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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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October 12, 2008


Miz S

I'd done a web search for fancy party crowns and found serendipity.
Ohhhhh Donna they're beautiful..
I love your blog.. Miz S

Viv (VivLyn)

What lovelies!!! Great giveaway!


OMG these are just lovely!

Lynne Laura

Did I squeeze in at the last minute or did I miss out on the drawing?

Beautiful post!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


Donna I love your art huge fan! :)


I love the crowns!! I'm keepinng my fingers crossed!!

Deb Hodge

Ooooohhhhhhh.... I hope, I hope, I hope.....
I'm so im love with your blog!!
XOXo Deb Hodge


I'm riddled with anxiety :o) ...Come on 5:00...

Celestial Charms

Your V crown takes the cake. Lovely and very inspiring.


I want to throw my hat (bat) into the ring on your fab giveaway!!


How did I find your fab blog at just the right time? Must've been magic!! (...which is a good word for your creations, too!)

Thanks for your bewitching generosity,


these are gorgeous. Everything you do is just amazing.


Love, love, love your blog. What fantastic stuff!!!

Keep smiling,



I happened upon your blog while roaming around the crafty blogland.

That crown's amazing! :) I bet Miss V loved it!

Drusilla, victorian vampire of Joss Whedon's imagination, would probably kill (quite literally, I'm sure) for that crown too! :)


Donna, your creations are stunners as always!!! i would LOVE to win one of your lovely prizes:)


Bewitching little devil isnt he? Love, love, love your work...inspires me so!


Did I already leave a comment here? I took a few peeks ahead and then realized that was crazy, I'd never remember who I visited and I resigned myself to visiting alphabetically. Glad I made it back here. Love your creepy...,er, lovely goodies.

Country French Antiques

Such an evil little thing is he!!

Country French Antiques

The Devil made me do it!!!!

Country French Antiques

So how many times can we enter? Is this like HGTV's dream home, once a day?
I really want something you made dammit!!!

Country French Antiques

Okay, well this just tells you how far behind I am.
That Devil is always calling me!

Monica of Ivy's Porch

What amazing pieces. Glad I came across your beautiful blog.


Wow! Please enter my name in your amazingly devilish giveaway!

Joanne Kennedy

What a cool giveaway! I love Halloween and I love vintage things so of course I love this giveaway!



i just found your blog and it's like coming home! i love your art work! i'm definitely bookmarking it!


i just found your blog and it's like coming home! i love your art work! i'm definitely bookmarking it!


You are truly AMAZING!
I absolutely love visiting your blog!

jessi nagy

hey sweets!!
you are no devil! i think you are an angel with giant wings!!!


Oh what hauntingly elegant pieces you have made to share with all of us. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.


Carol Casey


Wow, I would love these. Your work is beautiful!


michelle cummings

what a fun give away!
Sorry I'm late in dropping by! It's taking me awhile to work myself through the party list!
you have a wonderful blog!
Feel free to stop by to say Hi! I'm having a fun give away!

Colleen Cavanaugh

What a great giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.


Beautiful work!


Such beautiful crowns!
I'm such a fan of your work!


What a great giveaway for Halloween, count me in : )


Spellbinding!! Your lovely creations always bewitch me.

Thank you for inspiring us with your beautiful work!



Penny Nelson

First time to your blog and it is wonderful. Your style is funky sylish and I like it. Look forward to seeing more of your talent. Thank you.


Temptation in black and white, edged in gold -- I'm whistling in the dark over here for luck!


Ooooh! The graphics on that sheet music are to die for!! (No pun intended..) What lovely boxes..
Happy Halloween!


Donna, you always have the coolest items on your blog. I just love your crowns.

Happy Halloween! Ariane


Wow beautiful creations. Pick me pick me!
Happy Halloween.

Trisha  Evans

I have never really been a big fan of halloween but your pieces are making me see things differently. I am inspired!


Trick or Treat! What a lovely treat,
anyone who wins would surely be a
very happy soul! Please enter me!

Fleur de Bee

Your work is just STUNNING! I would be honored to win even a photo of it for myself! (I never win a thing sadly but I love doing giveaways lol!) I want a crown just like Vanessas! WOW! I love all the Gold! it is very me! Nice to see another designer working so much with it! Truly talented you are!!

nice to meet you!

Miss Maddie's

My hand is cramped just from scrolling down to read all these posts!
I think you've put a spell on US!
If I have more than one comment does my name go in the hat that many times? In the words of Arnie, "I'll be back"!
xo Susan


I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I love your poetic word.

Take care.
Lise from Switzerland

Cottage at Dove Canyon

I love the crowns and that sheet music is just to die for! Simply fabulous!

Debra Schoch

oh my !! Cannot turn down a chance to win any of these fabulous creations..admire your work always! thanks for all the eye candy!!


Such a gorgeous crown. I love your creativity and sense of fun!! Karen


Oh to win....please pick me! : D



OMG!!! This is just beautiful!
I would be a happy person if I won this! karen....

laura thompson

donna- love your work-what a treat to win a crown-hope your halloween is full of treats-laura

Natalie at FL Home Blog

Flying by to partake of your ghoulish goodies and enter my name into your BOO-tiful giveaway!

The Decorated House

Hello Donna~
It's so good to see you and your creations. Now I'm going backwards to see that lovely crown again. Backwards... heee perfect
for Hallo veen!

Donna, too :)

inge Bekaert

I have sheetmusic too, but not with such titles !!!

great what you made of it!

greetings from belgium

Katherine McCullen

Your crowns are very bootiful, dahlink! I've missed your art!

Love and toadstools,
Witch Alberta

calamity kim

WoW! What a wonderful gift to be giving away! I love the crown but the box is a gorgeous gift by its self! I am going to be back soon! Thank you for visiting me! Isn't Vanessa wonderful!


Simply stunning crowns!
Lovely pieces of art.


Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees,
"Tonight is Halloween!"

Have a good one.

two crazy crafters

As ALWAYS Donna, Your crowns are FABULOUS!
Happy Halloween!


Oooh, these are just awesome! Where ever did you find that sheet music?

Kathryn - Collage Diva

What gorgeous giveaway items. Oh what a lucky person to receive them!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my goodness! You put that pitchfork away!


Oh my, what a super scrumptous giveaway!!! please count me in!

Laura Bray

YOur work is amazing! The best crowns I have ever seen!


yes - I have been scarce as well - BUT LOOK what YOU have created!!! - oh me oh my this is lovely - so glad that I came by...

xox - eb.




What beautiful creations! I've just found your blog, thanks to the fabulous Halloween party!

I love the vintage scores! They add such a fun touch.


Oh my. I am surfing back through my archives to pay a visit to anyone who visited or commented on my blog in the last few months (as I try to do frequently) and here you are with a wonderful giveaway. This looks just so cool.

Sherry Goodloe

I can see myself wearing that crown in to *the day job* and having everyone bow to me as I pass by! LOL

Viv (VivLyn)

All 3 are simply wonderful!! Please throw my name in the hat for the giveaway!! Thanks!!

Pinkie Denise

Oh you are so devilicious! I love your beautiful creations...Pinkie

Sandy Lemasters

Donna...Even if I don't win, I have to have a piece of the ribboned crown! I Simply drool over your work!!!!!!


Tracie~My Petite Maison

Everything you touch becomes a beautiful piece of art. It's like looking in a treasure chest full of jewels. Please count me in for the giveaway. I'm off to gaze around a bit!

Kelly Jones

Gorgeous! I Would love a little luck to pass my way, and for my name to be drawn for these gorgeous pieces! I Loooooove your work! As Rachel Zoe(famous fashion stylist to the stars) says, "I Die! I D-I-E"!


Jill Harms

OOPS, forgot to leave my email: Jill Harms, harms.jill@gmail.com

Jill Harms

I am new to the blogging world, but adore your blog!! Your work is amazing!! I would love to own one of your fabulous crowns!!!


so glad you're back to creating! Your blog is looking so beautiful-- count me in!~


Oh Donna...I would love this...it matches my house so perfectly! You are amazing! xo Shannon

robin dudley-howes

Wow! One never knows what lurks on anothers blog! This is my first visit to your lovely blog. You are very talented. I found you via the Gilded Lily.



Oh please enter me in your giveaway! I just love your creativeness!


Love it!!
The name Sanenella's ~ Devils workshop! Fabulous!! And of course your crowns. Such elegant "spookiness" creative work you share!
Off to tend to my cobwebs!



What an amazing find!! They are spectacular as are the creations which are always lovely!!


What a beautiful crown Donna. I enjoy reading your blog. :)
Take care,

Jayme L.

It was fabulous to check in and see all the dark side goodies - and a give away too! I'm so inspired by all you do. My Halloween decor would be much nicer with some of your beautiful art. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Halloween!


This is such a wonderful giveaway and your blog is beautiful!


I read the Victoria article and had lost the issue but (luckily) stumbled across your blog site this morning and OH THE JOY! Your work is gorgeous and pure artistry.


I just found your blog.....LOVE IT! Love the Halloween goodies you made.

Teresa McFayden

Wow, what a rare and delightfully creepy giveaway! I hope you pick me (with a pickle fork, not a pitchfork). I'm poster 100!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Love, love , love it all!

I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.


Pamela Overmier

Oh my goodness! Wouldn't one of my dolls or teddies love a crown? They might fight over it! Teddy and doll wars at night in the doll cupboard, what a fright that might be! I'd have to ask them all to take turns and be polight.
Polite. Pull-ite. Pam

Lee W.

I would be so grateful to win some of your goodies. I think the sheet music is awesome!

tuto newman

beautiful coronation gift.
crossing fingers, arms, boobs,and legs.


Your creations are just magical..I can't wait to see what's in store for christmas!
I enjoy everyday checking in with you...Thanks you!

Karen Eileen

Oh MY!! Sign me up!! it may have been a month, but you haven't lost your touch..... Hugs, Karen Eileen

Liberty Post Editor

Ouch! Was that a pitchfork in my butt? Please send gifts to Canada!

two crazy crafters

What lovely gifts! I would be so honored to receive one of your treasures. Have a beautiful day. Twyla


Not too fond of vampires or devils myself, but definately a fan of you. Grandma is doing fine, I'm calling for daily updates on the little darling when I don't see her in person. (I guess I have to give the little family some "alone" time!)
Great work...xo Lidy

Jenni Bowman

Oh my, oh my, oh my! I would be so excited if I won. Your work is GORGEOUS!!

Jenni B


Fabulous, wonderful giveaway... count me in!! LindaSonia(baddabinda@yahoo.com)

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