes...Mrs. Depp indeed.... good one!

Have a wonderful time...see you when you get back...


Oh Donna, I just love these!
Have fun on your Time off!
Sandra Evertson


These drawings are goregous! They have such an antique, other-worldly appeal!~


Mrs Depp???
Okay, I need a comment from her sometime in early August.
I'll likely forget it's you!
Enjoy, and yes, keep us posted you crazy gal!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I wish I could draw like this! I am going to sit done and see what I can do. You have inspired me Donna!


P.S. I'll miss your posts!


If you plan to sell your art work, I may be interested in buy some for my little girls room!!! I am very serious!! Email me;-))

Check out my new site @;

It just may "bless your SOCKS OFF" (ever 'pun' intended).


Miss Maddie's

We will miss your delightful humor.
I for one will also miss the beautiful creations, the vintage finds and little ole you.
Take care in the meantime and have a happy 4th of July!!!
XO Susan

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