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January 03, 2009



WOW! i don't know what else to say. Your blog is incredible, awe inspiring,absolutly wonderful. so glad I found you.


Dying here. to die for. noun.{I think!} looks like you are starting the new year off with a bang. watch out workday...donna's busy.:)

xo Lidy

Ele atabitofpinkheaven

It is all breathtaking. Your style is amazing.


I couldn't remember if I'd commented on this post or not... but now I see that I did. Oh well, it was worth another visit to see all your lovelies!

Lori Davis

Calligraphy is definitely a lost art and you do it so beautifully. Your blog is always a treat to visit.........=D



Oh my! Complete gorgeousness! I'm in love with those beautiful dolls!~

Sandra Evertson

G O R G E O U S does not really even begin to describe you new works! Brilliant! And I forgot to mention last time but the new color of your blog looks great!
Happy New Year doll!
Sandra Evertson


I just discovered your blog through Gillian's and I am in LOVE! Absolutely beautiful and creative.

jessi nagy

hey there sweets,

happy new years!!
gorgeous post.
i love your dolls,
hope all is well.


Eileen @ Star's Fault

I love the callligraphy! I learned many, many years ago, but haven't tried in a long time. I always enjoyed the beauty of the pen, a rich black ink and creamy ivory paper, simple, decadent. It's such a wonderful art form. The arrows in your post today are really beautiful and I'll be watching as your project unfolds.

Blessings ~ Eileen


Your blog is just so magical! I love coming here and getting lost! Happy New Year Donna!


Your beautiful hand calligraphy lists are so wonderous, soft, beautiful, unique and so you!!
Can't wait to see your shop here!!

HappY NeW YeaR Donna!


a fanciful twist

Did I see the words Valentine's Day? Wholey Macaroni, it is close isn't it?

Your images are always sooo stunning. All your treasures and art make my heart skip a beat! xoxo

Diane Knott

Donna, where ever do you get all of these special, glittery ideas?! And I was going to remark on the calligraphy being so lovely before I even read that you did it.

Let me guess...you have trails of glitter all over your house all year long: the color depending on the season! ;-)

Everything is so beautiful, and as always, your photography exquisite.



Perfectly beautiful Donna!
Happy New Year to you!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

My heart is in palpitations of delight. I could dive right in to every one of your photos!



Gorgeous as always...nothing but the very best from you. See you Thursday...can't wait. xo


Happy New Year Donna!
Beautiful creations as always!!
Have a wonderful week.


Donna, OMG!!! what can i say? your creativity knows no bounds...i am blown away by your spectacular quivers and arrows...they are the most fanciful Valentine creations i have ever seen...i wants a set!!! your playbill is gorgeous too...i love that writing style...what a beautiful inspiring inspiring post!!!


Gosh this alone is amazing xoxoxo Clarice

karen eileen

Learning calligraphy is one of my new skills to learn this year.. Your work is beautiful.



Lovely lovely lovely!


What a wonderful idea to sell your art on your blog. I was thinking of selling a few handmade items myself on my blog. Nothing quite as elaborate and gorgeous as your items. I love everything!!!

Amanda Howard

Oh my gosh, how truly scrumptous is your art. I am so glad to have stumbled across your blog, and will be following it closely during 2009! I've added a link to your blog from mine, hope that's OK. Happy New Year! Mandy x


Back to creativity! Yes! Shall we make this year a great creative year with new fabulous ideas shall we?! It´s a good start anyway!

Have a great week!


Alette Siri Ane Lyssand Thorsnes

all so beautiful,I so wish to write in my own language now for the words I wrte in english are not enough .So Nice !

Teresa McFayden

Beautiful!! Glad you had a bit of time to create. Can't wait to see it all unfold!


Oh Donna this is all so utterly beautiful!!! I love your calligraphy and in combination with your gorgeous glitter and Dresden creations and the antique doll heads it truly has something magical!

Enchanted greetings!

xox Carola

Miss Maddie's

Alas that quiver of arrows has sent my heart to quiver. Beautiful!
We must have esp for only yesterday when I put the Christmas bobs away I placed your Ballet box on the shelf to gaze upon.
xo Susan

LiLi M.

Cannot wait to see this Nutcracker!

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