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October 05, 2008



those crowns and boxes are wickedly lovely! And the glitter--wow--beautiful!


I love your egg cups. Here in our house we actually use egg cups most every morning. It is so hard to find good egg cups here in the US. So we buy them when we travel in Europe.
I should be writing this on your giveaway post LOL Well I will just do that...never pass up a good giveaway :)


Sparkle trumps matte any day. Love the egg cups. Where do you find all these lovely pieces?


Reminds me, appropriately enough for the spooky holiday season, of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. You're just an egg and then POOF, you're a sparking pumpkin. Where did you find brown pumpkins? Or are they brown from the glitter? They're really sweet. So, I guess they're not evil pod people after all.


Genius....just plain genius I tell ya!


You are just too funny! I love the new CEO's ...feel a little sad for those eggies! I've totally missed blogland!


So magic !^-^


Du Buh Du Designs

Beautiful glass glittered pumpkins!!


That's my kinda hostile takeover! Of the sparking variety!!

Thank you for your good thoughts Donna. All is well. My mom had a good report.



Jenni Bowman

Hehe. You're too cute! I love the pumpkins. What a nice change for Fall!

Iva's Creations

As always, you are wonderfully silly and oh-so stylish!! And, I have to add, quite clever. The pumpkins are so festive. After all, no one likes a rotten egg...and you know there's one in every bunch!! ;-)

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

I am sure that is "eggsactly" what those pumpkins had in mind. They met in their "oval" office until they "cracked" a plan. What "shell" the eggs do now? They sure as heck don't think it was a funny "yoke" at all. AND I don't think they'll roll "over easy"...you may want to keep an eye out for a pumpkin vs. egg "scramble".
In the meantime the pumpkins are absolutely lovely and sparkly. They really "carve out" a wonderful Fall display.


Oh those eggs didn't stand a chance did they?


Gorgeous Donna! And always an entertaining story!

I'm clearing out the last of my glittered pumpkins, thank goodness. Now I have to concentrate on snowmen, santas, and valentines!


Wow, how fantastic!!!!~

I love take~overs like this!

Linda Harre

Donna.....You are so silly!!!! Love the take-over!!!!!

Lee W.

my glitter is calling me right now... those poor little eggs much be so jealous.


That was hostile! TKO


No one, and I mean "NO ONE" does decorating humor with style as good as you do my dear!!!!! PRICELESS!!!! Cannot wait to see the rest of your seasonal decor!


Holy ovulation! Where'd ya get those cups anyway? Does Marie know? I'll bet she lost her head over that!


Resistance is futile!


Oh Donna! A beautiful way to display the fall season...love that idea! Can hardly wait to see Christmas! You have me curious...

Take care.
Hugs, Nancy

Prairie Home-Sherry

Love your style!!!Vintage brought into a whole new way......Nothing Predictable....Love it!!!!!
Amazed as always!!!!

Susan Bartolucci

Ahoy.........when I saw mutiny I went immediately to my pirate name generator to find out the names of those in the lead. It seems those salty dogs that led the raid on the egg cups were none other than Cap'n Hubert Fancypants and Fruitless Helga Dregg. I be thinkin they need to walk the pumpkin pie plank. In the meantime I will enjoy another one of your creative and wonderfully innovative posts. Thank You!
(PS to Donna........the Kobitos are gone........they were not quite right for prime time.....)


Hi Donna,
Very pretty pumpkins!!


I love the tiny glittery pumpkins. Eggs be damned.


if the egg cup fits....definitely wear it... or at least sit in it.


That is toooooo adorable!


What a perfect little display! Sorry eggs! I just posted some glittered pumpkins too.

Miss Maddie's

Wow a little glitter sure goes a long way!
Now you could have used the eggs and the pumpkins to bake a pie but then that would end up being too many calories. Those pumpkins are sinfully rich though.
xo Susan

LiLi M.

big smile!

(those eggs wouldn't have been defeated that easily if they were wearing at least some glitter after the latest fashion. This will teach them and everybody! Girls it's time to shop and to fill your wardrobes with the latest fashion, otherwise....)


One can not fight glitter xoxoxo Clarice


Those poor defenseless eggs! Did you have to enlist the help of all the king's horses and all the king's men?

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