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February 14, 2009



On my toes I need to be to keep the candy from settling in...or ahould I say on!
Needed those red shoes at the RED party!

Deena Warner

Oh I 'd love to have those shoes..I'd be dancing
like a Princess.

Lisa gatz

Those shoes are to die for!
Valentines day was so-so for me. Tough times. But I enjoyed looking at all the blog goodies!

a fanciful twist

Oh my aching belly!! I snuck into the candy fairy stash, and munched it all down... ;) ;)

Happy Valentine's Day Miss Donna!! xoxo


The chocolate fairy we at our house. Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxoxo Clarice-who is having that chocolate for breackfast


Happy Valentines day a little late but then again I have been dancing on my toes all night eating chocolate!


Country French Antiques

I've been away too long! Sorry about your brother-in-law and sure hope there is an alternative solution to your back!
Want to see more of your sketches!
Happy Valentine Weekend!!


Beautiful post Donna,,just wonderful,,,I love the new banner picture too. I am sorry to read of your back issues..I will keep you in my prayers.

Diane Knott

Donna, I love the gilded lace on the edge of your music. Lovely touch!


Happy Heart Day Donna!

yeh...keeping me on my feet alright.... ...kickboxing, jumping jacks, jogging... skipping... and .....oh..... hahahhaha...as if......


What a lovely post! Happy Valentine's Day to you. Get better. Congratulations to the lucky winner of your beautiful OWOH gift in the previous post! :)


Happy Valentine's Day to you, Donna!
Hope you are having a wonderful day.

The candy fairy was at my house along with the naughty card fairy and the ticket fairy...got tickets to see Diana Krall! A very generous fairy this year!

Take care,
Hugs, Nancy

LiLi M.

Whow great photos again Donna. I wish I knew before that this was all about candy. I would have persuaded my hubby to celebrate. Luckily I have my own wallet; and I bought two bars of Ritter sport (a delicious German chocolate) today. Do you sport? Yes I Ritter sport, at least once a day! (Valentine's day or not).

The Chic Geek

PS: I love, love, love those red slippers! The Best!

The Chic Geek

Happy Valentine's to You, Donna :)
Beautiful posting!


Lovely red slippers!!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Happy Valentine's Day, Donna! This post is exquisite.


Sandra Evertson

A Happy Valentines Day to you! I Love your new look!
And I hope you get to feeling better real soon!

Sandra Evertson

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