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August 16, 2008



Divine witches shoes! Rachaelxo

Present Past Collection

I love how you make such a "spooky" holiday look glamorous and divine! Such talent! Smiles, Heather


a sweetie as always....to post about our goods. I'm so happy I got my grubby paws on at least ONE shoe...and good thing I didn't have to steal yours.


What cute little witches shoes! So darling!


oh my goodness Donna of course they flew off the shelf!!!

Darling treasures you made:)

Thankyou for sharing with us all,



I totally agree with you on the first doll's face. She is so inviting and pleasing to look at. The crackle adds so much to her! Also, I love your photo collage and I just got Photoshop Elements yesterday...so I bet I can learn to do that too now!

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

I am kicking myself (ouch!!!)that I completely forgot about this!! I had planned to go and then we could have met too..........*more kicking*...look at all that deliciousness! What a success!!
**a bit more kicking**.
Well now that I am black and blue from all the self kicking....there is still another event in Sept.isn't there? somewhere?

A Fanciful Twist

I want your slippppers ;) What a blast!! I have to follow the links! xoxo


oh, what beautiful things! Those witch shoes are adorable! Love 'em!



i just want to get inside
this posting
and play with everything...


mostly these--->
Little Witches Slippers

Miss Maddie's

There is no better advertising than word of mouth from the Queen of Know.
Your presentation of other creators helps those of us too far away to share the beauty and be part of the magic.It is second best to being there.
We'll excuse you now as you prepare for Tinsel and Treasures, but don't forget a sneak preview before the show!
XO Susan

Du Buh Du Designs

I really like that second witch! I hope I get to see Colleen's work in person sometime. Welcome back:)

two crazy crafters

So glad to see you posting again! We missed you! Looks like you had a magically good time. Wish we could have been there too. Have a marvelous week! Twyla and Lindsey


wonderful goodies...thanks for sharing!!!


Queen of the Shmoo's here...God I love those little witchypoo slippers. I love them!!!!
HOw ya doin? I am in a new locale....
typepad now!


So fun and inspiring!


The shoes are adorable Donna!!
I see why they went flying out of the store.
Thanks for sharing,


Thank you for the Peek! Colleens dolls and Karens witch mules are FABU!! I'll go to Colleen's now to see if she has any photos of your work. Glad is was a huge success all the way around!

Karen from A`Musements

Ode to my Fairy GodSister (I'm trying to show some respect and not mention the vast age difference between us... ;-) wink, wink)
I don't know WHAT I have done to deserve your accolaids, but I can't THANK YOU enough for being so generous and posting my little offerings! Your compliments mean more than you could know... Thank you, Donna! (Now be a good girl, and hand over Johnny....)
Witch Shoe Tester
Sonic Broom Rider


sigh, you frivolous girls have all the fun! Seriously, so glad you had a great time with Sharon and Rodger, and lots of other wonderful friends. Love the shoes. Love them. Perfect for a Scottish Witch.:)
xo Lidy

Christine LeFever

Oh how adorable! Karen's shoes are the best and Colleen's dolls are fabulous!

Thank you for sharing!


Kris Franklin

How sweet is the face of that doll!! I just purchased some art from American Harvest the other evening. I was looking to see if there were any of your items or Sandra Evertsons'. I liked everything I saw. Ha
Glad it was such a good time.



Oh how fabulous! I want some of those witch shoes too!

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