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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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September 02, 2008



Hello, I love so much your photos !!!

It's beautifull !!!

More a later


PS : excuse my english !!!


Those are very cute!

Christine LeFever

Oh my but what a lot of beautiful art will be there! Scrumptious indeed; would that I could but I can't so I won't. You rock, Ms. O!

C, who makes the sign of the Zwee!!!!


Oh my, I can barely wait to see all your treasures... Pink has always been a Hallow color for me! Lovely!

Tracy M.

OK those dolls are creepy, great for Halloween;)

Sandra Lujan

Beautiful as usuall!!
love all your work!


I think if Halloween was more RED and black I'd like it better....just not an orange person. Looking forward to the show!

Tinsell and Whimsy

Ah.ah ah...choose!

I love them all......all that them thar be. Arrrrgh...love the pirate in you.......that spirit of adventure in all you do!
Be it pink or black, orange or green.....I loves them all in between. See you at the show!

Meadow Street

love your work!! I'll have to check out that show.

A Fanciful Twist

Can I kindly come live amongst your treasures??? i won't be too loud. I will behave and wear a mask. I might giggle at midnight, but that is all. What do you say?? xoxo

vie chaotique

It's just not fair - you girls on the west coast have all the fun!!

Sylvia Anderson

I can't wait to see all of your fabulous new creations next Saturday! It's going to be a magical time for all! :) The countdown begins...


Hi Donna,
Please tell your little friends, they will be getting the best dressed award at the Tinsil event!
Your hard work has paid off!! The Verdi box's are fab! and your little ladies are beautiful too!!!


Yes...Why orange and black? That´s a "difficult" combination for me anyway. Love Your colours on the creations in this post! I´m sure all Your creations are sold emmidiately!
I haven´t been much of a visiter commenting on other blogs either lately...have to catch up on that !
Have a great weekend!!


Lee W

I just stumbled across your blog- and love it! All of your creations are so inspiring!


Good luck with the show ...oh, you don't need any luck! Your creations are beautiful, fantastic, true works of art! I can't wait to see more!

Iva's Creations

The excitement is building! So glad your little dolly took off the blindfold. She won't want to miss any of your beautiful pieces! Look forward to all the fun!!
Love and hugs...Iva


oh my goodness! SO many gorgeous things, I love the soft and glitteryness with the black, a beautiful combination! And your dolls are so beautiful!~


Your dolls are beautiful! Wow

Present Past Collection

Hi Donna,
I'm coming up to visit the show with my Sweet Girl and to take some magazine scouting shots. Looking forward to meeting you and the other talented artists! Smiles, Heather


Can't wait to see what beauty you have conjured up. oh and hey...wanna share a room?? ;--0


Wonderful Donna! Rachaelxo


Oh Donna, just getting a peek at what's to come has me hunting for the Visa card. Can't wait for the show.


I love, love, love your creations! You are my new idol!! Your blog is so much fun!!


Awwww. Have fun!
She is adorable.

Miss Maddie's

All that glitters is not gold,
But these delights my heart have stold...
(I know that's not a word but it sounds good and anyways we're not playing Scrabble)
Enjoy the Show I am sure the darling in pink will be a hit!
xo Susan


These dolls are so lovely^^


She is a fabulous creation!


Oh, I just love your little dolly. She is beautiful. And your crowns are wonderful. I wish you much success at the show.

Have a great day, Donna!
Hugs, Nancy

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

Black & Orange.....pink & white....black & pink.....whatever the colors your work is beautiful!
I'll see you there!!! Maybe I'LL wear a mask!
p.s. Don't worry about visiting blogs and emails etc.....in due time, in due time!

Sandra Evertson

Love it! Have fun at your show!
Sandra Evertson


Hi Donna,
Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog!!
I really appreciate it coming from such a talented artist as yourself!
I love the orange and black, but I also love the pale peachy shades as well!
Wish I could come to the show!


Oh that pale blush, is my favorite color. xoxox Clarice

LiLi M.

Aaaahhhh I'm drooling away behind my desk....................................

(never heard from LiLi since)


*pink girl waving*


Donna, your pinked up girl is just gorgeous...you tell her i would choose her first over something orange and black any day...and to always be proud to be pink!!!

feel better soon please!!!

Country French Antiques

Love your posts and beautiful photos, as always!!!!

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