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October 25, 2008


le petit cabinet de curiosites

Love hands and its symbol !


Hee! So glad I found your blog through Heather of Audrey Eclectic! Love this post about "my boyfriend". I just love that man of mine!


Where are my manners? Congratulations to the other winners :)


WOW!!! I am speechless. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am. I am indeed a lucky, lucky girl/woman/queen ;) who now will have her very own crown!!!
Thank you my dear...I have been away from my computer for several days...such a lovely surprise to come back to. For one who is speechless I sure can ramble on.

Miss Maddie's

Some girls have all the luck! Congrats to them all, they will be thrilled with the goodies!
If Ulla gets those idle hands to be in a class at the Castle I'll fly all the way from here and you know I DON'T fly!!!
xo Susan

CARRIE West~Lola Enchanted

Lucky girls!!!!~


Congratulations to your winners Mo'a Shawn and Gina!! You girls are in for a good one!
Lucky you!!

Hi Donna.
Love your little hands....
All of them.
Hope you have a good Tuesday!



OH what a class!


Such a creative post!
Congrats to your winners...
Oh that johnny Depp..makes me want to go ride Pirates...at Disneyland!!!hee-hee



Congrats to the winners!!


What a generous spirit you have Donna. Those lucky girls...to own one of your works. xo


OH MY!!!! Gone for the weekend and come home....and what a surprise! I am thrilled to have won one of your gorgeous crowns. Thanks so much Donna.

two crazy crafters

Did Johnny sign up for the class? If he did, I'm going to be sad I missed it! Twyla


congrats to your winners Donna!!!

Liisa at Ottilias Veranda

Ah! I´ll sign up for that class, please! I ought to know that mr Depp would show up in Your post somewhere!! Very much congrats to the lucky girls!



Those are awfully hot hands. Congrats ladies. Donnas work is stunning xoxoxoxox Clarice


Hmmmmmm, now HOW am I going to get Johnny and those DREAMY HANDS into a project that we can ALL HAVE FUN WITH??? This is a devilish predicament for sure... We'll need some black glitter, gold dresden, and definitely one of those silk bow-ties - Not too kinky I hope ~ and certainly one of a kind, just what we love to dish up at the Castle!!!


Congrats to the winners!!! Isn't he handsome? Sigh


A Fanciful Twist

How exciting for all those girls!!! Your photos are always so beautiful my sweetie friend!!

Oh sheesh, Johnny is so hot. He is just so amazing. I can't handle it.. I must go sulk.. xoxo (since he is yours and all, hee hee)


LOL, love the post, especially the "Idol hands are hot" too funny. Congratulations to all the winners!


ahhhhh ...there's the beautiful face again too....

Country French Antiques

I Bloody don't believe it!!
I won something and better yet, from your idle hands!!
I'm diggin out that blue dress!!


Congrats to the winner! At least you know how to let the losers down Donna! Yummy pics of "that beautiful creature" Great way to start a fantasy day! xoxo

LiLi M.

Sign me up for two days too please at Ulla's, but not the same weekend you are going ;-D
Congrats to the winners, what a relief that I can sit and act normal (?!) again!

Lee W.

love those hands- sigh.....

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