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August 28, 2008



I'm coming with Tinsell and Whimsy! Can't wait to meet everyone!

Karla Smith

Hello Miss Donna,

Love the Top Hat indeed. I missed you in Pleasanton.... I drove up to stay with friends who live in Danville. Such a beautiful little town. Since I had just joined ZNE about a month ago, I also went to my first ZNE event. I had a delightful time with so many ladies in Pleasanton. The fun was endless and I feel friendships budding.

Wish I could drive back and meet you and say hello to all whom I admire at Tinsel and Treasures on September 13th.

My trip was filled with exploring towns, boutiques, stores, private studio's, and many talents artists during my adventure. ( I'll be posting all about that on my blog real soon.)

Working on catching up on many things with my computer, blog, art projects, life, etc. I came back inspired after a week away from home.

I'll be returning for another event with ZNE again and maybe one day we will meet in person.

Enjoy your artistic journey as you create. I truly enjoy all you share on your blog.

Warmly with Hugs,


Girl, I can totally see you in a little embellished 'wasp' waisted number! Who cares about Elton? Go for it! Can't wait to see you!!!

Sandra Lujan

Sounds like a great time wish I could go to the show.

LiLi M.

Great hat, I love it!!! We always say; keep your brains together (meaning don't do anything strange), so we could use such a hat too! Have fun!


It's Labor Day....
Bet I can guess what you are doing right now. Your corseted top hat is divine! Hope everything is coming together for your show. It will be so great!
from the
Queen of Clean.
I've go a crown to prove it!!


I just stumbled on to your site and I love it! The hat is gorgeous and I can only imagine a matching tuxedo :D


Wouldn't miss it! Can't wait to see what you ladies have been creating. I think I'm gonna need to raid the kiddies piggie banks before I come. I'm sure they owe me big time.

Ann-Denise Anderson

Ohhh D~
I recieved my postcard from Tinsels and Treasures today Beautiful work displayed! I am saving it for future posterity? sp??? LOL :) I love the top hat, of course the work is immaculate and I expect no less from you! LOL
Have a beautiful showing and may your art be fruitful and fanciful!
!Hugs, Ann-Denise

A Fanciful Twist

Oooooooooooooooooooo!!! How exciting!!!!! I wish I could go! xo


I will guess...creating crowning glories...perhaps some fit for a certain Pirate?
That's it I will now campaign for a move to California...never mind that it is 6000 miles from Europe...you gals and guys are having so much fun...Does it seem like most of the talent comes from California?


I love what you done with your "chapeau clac" Donna! I've never thought about decorating mine with Dresdens so far, but now you've got me new ideas!:)
Wish I could come to the show.
Have a fabulicious time!
Carol xox


Hello Ms. Donna-
I have the show on my calendar and, pending losts limbs or a burning house, I'll be there with the whole gang. I'll finally be able to put a face to the name. Looking soooooo forward to a creative mental health day. Until then...!


Hi Donna!
Love your blog... The hat is great!
Have fun at the Art Show:)



Hi Donna,
Sounds like so much fun. Wish I could be there. Love that top hat!! You are amazing, magical!!
Have a great weekend!


Love your blog Donna! I do craft shows too, and know how much work they are. I hope yours is a great success!

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that hat!!!
OK, THIS TIME I hope to be there! You WILL be there right???? I'll be the one wearing a disguise but I won't tell you what it is.
on another subject......the new Bachelor is Jason?


Donna, i hope your back is feeling better now...the show sounds like a lot of fun...i am SO loving what you did with that top hat, it looks fabulous!!!

Miss Maddie's

I think you'd look great in that tophat and tails. In fact you'd be the hit of the show if you showed up in such a swank outfit!
And if you turn it on it's top and reach inside what delight do you pull out of it? A furry little rabbit with a face like Johnny?? Ha Ha!
Hope that back is on the mend.
Enjoy the weekend!
xo Susan

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

What beauty fills my eyes everytime I visit. Ulla has been telling me all about the Danville show. It sounds like fun! Sorry I've been so absent. I'm just so busy right now.

Big Hugs!

Karen from A`Musements

Well I can hardly believe it... you have managed to recreate (are you psychic?!) the hat I wear every night when I take my two hour bubble bath... Needless to say, I'm a little disturbed, but then, who isn't.
(Notice that was a statement, and not a dangling something or other...)
I love what you create, but then you know that... I KNOW you and the rest of the uber-talented artists involved in "Tinsel and Treasures" will have an incredible show! I only wish I could be there to see "my" hat in person... (Tell Colleen to 'back off')
Roger R.'s old lady


Hi Donna...hope you had a wonderful summer. Glad to have you back!
Love the top hat...very elegant! I'm not sure "elegant" is the right word...but it is!!



Can't wait...it's going to be so much fun!! I am loving that top hat...I want first dibbs ;--)

Kris Franklin

How cute is that hat!!! You are so creative.


Karen Young

Donna, The hat is amazing.



ha, ha, that is a mighty fine top hat there Miss Donna!!! Rachaelxo

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