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August 11, 2008



Hi Donna!
So nice to see a new post!Yeah!
Hope you were vacationing...
You have been missed.

Those china dolls are so darling:)

The party sounds like a lot of fun have a wonderful time!



Bonjour !^-^

Ooh the first doll is so adorable !

Your blog is always an enchantment^^



Oh I so wish I could be there..
it looks like a lovely party ..your pics just make my heart sing..
fondly, Deena

Ann-Denise Anderson

Oh Fabulous Donna,
I shall come by and take a gander, I can't wait to see the pretties you've created! I've missed your posts by the way!
~Hugs, Ann-Denise

A Fanciful Twist

How Exciting!!!! I wish I could go! heyyy, you didn't tell me you were back from your vacation!! xoxo


Just wonderful!


sigh...see what magic happens when you work (not at that other place but in your studio):)

Love love love. you, and all your creations. Wish wish wish I could visit all of you people over there and join the party. Rodger wrote me and said they have been working so hard, it's sure to be FANTASTIC!

xo Lidy


Donna, I agree with Sandra! Your work never fails! I wish I could be with you and Sharon on Saturday, but alas i have a roomful of students expecting me to teach... think I could find a clone???
Kisses and Hugs!

Country French Antiques

So glad to visit your enchanting world again!
Hope you hang around!!


Well it's about time...geeezze...I thought you'd never emerge again from the abyss. But now I can see why you've been MIA for so long. BEAUTIFUL goodies my Dear! Wish I could be there this weekend to see them all in person and join in the festivities but alas I'll be out of town. I'm planning on coming to your show in September.


Oh Happy day Donna!
You're back in the saddle of Blogland!
Your new work is Spectacular! All your disciplined efforts have PAID off BIG TIME!! I agree with Sandra, your work keep getting more and more magical! It will be a event at American Harvest!!

About Typepad. Something just finally got switched here and now the posting is back to it's normal speed. The other day (when I was having so much trouble) was when I was being switched to the new format!!

Hope you feel good today!

Debbie Schramer

I noticed you commented on Ulla's post on our movie!! So cute, I love the idea, too, of shrinking onesself down to fit into our house! We've dreampt of that many times!! Hope you'll visit our blogs; lots of pictures and some short clips about the movie there!!/ I love your blog; so beautiful!!!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I wish I could take a place and come to be at this great party ! Have fun ! Your creations are wonderful

Karen from A`Musements

Hours to post this time, huh? "No rest for the..." now what's the rest of that saying?! So glad you are 'back', if only for a moment...
Your things for American Harvest are divine, but of course!


ok, I'm officially jealous! Wish I could be there and see your beautiful creations in person! Have a lovely time Donna!

Christine LeFever

I'm sure it is worth the wait!


Karla Smith

Hello Ms. Lady Donna,

I'll be in Pleasanton the 21st to 26th of August, for the ZNE Convenzione. Do you think all the goodies will be sold by that time? Could be with your talent.

Karla Smith

Miss Maddie's

Your art is like fine wine it gets better as you age! Simply divine!
I came up from the dusty museum basement just to say hello.
Have a great time at AH and say hello to Sharon and Rodger for me.
XO Susan


You blow me away. Stunning, I wish I could go xoxoxo Clarice


Hi Donna,
Nice to have you back. Your new items are amazing, as always!!
I wish I didn't live 7 hours away.
I would drive right over.
I would love to come.
Maybe next time I visit my brother in San Ramon. I think it's nearby??
Have a great day!


pssst...I'll meet you there at 4 (am) and we can be there first, at the backstage door, and maybe get an autograph or two...hee hee...can't wait to see your new goodies IN PERSON!! They look gorgeous...but then again...that is nothing new. xoxo


If your going to be there, then I need to be there!


Always such loveliness here!


Ooooohhh!Lovely as always! And what a great party that sounds like!! Wish I could be there!


Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
Everything is just incredible as usual. I love it all! I got a invite to the Party wish I could be there, looks like so much fun. Pinkie


Wonderful pics!...just found your blog. Susannah x

Kris Franklin

Welcome back Donna!! It's been sooo sad looking at your blog listed as a favorite on mine and watching the weeks go by without seeing a new post. I love your new items and wish I could come to the party but alas I cannot as I am in little ole Texas. Guess you will be busy making the rounds to visit everyone soon. Stop by for a visit when you can.



Donna, where HAVE you been? i missed you so...i guess you have been busy whipping up goodies for the party...everything looks so gorgeous...and magical...i so wish i could be there!!!

jessi nagy

hey there donna,
wow, i wish i could come saturday. have fun!!
cute story too.


I guess it is true "It is not what you know it is who you know" Lucky me that I know you :) unlucky me that I am on the East Coast :(
Have a great profitable fun.

Boxwood Cottage

Oh such beauty that you have created Donna! Love it all!
Wish I could come!
Have fun!
Carol xox

LiLi M.

This looks fantabulous! But I'm affraid I have to pass this time, while I'm in Paris then! I'll check out a week or two later! Have fun!

Sandra Evertson

Oh Donna!
Your new pieces are DIVINE! Your work just keeps getting more and More Beautiful, if that Possible!
Sandra Evertson

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