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February 20, 2009


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hi Donna!! I just wanted to stop by and say hi, I hope that you're feeling good and doing wonderful ~ I bet your garden is absolutely amazing by now!!!! Wishing you all the best sweet girl, xxoo, Dawn

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Whewww! I finally found a post that I can comment on!!!! Do you know how GOOD it is to see a post from you girl!????!! I hope that you are doing wonderful....missing you dearly...and your funny precious posts ~ I do hope that all is well with you and yours ~ hugs and love, Dawn


"For now", not "indefinitely", yeahhhhhhhhh. We will miss you xoxoxxo Clarice

Gabriela Delworth

Hello Donna,

These are great shots!

~ Gabriela ~

renee finberg


i love the post and the pic.


Ooh! What beautiful pictures! So ready for spring..


Love this post! What a great title, what great photo's! Total inspiration!


Have just found your blog and love all your photos.

Debra Abel

I have to say love the photos. All the delicious eye-candy! Hmmm, one question here, did I miss the big "blog" surprise mentioned in your previous posting? ( I adore the lovely phots of your porch here too. So lush.


HAHA! I was like... how sweet is this ... until I saw the nest was the brains of a bodiless doll head! EEEEEEk Donna! LOL
xo Isa


Wow those photos are fantastic! Your work and your photos are all to die for!
And you're not alone...I have an old hairless doll head sitting next to an old phone in my hallway that spooks all of my visitors. :)



Hope you are feeling better and better :)


Love them. But then I would. I have been taking photos like this and doing drawings since dinosaurs still roamed, and I was in art school.:) kindred spirit. Hope you will have a happy week.
Your topiaries look fabulous, mine are all dead, I think.

susan bartolucci

You're just special.......Don't let anyone, even your family, tell you any different. Putting eggs and a nest in a head to go seems perfectly normal to me.......most people's brains are either fried, or scrambled anyway. So, here's to Donna's family... "creepy" has never been so elegant. I am not sure you can use both of those words in the same sentence..but,I love it, and I hope you are feeling better. I have had my good mojo voodoo doll nearby casting a few goodwill spells. I hope you are working on things for the show...........because I am sure you are already sold out.


LOL! I love the last phrase of that blog post, LOL! OMGosh, thank you! I needed that chuckle! :)

robin dudley-howes

Hi DOnna
I LOVE this layout!! I have never understood why people get creeped out by dolls. I've been collecting doll parts for years and loved dolls as a child never growing out of it. BY the way, you take very good pictures!


Okay...I need some help....I LOVE the doll heads...creeped me out at first but now I am addicted....BUT is there some kind of "reason" for them ...other than "cool" - I mean a "meaning of sorts" ?? I am petrified to show mine to too many people without a good explanation other than I love it..( I have one on my store windowsill and have had some comments!!) Would appreciate any kind of an answer....Sincerely, Judy

Nina English

HAHA, well, I find that at my age my goal in life now is to creep them out and ya know what they say about pay backs!! Now gather them all up and put them in an Easter basket!! Great center piece!!


Now I know what to do with the jar full of doll heads. Thanks for the inspiration.


Art is the eye of the beholder.I thought it was so amazing art.Didnt creep me out i thought of spring when i saw it well done!
I loved it!


Hee! I can't tell you how many odd and old doll heads and other interesting things i have under little glass domes with bird nests, glass glitter and robins eggs! My twin was telling a co-worker about it all and he said, "OOh, could I pay her to see the inside her house?" I am seeing a new business venture for me...
thinking of you!


ahhahah..... that's great. It seems quite a lot of people are creeped out by dolls... who knew? ....


Creep them out girl! I LOVE them!!! SO WHEN ARE WE GETTING TOGETHER????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? !


You crack me up, oh my gosh that is real eggs and nest. You lucky girl xoxoxo Clarice


The doll with a bird's nest for a brain reminds me of myself.LOL Full of crazy ideas!!



That's UBER-clever. And it would creep my family out too. They think its odd that I have a stuffed Victorian chick on a cake plate with a real nest. I thought it was cute. I'm thinking the set of old doll eyes I have down in the basement would probably cause some "eye-rolling" as well. (Yes, JUST the eyes...no head).


tiffany~shabby scraps

Rest assured Donna, my family thinks I am just as eccentric for my collection of doll heads, which I like to display on a platter! I love yours with the nest, and the quote is priceless with the photo!
xoxo, Tiffany

Diane Knott

That is so funny - creep out your family! Love it!

LiLi M.

I love it too! This is so clever! It somehow matches how I feel...having too many ideas that still have to be worked out. Sometimes there are more eggs and other times there is a lot of nest! No no never an empty nest!


Hi Donna,
Love it!!!
So fun!
I guess it might creep out your family a bit.
Have a great weekend!

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