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September 25, 2008


Liberty Post Editor

Sooooo sweet.

Linda Harre

How precious! That certainly puts everything in perspective doesn't it? I too have a husband that leaves me notes......you gotta love it:D


Oh this absolutely melted me!!!
You really and truly are so very fortunate to have the support from your love and friend...your dear hubby :)
So precious...

Denise Elizabeth

Oh what a delightful blog and post. Blessings Denise

two crazy crafters

Does he know about Johnny?

Michelle Sylvia

You have yourself a "catch" madam.....A true gem. That is truly something Money can't buy. Priceless!


Lee W.



Hey the note was sweet but where's the coffee?...The cup is empty! NO, No, no, that won't due after a long evening in the studio!
alway..Running With Scissors

Christine LeFever

OMG! He is just like one of my greatest heroes, Simon Templar, The Saint who left little stick man pictures as his calling card. He had a halo on it too. Da do da da do da, ching, ch ch ching That was the jingle. Roger Moore starred and it was a TV show in the 1960's, based on the book by Leslie Charteris in the early 20th century. I even named my son Simon!



Oh, that's just the sweetest thing ever. Makes me tear up!


jenny fowler

that is so sweet donna. so sweet.

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
How romantic! Love the note Pinkie


aw, that is so sweet! I love a man who can appreciate his artist girl :)

Pamela Overmier

oh man what man what a man what a man, what a beautiful man. I think thats a song. Pam

debra schoch

been there done that.. and that's the 'best message' to get in those quite wee hours..


Oh....what a peach he is. You better keep him around a little while longer!


Hi friend,
It is a gift to have a partner like your husband! His note is a work of art in itself!

There is a special power in having a study rock of support to stand upon. To know that you are loved no matter what.

You are blessed!


Ok, if that isn't the sweetest thing ever. That's good for a year or so!! Trying to find a good spot for my crown but every time I do my 4 year old takes it for a round of dress up. Yikes!! Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that I have bestowed you with a little honor on my blog. Come see! Thanks for the hours of inspiration and smiles. XOXXO

Mary Ann

I just sent this link to my hubby. Here's hoping he understands why;) ha!


He is real keeper. Clarice

Gabriela Delworth


Was that Donna O. that visited my blog today? OMG!!! It's such a truly honor having you over.
Thank you so much!

~ Gabriela ~

LiLi M.

Aahhh so sweet....especially the 'hmm okay' part ;-)

Have a great weekend with stickman!

Nancy ~ fete et fleur

What a doll you're married to. I love the note!


tiffany~shabby scraps

so sweet!
BTW~ huge huge fan of your work!!
xoxo, Tiffany

Sharon WIdeman

Very sweet message!
You both a very lucky to have each other!
Cheers, Sharon


That is just tooo sweet.....he's a keeper!


Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

Karen from A`Musements

Yes, I know how to spell "wonderful"... I guess I was just excited (or rocking one leg... chellous).

Karen from A`Musements

What a sweetie... Ricky must be wondderful, Lucy. (And he must have lots of beads in his beard braids to compete and win so effectively over, well you know who...) Nice, nice man.

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

That just melted my heart........he's a keeper!!

Pictionary, heehee- "honey, what's that? A shoe? A boat?......."



I vote you keep him around a while longer !!

vintage flair

give that man a big kiss and tell him you love him too!

You are lucky to have such a sweet husband.


How lucky you are to have such a wonderful man in your life. And thanks for the warm welcome!


He's a keeper Donna! how sweet was that.....


Very sweet!!
How nice that you have such an understanding husband.
PS, I do too!

Karen Young

Donna, that is so sweet. He is definately a keeper


Unabashed Repetition

That is JUST the SWEETEST ever!!!


Something like this can make up for years of socks on the floor. So sweet! You lucky girl.


You are truly blessed. I know you wouldn't trade this man for anyone, all kidding aside. Not even Johnny.

xo Lidy

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