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September 29, 2008


Pearl Maple

Beautiful flowers of the windflowers and such a beautiful name for them too.

Always lots of eye candy and inspiration to be found in your blog space. Thank you for sharing.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I was just catching up on your blog. Your garden is looking much better than my dried up garden. I'll have to look for those moonflowers. If they're any thing like cosmos they would probably grow here.


They grow in my Southern Ca garden, but really get a little too hot. They wither on the ground (the leaves) but still bloom beautifully.

They actually prefer shaded spots in zone 9. love these, Donna.
xo moi


Your sweet little flowers welcome you in your beautiful garden. They are so delicate and pretty.
Happy Autumn Donna.
Thank you for your support during our transition.
I feel very happy now.


I would like to invite you to participate in a fun project for the kids...If you get a chance please check it out...
Think RED!


Ann-Denise Anderson

Lovely! Thanks to Zyrtec, I too can enjoy a wildflower or two! LOL
Hope to see you at Vanessa's Party, A Fanciful Twist, Oct 18! Wouldn't be a party w/o you! :)


Hi Donna! I love Autumn anemones as we call them! I´v got pink ones...but not that many!
By the way pop over to my place for my 100´d post Giweaway!!



I love those flowers, had not heard of them. How do you know what zone you are?
I must google my zone!!!
These are brilliant. Ethereal.

Michelle Sylvia


Thanks so much for sharing these with us! I haven't heard of these types of flowers! I am always looking for something new and different for my gardens and they will fit right in with the Zinnia's and Cosmos! I LOVE them. Your garden is spectacular!


The Anemone nemorosa aka Windflower is my current favorite white flower...my Mother has a big clump in her garden. In Denmark they bloom as early as July.
Yours is gorgeous...I, like you, adore white flowers in the garden. I love the way you photographed them.

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Windflowers...I love the sound of that name...so romantic!



Gorgeous Windflowers.In my Ohio garden we call them Japanese Anemones. Mind are pink and they spread like crazy.Very pushy.
They look delicate, but act like tough guys. I must admit I like the white ones best.

jungle dream pagoda

Wow !!! such pretty flowers and great pictures! I love that they go from being delicate and pretty to being cool and sculptural!
thx for visiting,so busy these days ,I wonder if I shall ever blog regularly again!!!!


Gorgeous! Blow some over here!

jenny fowler

i didn't know they were called windflowers. they are so lovely though. can you just imagine of garden full of only white flowers?! it would be close to the clouds!


Hi Donna,
These are new for me. I hadn't heard of these before. Very pretty.
I see why you like them.
Thanks for sharing,


They are gorgeous aren't they? But be warned you'll have to watch them or they will take over the whole border, I know I tunred my back on mine (for a couple of years) and they have spread everywhere.

Iva's Creations

Your photography is always stunning. I know it must take some time to post these, but I really do appreciate it. I used to have anemones growing in my garden in Memphis. I miss them. Just when everything was fading, they were coming up bright. Mine were purple though. And what a sweetie your hubby is with that beautiful note. Loved that. Don't work too hard!! Love and hugs...Iva

LiLi M.

Love your garden and your anemone's (as we call them) too. I have the pink variety, but I think the white is even better!

michelle cummings

oooh I just love your garden pics! so tranquil and peaceful...


These flowers are so beautiful and delicate !^-^


Gorgeous photos of "Honorine Jobert" Donna! Unfortunately mine wasn't blooming this year and I love her white color in the shade too. Luckily the soft pink anemone japonica's made up for them. I didn't know that you call them Windflowers in the US. Oh well one time in a month is surely not enough time to spend in your beautiful garden paradise.
I wish you a wonderful autumn season! Carola xox

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

Those flowers are so beautiful, the name alone is beautiful! If only I had such splendor in my garden....well ANY splendor in my...oh let's face it...it's a weed infested lot. I go out there and stand with my eyes closed and imagine what it COULD be. Now I'll be imagining windflowers.
I need to find a handsome landscaper to come create magic out there and THEN i can watch him work. It would be a total win win, don't you think? ;)

Miss Maddie's

The answer is blowin' in the wind.Sounds like a song so get your dancin' shoes on it's Monday and that means Dancing With The Stars.
So how did I go for seeing your beautiful flowers to a TV show you ask?
Well I thought with all the doom and gloom out there we could use a little light-hearted entertainment. After all three words into the post I was lookin' for your gardener Johnny but he must have slipped down the rabbit hole.Speaking of rabbit hole, they start shooting Alice In Wonderland in November.
And for anyone wondering why I'm talking about Alice In Wonderland, it's starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.Now that's ENTERTAINMENT!
xo Susan


i know nothing
of this charming wind*flower.
beautiful and leggy like a model
it would seem.


what i DO love ~BEST~
that little note
to you, artist girl,
from your husband,

i must say,
i just love that
of thing.

the thing you could not Make happen
and then



{{ isn't life great sometimes? }}


What beautiful flowers. This time of year saddens me as all of the gorgeous flowers are fading and looking rather sickly. It's nice to see some flowers that are blooming now. Love them.


Christine LeFever

They are breathtaking. What a lovely photographer you are, Donna.



Donna, you have the most stunning garden. Clarice


they blooms look like my Snow Drop Anemones but mine are like Sue's.... much shorter... a foot tall would be the limit and most are shorter than that...


Beautiful flowers Donna. They just soften the garden don't they?!
And I really loved your hubby sweet note in the previous post. He really loves you, Donna!

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy

Present Past Collection

Oh Donna! These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Your garden is beautiful even when it's slipping into Autumn.


Those look spectacular in your garden. And to further answer Holley's comment ... Yes, they grow in zone 9. I've got 'em in my zone 9 garden. BUT they don't get anywhere near that large and spectacular as Donna's blooms. And in my garden, they like part shade rather than full on sun, they're small and shy in zone 9 (at least in my zone 9 garden). They are still quite pretty though. So you should try them Holley and see what you get.



So pretty. I agree, white blooms or even variegated foliage are perfect in the shade. Wonder if these will grow in zone 9?

Country French Antiques

WOW, those are beautiful! I've never heard of them, but would love to get some next year.
Your photos are fantastic!
Take a pin to work with you.

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