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December 06, 2008


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hi sweetie pie!! Happy Birthday to the QUEEN!!!! I hope you have the most wonderful day ever....wishing you many, many more and also a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year too Donna!!! Hugs, xxoo, Dawn

LiLi M.

Happy birthday!!! May all your wishes come true even the ones you didn't know you had!

I'll be back with my 2009 wishes!


Merry Christmas Donna! Hope your days are filled with love and family and that time streeeeeeches for you! XOXOXO


A real job? Who does that anymore....love the dress form,cannot wait to see your goodies!..From an East coast Nut to a West Coast Nut Merry Faerie Wishes....Denise... Boston


Wishing you a lovely Christmas filled with the laughter of those you love, Donna. Dancing fast over here, too. Did manage to see your boyfriend in Chocolat for the 10th time while wrapping gifts yesterday. Okay, off to markets for foodstuffs and flowers...xo and hugs, Lidy

Christine LeFever

The merriest of Christmases to you, dear Donna. Your little Napoleonic hat is fabulous as is pretty much everything you do. Relax and accept that you merely need to slow down and enjoy and never fear about what you look forward to doing. The moment is all that really counts.




Just popped in to wish You and Your family a wonderful and peaceful christmas!



Beautiful Donna!
Merry Christmas Blessings coming your way!
Love your nutcracker post...just lovely.

Warm Holly Hugs,

a fanciful twist

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!! I am going out of town for the holidays!! Hope to talk to you after the madness of this time of year!! But it is a good madness ;)

Warm Sugar Plum Wishes to you and yours!!

xoxo, V

LiLi M.

Hello Donna! To comfort you: somehow it feels good to hear that there is yet one other person in blogland who isn't ready for Christmas and who will not have decorated the way she wants even on December 27th.. Let's shake hands! I wish you a happy Christmas with your loved ones, a lot of joy and laughter!


Sending you a big bloggy hug dear Donna :) Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year too :)


Yours is sooooo much better!!!


So do you think if we spin long enough Barishnikov will leap through our front doors? Now that's a good reason to spin!
Have a Merry Christmas Donna. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
I just love your Dolly Hat...Guess what? I have that exact same horsey!
I think I need that doll to ride upon it too...Merry Christmas Pinkie


I mean a 'bit' nuts, I'm going nuts - Rachaelxo


As always beautiful photos of beautiful things! It does all become a but 'nuts' at this time of the year! Rachaelxo


Popping by to send you a happy holiday wish!


wow, so beautiful!~


Wishing you a happy holiday season, despite the crazy ballet. Keep dancing my dear, and I'll see you on the other side of nuts with cretivity intact and mojo found! Can't wait to see what lies beyond...XOXOO


Lovely photos and a great description of your Dancing as fast as you can.
Can't wait to see what you have been creating.
I am now enjoying the fruits of my labor and counting down to Christmas on my blog with the Icelandic Christmas elves.


It's always magic on your blog !!^-^


a fanciful twist

Miss Donna!!! My splendid darling friend!

I miss you oodles, I know youa re busy as a bee, aren't we all just wacky this time of year (some of us, like me, all times, but that is another story, tee hee)

I AM SO IN LOVE with you DRAWING below!! It is stunning. Just perfectly beautifully stunning!!!!

xoxoxo (Off to a soiree tonight, wish me luck)

Lovvvve your photos always! Pure beauty here with yoU!

a fanciful twist

Miss Donna!!! My splendid darling friend!

I miss you oodles, I know youa re busy as a bee, aren't we all just wacky this time of year (some of us, like me, all times, but that is another story, tee hee)

I AM SO IN LOVE with you DRAWING below!! It is stunning. Just perfectly beautifully stunning!!!!

xoxoxo (Off to a soiree tonight, wish me luck)

Lovvvve your photos always! Pure beauty here with yoU!!


Donna darling...stop by my blog sometime soon...I'm having a blog GIVEAWAY!


Love the Mademoiselle Bonaparte hat. It's great!

Sandra Evertson

Devastatingly Beautiful!
Sending you Season's Greetings!
Sandra Evertson

Sandra Evertson

Ok, I don't know what happened to my comment?!
But as I was saying... it is Devastatingly Beautiful!
Sandra Evertson

Sandra Evertson

I have only two words to describe your new hat,
Devastatingly Beautiful! Sending Season's Greetings your way!
Sandra Evertson


You Deppinately need to see the wee boot on my blog today...


What a lovely creation! I love the colors you have used. Merry Christmas to you :-)


Your doll head and hat look amazing!

Miss Maddie's

How lovely a Mademoiselle Bonaparte hat, so rich in sparkle perfect to reflect the Holiday lights that will surround it.
As for the nuts part, I've never met a nut I didn't like.
Sure hope you get some R&R to celebrate the festivities of the season.
xo Susan


wow you made another beauty! and the eBay auction.... whatever girl, you don't need other peoples creations!


I am right there with you sweetie! Every year the Holidays seem to get a little crazier. I'm trying to take a deep breath but your new Nutcracker piece is taking my breath away. Wishing you some serious uninterrupted creative time soon. Your fans are waiting for the curtain to rise...


Hang in there dear. I must say the hat you made is far and away my preference over the $(&) one...I mean it!! I know you must be itching something awful to get back to your creating and the everyday "job" thing keeps getting in the way. Hold on dear...wonderful things will come for you and there will be time to come for you to create all the visions of glittery things rolling around in your head xo


Oh everything you touch turns to gold my dear. Have no fears xoxoxox Clarice

Gillian~ the Shmoo!

Oh your wee French hat is tres adorable.
A thousand bucks for a dolly?
She must have been special.

Teresa McFayden

Yes, that hat is divine! Love it! I hope you find time to play soon!



Knut - NuT - nUttS
How do you keep it all straight? Love the Napoleon hat, so much better than $970.00! Take the pressure off yourself, and dance a waltz instead!


Hi Donna...Love the little hat you created. Very sweet!
Can't wait to see the pieces you are creating. I know they will be fabulous!! (And not nuts!!)

Take care
Hugs, Nancy


I know you will get it all done Donna!
Your Sugarplum Fairy girl is wonderful! Her sparkly silver hat is fab.
Hope you get a break from work soon!


Lisa "Oceandreamer" S.

Nuts? You? Oh wait, you didn't say that did you? my bad. ;)
I can't wait to see the beautious creations you are working on. I love the characters of the Nutcracker Suite and anxiously await seeing your inspiration.
I hope you get a break from work some time....we're due for that meeting!
And that doll, I swooned!
Hope to talk soon!


I'm sure you will find some time!

Prairie Home-Sherry

Everything is Beautiful!
Merry Christmas!


Hi Donna,
Don't go too crazy at work!
Hope you find extra time for yourself.


Here I am wishing I could find some nuts.... some whole walnuts so I can empty the shells and use them. Can't find any in stores yet for some weird reason... what are they waiting for?? Christmas?.....

Susan Bartolucci

It can't possibly end with just nuts! You are much too clever for that...I know you can balance everything...But if so.....by some weird chance...... just in case......... do what the little squirrel in New York did to me when I fed him a sugar coated nut from a street vendor instead of a plain one........spit it out and go on to another multi-layered adventure. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side with new works.

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