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November 13, 2008


le petit cabinet de curiosites

What a wonderful garden ! I guess it is your . Your roses are to die for

Gabriela Delworth

Hello Donna,

Thank you so much for your visit and suggestion!
I am in love with your fantastic place! You sure have a beautiful garden.

~ Gabriela ~

Lee W.

what a pretty garden!


oh bother! My SPRING bulbs are blooming, for goodness sakes. eek. someone should clue in the weather, it's F A L L,
xo Lidy


Hahaha, well if you've got it-- flaunt it-- I think that's the rose's retort! Wow, that garden is breath-taking! I would never go indoors with that around me!


Mid November and I'm wearing shorts and a sweat shirt. Crazy indeed! I think you should plan a garden party than surely it would rain.

a fanciful twist

Miss Donna my beautiful friend!! Your garden always takes my breath away. I would much rather live outside than in... But expecially in your majestic garden that is straight out of The Secret Garden or Marie Antoinette (the movie).

I have missed ya oodles! My head is going to pop off my body!! We are having unexpected house guests, eek, ack oh my!! Then out of town next week...

Ahhhh, I think the holidays are here!! And I think your white roses feel like me, denial!!

Must catch up with you very soon!! xoxo


They are beautiful Donna! Just pretend when you look out your window you are seeing a miniature winter wonderland instead of white roses.

Susan Bartolucci

"Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots, Kind words are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits, Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds, Fill it with sunshine Kind words and kind deeds".

This is perfect for you......both Henry and I agree!


You have a garden like my mother's where curious things happen. I told her I saw her climbing geranium ...she says they don't climb but I saw it there! Ohhhh deja vu...have I told you that before? Lots of other bloomin' things have happened that shouldn't have by the 'rules' anyway.


Oh Donna ...your landscaping is just breathtaking! Thank you for once again giving us a glimpse into your beautiful world.

Fall has taken hold here in Utah with a few days of snow already and most leaves have fallen to the ground. Enjoy your fall weather!


Hi Donna,
You secret garden looks beautiful in the Autumn too! Love that creeping vine along the roof line and how your green topiaries look against the changing leaves.
The last rose petal dropped here last week.
Happy Sunday! Give the fab four my best regards!


Pinkie Denise

Oh the colors are just so pretty!
My roses are blooming too...Thank for sharing your beautiful garden Pinkie


Yes, well, when it's 85 degrees in Nov. the poor iceburgs don't know what the hell to do! My front yard looks a bit bipolar. Half of it is scraggly and left over from summer (a little procrastination going on there) and the other half in full bloom! Oh well - I just throw on my flip flops and savor the warm weather while I still can! XOXXOO

Rosanna Pereyra

How amazing and beautiful!! I live in Florida so we don't really have a "change" of seasons other than Hurricane season. Your garden makes me sigh. Have a wonderful Autumn.

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

That's California for you.....the weather confuses every living thing! "is it summer? spring perhaps? Surely it can't be Autumn because it doesn't FEEL like Autumn. So let's just keep blooming." (as said by the roses)
I cannot wait to someday see that garden in person!


Hi Donna,
My iceberg roses are going crazy right now too.
I have a ton.
I've got leaves falling in the yard, and white roses.
It's hot and windy here today.
Hope you have a nice weekend!

Miss Maddie's

What's in a name?
that which we call a rose,
By any other name
would smell as sweet...

William Shakespeare
Enjoy them they are delightful!
Enjoy your weekend too.
PS The post about your Father was a true dedication of a daughter's love for the man she holds in the highest esteem.Thankyou for sharing.
xo Susan


Love your yard, it's so gorgeous! Love the vines and the color!


LiLi M.


Yep never go for the second place, if you can be a winner!


Is that your garden? It is very beautiful.


Oh your garden is so lovely! It must be wonderful to just wander through it and take it all in! Gorgeous!


The landscaping is so breathtaking! Have a great weekend.


Donna, what a gorgeous view you have there!!!


What primadonnas! Those roses just can't let anyone else horn in on their stage time. Mine are doing the same thing. Just as soon as it turned cool they cranked up the show. We don't have any fall foliage for them to compete with, though.
You're invited to a Great Gift Ideas party at windycorner. Come on over!


Those roses are paying the weather no mind! lol I love your photos of your yard! Oh it looks so elegant and lovely.


What beautiful landscaping. And yes, the roses seem to have a mind of their own. They are lovely. If you were in the midwest, you would be seeing snowflakes by now!!!


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