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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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October 18, 2008



Drats! Missed it. Your crown is amazingly gorgeous. yes it is. Just like everything else you do.
xo Lidy


Ah! So beautiful!~


Oh my stars - that crown is amazing and I think it totally SCREAMS Vanessa! Wonderful.

LiLi M.

Mmm making a reminder post about winning that fab price and don't leave any space to comment....girl I don't know if I can ever uncross my fingers, arms, legs and toes by Friday 5.00 pm, your time...

Susan Bartolucci

Visiting the party late........my horses turned into mice and I was out a carriage too.........had to take a yellow cab.......bage..... that is! UMMMMM did you know I changed my name to Vanessa, and the name of my blog too? So, in my best pirate voice.....send the fluffy, frilly booty this way!
This crown is to die for....but someone else, of course not me! (Aside to Donna.....Getting around this party is taking a long time.......does everyone here have T one lines?)


That crown, oh my gosh, is the most elegant thing EVER!!!

Ann-Denise Anderson

As always you stun me! Miss V is going to look so Donna "O" in this!
Happy Halloween!
~HUgs, Ann-Denise


Happy HalloVeen!!!
I have been gone for a long weekend.
Just catching up!!
Beautiful crown Donna!!


Hi Donna,
Again, another fabulous crown! Such gorgeous work!
Happy Hallo'vee'n!

Amy Bauer

Be still my beating heart. It's VEE-licious! She'll lo~V~e it. - Amy Bauer

LiLi M.

That tiara! I'm drooling (still have everything crossed though). You inspired me to have my own Hallolileen party! Thanks! Happy HalloDeen party to you!


What a beautiful crown :)

Happy early Halloween

Sandra Evertson

Oh that lucky girl! She will be THRILLED! Can it be that your pieces just get more beautiful!
Happy Halloween!


Vanessa deserves a boo-tiful crown
for her amazing hosting at our

Fleur de Bee

STUNNING!!!!!!! I want one for ME! LOL! Vanessa's parties are soo amazing I agree!!


A Beautiful gift to give to our gracious and talented Vanessa. Happy Halloveen.


How VVVery cute.

Daydreamer :)

What a wonderful gift! You do such lovely work! Vanessa is one lucky girl.

Happy nightmares,
Daydreamer :)


I love the crown and it is soooo Vanessa. I think it will take days to visit all these wonderful posts. Yours is always so enchanting. Happy HalloVeen. Karen


Vonderful, vonderful. Hey...isn't that what Lawrence Welk used to say?

Beautiful crown for a fitting queen.


valarie kraft

Oh how wonderful...it looks like it was made for me.."Valarie"...a crown to die for!!


Oh, Happy Hallo"V"een! That is a lovely crown, I'm sure Vanessa will love it. You have a wonderful banner by the way. Happy Haunting,


I'm in love with Vanessa's tiara!! How gorgeous and so "Very Vanessa". You are truly an inspiring legend Miss Donna!!



EEEKKK!!! Just got back in town from seeing Autumn in upstate NY and I'M LATE for the party. I'm throwing on my finery as fast as I can and rushing over to Vanessa's right now.

The Decorated House

Hi Again~
The crown is so gorgeous!
Purely delightful. I'm so happy to be partying with you. Of course this time of year you are one of the most fun people to party with!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Happy Halloveen to you dear Donna! I love, adore, drool over that crown. Miss Vanessa is so very lucky.

Big Hugs!


Tiara!!! What great treasure..Vanessa is one lucky girl...
Happy HalloVeen!!
come on over to my place and sit up a spell.

two crazy crafters

That is quite possibly the pretties crown I have Ever seen! Vanessa is a lucky girl. Have a very Happy Halloween, O' Talented One! Twyla

inge Bekaert

lucky queen Vanessa !!

greetings from Belgium




Lucky, lucky Vanessa...I can tell that she loves your gift. Your crowns are glorious...you are the master crown maker. Now I mean that...I am not just kissing up because of the giveaway in the previous post. Mo'a the uncrowned queen...living with fingers crossed.

Pumpkin Pink Cottage

I love love love crowns and that one is smashing, I love it...hugs, lisa

Kathryn - Collage Diva

The tiara is gorgeous!

If your head is spinning from all of the spells at the various parties, swing by my place for some brain tonic and three witches brew. Vincent Price is waiting to read you a story. Do stop by!

Happy {early} Halloween!


Hello Donna,
I haven't been able to attend the party but I'm sure that Vanessa will be thrilled with that crown, it is so her.
Carolyn x

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my! That's the "V"ery best crown that I've ever Veen...errr I mean seen!
Happy Hallow E'en!

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

Woweee WOw WOW....what a very lucky V! Just look at that royal confection!! What a boo-tiful gesture and a nice "D"eed. Only as YOu can do it oh queen of crowns.....
Now keep your mits of my gypsy wagon!!!
um, I mean happy partying!! ;)


OhMyWings- what a sweet corset-type tiara! That rocks! Vanessa will love that and so well deserved for all her creative & hard work she put into her party! I still wonder how she got that piano outside tee hee hee!
I'm Blog Hopping from Vanessa's "A Fanciful Twist" Party <{:O)
Stop by my place too... I'm having a couple of give-aways!
Have a bootiful day!
Be Enchanted!


What a lovely crown!!!!!
Great post!~

Laura Bray

What a beautiful crown. I'm off to investigate the rest of your blog! I'm playing too-please visit!


truly Vonderful - as only you could make it - Donna the DeLIGHTful...

xox - eb.

Gabriela Delworth

Happy Halloween, Donna!

Thank you so much for your royal visit. OMG!!! What a fantastic crown for Vanessa! She deserves it 100%!

~ Gabriela ~

Country French Antiques

You are too talented!!
Lucky Vanessa and
Happy HalloVeen

A Fanciful Twist

WHAT?????????? Wait, what? wait, am i reading this right? No it can't be??? Is this the most glorious HalloVEEN? Please tell me I am dreaming. I am fainting, where is my pirate when I need him????? YOU are OUtrageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo


That tiara rocks! Happy Halloween.


A very fitting crown for the queen of blog parties! Hope to see you dancing round the bon fire later this evening!

Linda Crispell

Vonderful crown!!!!


Exquisite tiara!!!! I happen to just love the "V"!!! Hope Vanessa adores it....if not I know someone that would!!!

Miss Maddie's

Simply darling! Evocative, tantalizing and mesmerizing, just like the gal it's made for!
xo Susan


That tiara is to die for! You outdid yourself....!


Hi Donna!

What a wonderful gift for Vanessa:)

Glad we could all get together for a HalloVeen party!

Don't forget to stop by for a pumpkin muffin.


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