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November 22, 2008


The Chic Geek

So Beautiful! I love your page and your art :)


I just love your sketches. The young lady is absolutely precious. What beautiful eyes you have drawn, so dreamy and round. I just love her!!

Wisdom teeth YUK! I had two back ones out and was unable open my mouth barely to sip on a straw and could only eat/drink liquids. Poor thing!!!



just wanted to pop over and say hello!


Hi Donna ...hope your daughter is doing better. Ouch ...I hate going to the dentist.

I love the sketches that you did. Just beautiful and the face of the little 'fall ie' is so sweet. You are such a talented and inspiring artist.

Jenni Bowman

Those acorns add the perfect touch to an Autumn princess!

Pop over to my blog to say hi and enter to win a fab giveaway! I'm giving away some of the ornaments I had on the Martha Stewart Show with me last year (which Martha actually took home with her)! - www.jenniboriginals.blogspot.com

Jenni B

Iva's Creations

So sweet. Those unexpected quiet moments when creativity sparks our imagination can be magical. Hope all is well now. In the meantime, I'm waiting for Bill and some of his magic in summer 2009!
Hugs to you...Iva

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

She's lovely. I hope your daughter is all well now.



keep drawing. You inspire me!

Natasha Burns

Oh she is beautiful Donna! What a shame your daughter had to put up with such pain in her mouth at Thanksgiving!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh...your poor daughter! I hope she was able to enjoy her Thanksgiving.
As for the sketch...it is just beautiful!

Christine LeFever

There is wisdom in documenting your life with those beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work you fabulous artist!


Willow House

Hope your daughter has recovered from her trip to the dentist. You certainly used your time productively, I probably would have fallen asleep!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Have a wonderful Day of Thanks dear Donna :)

Jan Ely

Why on earth are we "blessed" with wisdom teeth, only to have them yanked out? Hmmm, there's a lesson in there somewhere, but I haven't the wisdom to figure it out! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Just goes to show you, a little bit of wisdom goes a long way!

I sat in the office and freaked while my daughter had hers removed and everything worked out okay in the end... next dilemma, I'll bring a sketch pad.

Susan Bartolucci

Amazing......... sketching too! To take an unpleasant situation and make it beautiful is a thoughtful thing to do, and with such flair. A sketching suitable for an etching........I appreciate you sharing another one of your talents. I have not seen your sketches before.

Michelle Sylvia

Hi Donna!

I hope your daughter is recovering from her surgery.

I am in awe of your drawing skills! You really should sketch more to sell! You are incredible!!!

Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving! Do you have any windflower seeds left over?


Priscilla/Sweet Remembrance

Everytime I visit you I am blown away!
Your talent, whim & way with words is nothing short of fabulous!
Love the sketches...
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...


She is beautious and so glad Mz. McCall is feeling better.


My o my...I'm not entirely sure how I found your blog this morning, but I'm glad that I did. I've spent a charming few hours with your and some of your friends.

One question...Can I be you when I grow up? Maybe that should be *if*...hmmm.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here.


Your sketch is beautiful! She looks like a china doll. Isn't it amazing how artwork can be created in the most unlikely places.

I hope your daughter is doing well.



What a beautiful sketch! Her face is so lovely and sweet :)


So nice of The Autumn Follie to come to life and for a visit in a parking lot! She's a pretty girl.

Hope your daughter is ok!
It takes awhile to heal as I remember.

Happy Happy Early Thanksgiving Donna to you and your family!!



Oh to be able to draw like that! Just wonderful talent!!!!
My son had his wisdom teeth pulled plus four more at the same time...not fun!!! I hope your daughter is doing well.

jessi nagy

aaahh Donna,
these are magical!!
hey doll emailme your addy.
i have a little somethin somethin for ya!!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful......that's all I have to say! And thank you for commenting on our blog!


I love her large soft eyes...and her small nose and mouth :) Of course the acorns! Verrry nice D.O....so sorry about the lost teeth and the pain thereafter. Childbirth will now be a breeze for her later on ;) Least that's how I saw it!

sandra Evertson

Oh Donna, I love it when you show your sketches.... It is such a sweet soft side of you! Beautiful!
AND, Holy Moly, does Johnny Depp EVER look bad in ANYTHING! I think not! Love that shot below!
Wishing you and your a lovely Thanksgiving!
Sandra Evertson


Donna I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sketches! Bravo girl! You do know how to enjoy the Fall-ies to the fullest! Lets throw some leaves in the air together!
Kiss Kiss


Beautiful! Hope your daughter is feeling better, mine had hers out over 4th of July, thank goodness for Lortabs!


Hi Donna...Hope all is well with your daughter...no fun having those teeth pulled!

Love your drawing...so pretty and dreamy...Fallie, if you like!

Take care
Hugs, Nancy

jungle dream pagoda

What a lovely sketch! Unexpected free time can often be the best,because you have not yet planned to fill it up!

Miss Maddie's

Such a sweet lass with her crown of acorns and a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.Perhaps a reflection of someone...?
And I hope your sweet lass has fully recovered and her beautiful smile once again lights up the room!
xo Susan


The face on the girl is really lovely...and that bow is perfect at her neck.
Hope your dear daughter is doing well...enjoy the time being still. We should all remember to do that more often :)


Wisdom teeth removal, not pretty!
Hope your daughter is feeling fine.

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