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September 17, 2008


Denise Fontaine

Thought I would stop by and see what the Queen is up to?


Queen of the Lasses...is it Drew Barrymore? She's pretty! That was a cloche call...you being trapped and all...

Jenni Bowman

Wow! Simply gorgeous work! I'm so glad to have found your blog. I think I'm going to link over to it from mine, if you don't mind!

Jenni B


So pretty--as so is everything in your blog...


Christine LeFever

What beauteous creation! It will keep you well contained, but surely not for long. Your energy flows where your attention goes, you know, and your imagination is tops!



Maybe I will try sticking myself under the dome too! There is so much to do, isn't there? Love your designs, as always, Donna.

xo moi

ps. if you run into my extra hours that I lost in my days, please return them asap.

Sandra Evertson

Fabulous photo! And love the little Scottish lass!
Sandra Evertson

A Fanciful Twist

Now don't come out, until you have sampled every cheese from around the world, and done all your work ;) xoox


Uh, huh I see how it is..too good for all of us..lol! Just Kidding..I Know the feeling..it'd be nice to have a secretary,maid, cook,etc to help out :) I'm so behind on my blogs too..but there are only 24 hrs in a day..
Your doll and bell jar are so pretty and pristine:)
p.s. your art show looked great!!


Soo know what you mean about the "catching up" business.
Oh goodness...and I am not the world's finest at keeping the focus on what I should be doing! For example...I ambled over here because I wanted to get a tissue...now I'm drooling over your beautiful work!! And I was in the middle of working on a new collar!!
Oh the "qheen of the lasses" is sooo gorgeous...as was all of the amazing treats you created for the show with the other ladies!!
Goodness...where do you find all the time! :)

Such a wonderful place to come by and get distracted though, I must say!


oh my goodness! She's BEAUTIFUL!!!

Julie Bergmann

Did somebody say cheese???? Oh how I love cheese! ....and...a "little" wine to go with it! ;)

Your art is magical Donna!

Julie Bergmann

kathy /vintageweave

Ok, this is just magical. I SO LOVE THIS!!!!!


Love your new piece!
I'm thinkin' the cheese wouldn't quite work with her...but don't you just love cheese?!

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy


She is beautiful...I adore everything about her.
Distractions...am I supposed to be doing something else? Oh!!!now I remember. Must get back to work!!!


Seems like we are always playing catch up. Lovely Lass under glass!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen Young

That is so pretty.


Country French Antiques

Kind of hard to keep at it with all these distractions around here.
Good Luck!
I have some catching up to do myself!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
Keep your hand down, your pencil sharp and the numbers in balance!! Doesn't that husband of yours ever give you time off for "good behavior"?


Lovely...busy lady!
Love the bell jar...the girl...and YOU!


You used my weakness in this beauty's dress - tartan. Love this, and remember All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Just ask Jack Nicholson.

LiLi M.

Mmm I think I might need a zinc bucket, the glass container wouldn't do the trick for me, as I am easily distracted just by seeing something else again. And oops there she goes another afternoon of writing and reading blogs and giving comments and waiting for the good will store to arrive to pick up some things we don't need anymore. Hey I'm not sitting useless here, i'm waiting!

Have a great time while you create and don't let yourself get distracted this time. I love that dome!


She's just lovely. Heather had posted photo's of the whole show...all of you gals...absolutely amazing!


Miss Maddie's

I love your creations, I treasure several but this my dear takes my breath away!That little touch of tartan ribbon makes her Scottish to the core.
Being that we are tied together by ancient blood I think you should send me 'A Princess of the Lasses' asap!!!!
ps Cheese is good, full of calcium.Not too much though you don't want to grow whiskers!
XO Susan

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