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February 06, 2009



I hope that the alternative treatment helps, nothing worse then going on for years with an achey back or going under the knife prematurely. take care.


ack! so sorry...as the wife of a chiropractor I know all about terrible backs and pain. {personally sometimes, too} but not as bad as yours. Hang in there sweet girl. praying.
xo and hugs from here

karla nathan

Oh, you poor thing! Back pain is the worst, it is so relentless. I fractured some vertebra a while back, tried the cortizone shots, 2 surguries, but none helped. Finally, the cure was PT and lots of it. Walking in the shallow end of a swimming pool, back and forth helped more than anything.

Good luck!

Dorian Fletcher

Greetings, Donna,
I am not back to blogging just yet - but wanted to let you know that my good thoughts and best wishes are with you. I am so sorry that your back is giving you fits - it definitely puts a damper on just about anything you want to do. Here's hoping you find a medical whiz kid that can repair what nature can't.
Thinking of you...

laura dellaporta

Oh The back.. that's a tough one..Holistic approach... Let your cherubs guide you.. xoxoxo laura

two crazy crafters

I wish you the best of luck with this. Twyla

Iva Wilcox

Hang in there! You are definitely taking the right course with second, third, fourth and fifth opinions!! Fusion?!! Wow! I'm sending healing thoughts your way that some of the alternative therapies work. Take care of yourself and your friends are here to help you. Sending warm hugs...Iva


I know it is scarey but my husband went a year with pain---which intensified as the year went on, he couldn't stand for more than a couple of minutes without alot of pain in the end. He finally had the fusion surgery and other than the pain of where they cut, he was completely out of pain...13years later he is still out of pain. It might be worth it! Good Luck and getting a second opinion is always a good idea! karen...

Lisa Swifka

I have been so out of the loop I had no idea you had an MRI. I don't know anything about this except definitely get more opinions ....look for other options before undergoing something like major back surgery.
Take care of yourself, let's chat soon!!!
Thinking of you my friend and that you find a way to comfort and pain free!


Glad to see that you can still bid while lying down! Keep a smile on your face and lead on... Every cloud has a silver lining - somewhere...


First, I'm sorry to hear about your back pain. I certainly agree with getting many opinions. As Eileen mentioned the longer the nerve damage continues that in itself leaves lasting damage even if the surgery is a success. My sister had the same surgery it was a success, but the pain didn't improve for years. The doctors explained that she lived so long in pain that the nerves continue to send the message PAIN. She did everything to try to improve the situation. She now goes in for acupuncture and has her life back! I have to say I'm amazed and thrilled that she is doing so well. Good luck to you and your research.
By the way I LOVE your little statue!
Thinking positive thoughts for you.


Dear Donna, I am so sorry life is not glittery right now. It is soo hard to have chronic pain. I an praying for you sweetie xoxox Clarice


I am so sorry to hear about your back problems.
You have been getting a lot of good advise. Hope all will go well for you.
I can relate I had sciatica while on my Christmas vacation...ouch!!!
You are in my thoughts and prayers.


You are in my prayers, Donna. Pain is no fun. I'm having trouble, too, but not to the extent that you are experiencing. I have a problem with my neck from riding a motorcycle. I bought one of those electrical impulse massagers from a friend of mine and it gives me temporary relief. I think I will look into taking the Turmeric and Bromelain to help with the arthritis.

- Teresa

Donna O

Thank you all so much for sending me your keen sense and your heart felt caring thoughts. I guess I touched a nerve. So many different ways to go, ideas to consider. I'm moving round pretty good but sitting at the computer just kills the lower back for me. Sleeping is the best so it's off to bed- Ambien dreamland out!


Donna definately get more opinions. Definately. Please. Until then, we are thinking of you...so persevere.
Loveyou, shmoo!


Take care Donna! I can only imagine what kind of pain you are experiencing. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with such a difficult decision.


When my back hurts, ain't NOTHING gonna make me happy, so glad to see you're able to keep your sense of humor! I've been dealing with sciatica off and on for 5 months. Had a nerve block, which helped some, but my MRI revealed a cyst (oh goodie!) which is just sitting there for now...

Wow! Lots of posts about back problems. Looks like we're all in good(?)company!

Good luck to you -- good thoughts (and a package) coming your way!

Lisa gatz

As others have related also, I have experience with this through my husband. He had a double fusion about 5 years ago and has another cracked disk on the third connecting to the fusion. I think that it should be a last resort and it was for Jim. He went through all of the cortisone injections, had first had a lamenectomy.

He hasn't had much luck with the fusion and chronic pain is a way of life for him. But it would have been without the fusion also.

We did have one of the top surgeons in the country, BTW.

Dawn Gold

Praying for guidance and the hope that whatever route you decide on will be the right one for YOU - it is your decision so think long and hard... hugs to you xxx

JOy*The Vintage Rabbit

Hi Donna..so sorry to hear this...My husband just had neck surgery 3 weeks ago...he had 5 levels of herniation...his Dr. Said fusion..my husband said NO WAY!! So he went back to the same Dr. he used several years back when he had 2 levels done...e-mail me if you want to look at the website!

Hope you feel better

smiles, Joy~

Tracie Hanson

Yes Donna, please look at all your options before signing up for such a radical procedure.

My hopes and prayers are with you. My fingers and toes crossed....


Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
I am totally agree with your approach...I also am a strong believer in the power of prayer and will keep you in my thoughts. Take care and a big hug to you Pinkie

Eileen @ Star's Fault

Hi Donna ~ Several years ago I blew out a cervical spine disc. Abject pain was my companion for 45 days,then I said "enough". went to a neorosurgeon and had fusion of two discs, metal plate and screws (very pretty). Woke up after surgery COMPLETELY pain free and have been since. I have complete mobility in my neck and I am SO glad for my decision. My hubby had the same surgery several years before(we're taking togetherness too far, if you ask me), same blown discs in cervical spine, had three discs fused and had same excellent results.

In my real life I am a risk manager for a large national company, and I deal with dozens of doctors and injured workers on back, neck, and spine injuries through workers compensation. I have seen dozens of disc fusions successfully return an injured worker to health and a pain free life. Even when they tried conservative treatments like physical therapy or cortisone injections, they ended up with a fusion. In my experience, I have seen bulging discs heal only occasionally, but never herniated discs (but remember, I'm not a doctor!). Someone commented above to go to qualified neurosurgeon. I agree, NOT an orthopedic surgeon. My neurosurgeon told me that the impingment on the nerve causes damage, and that the longer I waited to get surgery the more damage to the nerve, and the less likely, post-surgery, that the nerve would heal completely, and that if the nerve did not heal completely, I would have residual pain for life. I scheduled surgery immediately. Yes, having someone cut on me was scary, but the devastation of the pain and how it affected my mood, my enjoyment of life, was much more scary to me.

My prayers for you as you work through this and synthesize the loving advice of friends and family, only you will know what is the perfect decision for your body.

Kindest Regards, Eileen


I'm a big believer in the merging of tradtional and holistic care - have you tried accupuncture and/or Reiki? I have a chronic illness and both have helped me keep it in control for over 10 years. Hugs to you!

Sophie's Cottage

You have made a wise decision! Hold off on the surgery until you have exhausted ALL other options. Damaged discs CAN heal on their own.

My spine was surgically fused (C7 - T9 about HALF of my back) in 2001 because of severe scoliosis. I was NOT in pain before the surgery, and am in constant pain now and permanently disabled.

Doctors and surgeons DO NOT tell you the whole story of what you may have to live with, no matter how many questions you ask.

Surgery is not always the best option. If I had to do it over again, I would NOT have had the surgery.

Good thoughts and prayers sent your way.

aj in Oregon


Hi Donna...praying that you find the right decision for your back.
I know you will!!!

LiLi M.

Hi Donna,
I'm sorry to hear about your bad back. I'm sorry I cannot help you through this distance. Well I try to send good and positive vibes. I have to say that you sure managed to make an awfull good post about a nasty topic like this, thanks for that. Hope you will find a solution soon.


Hi Donna! I´m sorry to hear about Your back problems.I know sitting by the computer too much isn´t good for any back...I work by the computer all day long and then in the evening again at home so my back and arms aren´t happy about that either. One thing that helpes a lot though is to have a table that You can move up and down..so one can stand while working. And I will definitely have to go walking moore...but in Your case I suppose moving at all is a problem. I wish You all the luck trying to find alternatives to the "F" word!
A lot of hugs


Hope you are able to find a non-invasive way to deal with your back health! Good luck and God's blessings to you! :)

The Chic Geek

My mom has a really bad back and the cortisone injections helped her a lot. They work wonders for some...I hope you are one of the.
Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Jayne Mateljan

Hi from Australia,
I know what you are going through. My husband was in the same position, please hold off on surgery for a while, I agree with Carol, as an ex theatre and ICU nurse exhaust all other options. Try Bowen Therapy, fixed my hubby's back after 18 years of pain (and threatened surgery). If you want to try just let me know and I will find a therapist in the US close to where you live. It's worth a try and it is really gentle.
Big hugs,

Deena Warner

Oh..I hope the docs can find something besides the F word for you..

I will be praying for good news and the cortisone to

fondly, Deena

michelle cummings

I too suffer from back pain, not as much as now it's all about my hips, and that's not cool as I sit alot to create. Please keep us posted and we all send postive energy your way!


I have a bad disk in my neck and suffer from alot of inflammatory illnesses. I started taking Natural Factors brand Turmeric and Bromelain ( natural anti inflammatory , heard Dr. Weil and also Dr. Oz on Oprah have talked about Turmeric) for my chronic illnesses to decrease my inflammation but then started taking 2 a day when I found out my disk was bad etc. Has been a life saver! Has gotten rid of most my pain and I have not had to go to my physical therapist for the neck in over 2 years. Also got others in my family, with arthritis in back etc., like my Dad to take it for awhile now and it is the first relief from the pain he has had. Mother, husband and other friends also trying it with great success! Natural, so won't have side affects like perscriptions etc.
Best place to buy, saves money, www.iherb.com

Hope this helps! Feel better!
Linda Q

Diane Knott

Oh, Donna, do take care. Pamper yourself a bit. Required therapy!

Hot tubs, nice warm milk, scented soaps, a special perfume, pretty things around you....

Breathe deeply!

Blessings to you!


Wishing you all the best! I have several folks in my life dealing with serious back pain and issues. It really is a pain! Please take care!


Oh Donna - I'm so wishing for a change of course over there and wish only good things to come your way!
Big hugs,

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

hi donna~ I am sorry the news wasn't better, we know where you are coming from.. my littlest daughter has severe 63 degree scoliosis, and we have been staving off fusion for a little while with her in a body brace. Hopefully there will be some alternative answers out there for you. If we hear of any, we will let you know! Until then, try to think happy thoughts :)
xoxo, Tiffany


I am so sorry to hear about your back. I can't know exactly how you feel but I do know how it feels to have something that aches and hurts (my hip). I'm with you on trying everything else first and then some. The "F" as you call it would be if all (and I do mean all) else fails. I will pray for you and I also hope your husband and your family are healing some after the passing of your brother-in-law.

My thoughts are with you.
P.S. I love the cherub statue! Great buy.

Raised In Cotton

Hi Donna,

So sorry about your back problems but trying to live with pain is horrible. I am putting my RN hat on and telling you YES do get more consultations. Cervical or Lumbar fusions need to be done by a qualified Neurosurgeon. Ask lots of questions! OK, taking RN hat off and just letting you know I did a post on "Gratitude" and featured you as one of my inspirational bloggers:)



I was just browsing blogs and ran across your's, just wanted to tell you I do hope you find relief from your pain without having to undergo a major surgery ....
you'll be in my thoughts


Hi Donna,
I really feel for you, because I too suffer with a bad back and neck.
I'm with you on trying different methods other than surgery.
Good luck!!!
Take good care,


Wishing you all the best -hopefully another dr. can come up with a more creative solution - sometimes I think you just have to push them to think about it more and not just jump to a surgical conclusion. Beautiful statue!!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I am so sorry to hear this news Donna. In my family we have congenital back issues and I'm hoping I won't have to do the same kind of surgery someday. My father had this surgery done and it was pretty successful. But I agree with you, I would exhaust all other possibilities first. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Big Hugs!

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