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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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October 30, 2008



I have no words your blog is breath taking.


Your work is soo beyond gorgeous!!!! Oh my goodness!
It is like peering into a royal family's crown jewels...takes my breath away, really.

Joelle DeNardo

All your designs are Beautiful!
They are of my truest form of inspriation.
I LOVE everything about your blog!
You have a beautiful family & great creative friends all around you.
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work... It all truely inspires me.
Thank You.
Best Wishes ~
Joelle XO

Jan Ely

Gorgeous stuff, Donna! Love the birds on the wreath and crowns!


Donna ~ everything you make is so old world / elegant / whimsical! You do it all girl!


I would if I lived up there!!!
Have fun!

robin dudley-howes

You are so incredibly talented! What a treat to find your beautiful blog with all the eye candy. when you get a moment, stop by my pad!


Glitter OVERLOAD! I love it


You are "The Queen of Dresden." Will you ever be bringing your jewels to the east coast? So beautiful! Terri

A Fanciful Twist

Your creations are unreal lovely Donna!! I know this first hand ;) And can I just say how outrageously authentic and beautiful and incredible your work is!! It feels like you are holding an antique perfectly kept item... You are so amazing, the magic fingers I tell ya!!

I know what you mean, Chritmas all of a sudden, hahaha!! xoxo, V


Gorgeous all of it! So stunning.


Gorgeous Work! I was treated to a trip to American Harvest in April and it was amazing!

Trisha  Evans

Your Christmas Glass Theatre is breathtaking - as are all of your things! I am always inspired!

Susan Bartolucci

That's right we were there..at the One and Only American Harvest......but I think the Ribboned Crown aliens had landed and took your pieces hostage. The store looked amazing, and I bought myself birthday presents from everyone I know!

gillian at indigo blue

Such sparkly wonderful wonders!~ Happy day!!! How ya doin you? Busy I see!~

Lee W.

wow- such amazing goodies.


WOW simply gorgeous!


Hey Donna, Sue, I and Lisa were there today...Girl you may have sold out! What a great store!

Prairie Home-Sherry

So Inspired!!!!Amazing AGAIN!!!!
Fabulous.... Tattered Vintage!!!


Oh my goodness! So decadent! Your blog is always such a pleasure :)


OH how I'd love to be there. You're pieces are stunning as always! Deppinately.


Oh Donna...your pieces are beautiful! So pretty...

Hugs, Nancy

Christine LeFever

Enchanting and magical and beautiful as always, Ms. O!

C ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!


You new work is excellent Donna!
Everything is marvelous, especially your theater!

Happy Halloween!



Donna, You keep outdoing yourself! Truly I am speechless - without words... Stunning! BRAVO GIRL!!!

Lisa Kettell

You are beyond brilliant, these crowns, the top hat, the framed piece, are all gorgeous, they just made my Halloween feel even more regal!
Magic and Joy!


Beautiful Donna!!
Have a fun time. Wish I could come shopping.
Happy Halloween, and Merry Christmas!


Dear Donna, I never get sick of looking at your work. xoxoxo Clarice

Susan Bartolucci

Ummmmmmm.......ahhhhhhhhh.......oooooooooooo (audio commentary on your work.) Need I say more, your pictures are worth a 1000 words!

I can't quite let Halloween go though.......I bought some fangs today..........and I hope someone notices!

Stacey Newton

Everything looks so very stunning... I love your work - It's so elegant and whimsical. Maybe one day I'll get a chance to see it in person!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my! Everything is absolutely gorgeous! If I weren't working my butt off for a show here the following weekend I'd head up there for yours!

Sylvia Anderson

Fabulous Donna!! And I was lucky enough to see your pretties in person when I was there on Wednesday. Yep, I am sure your creations will be some of the very first to go...they are all amazing! :)


Everything looks so pretty! I love the Snow queen !


Everything looks so pretty! I love the Snow queen !


Beautiful, beautiful, and may I say beautiful! Your site has definitely got me in the Holiday spirit! I'm booked on Saturday but maybe Sunday I'll swing by AH to see youe new pieces...although I'm sure they'll gone by then...sigh...

Miss Maddie's

Like them, I love them!
The celadon green blossom accents are gorgeous.Did I tell you my sitting room is that color?
I'm tellin' ya gal you get better with age.They are sooo Victorian.And the snow queen creation, well we have snow up here.
I'm going to email Rodger right now!!!
xo Susan

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

P.S. I realy need one of these!



Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I am dazzled by the glories of your creation. Donna these are truly spectacular! You're amazing.



those look just gorgeous Donna!!! one of these days i SWEAR i am going to get to American Harvest and see all of the wonder from you and the other artists in person!!!

LiLi M.

Oooh you made some great stuff, I love it!


Here we are awaiting the coming of the one and only Sinterklaas (St. Nicolaas he is the original). He comes aprox. half november and stays with us until his birthday December 5th. His birthday is celebrated by giving lots and lots of presents all accompagnied by poems that teach you something. And some of the presents are creatively wrapped, a presents that looks like a plant for your aunt with green fingers. Your hubby gets a present that looks like an I phone. Your daughter a present that looks like a robot and the poem says that she has to use this one in stead of her mother to clean up her room. Do you get the picture? Now it's not done to have any Christmas decoration before the holy man leaves the country. So betweem making these packages and making about a 100 poems (as I'm one of Santa's official helpers) I will get loads of inspiration. Thank you!


Oh how lovely!! It all looks so wonderful. I have made several purchases from American Harvest. I'll have to check them out again to see what is available.


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