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February 16, 2009


karen cox

Hi Donna,
What a beautiful porch, your topiaries are lovely. I am in snowy New England so all that green is making me want Spring.

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
I am so glad to hear your feeling better. I have to say I love the look of your new blog! Pinkie


Oh ...I have missed visiting! I have not been by in awhile! Forgive me for I know not what I do! Your garden has me green with envy among the snow on the ground that I'm experiencing! I'm so jealous! ...ps So glad to hear that you back is getting better! Let me know if the lumbar pillow does anything for the figure ...I may just have to go buy one!

Gabriela Delworth

Hello Donna,

Thanks for sharing some outdoor gardens...stunning!
Are they ivies?

~ Gabriela ~

Kathy Hunka

Wow Donna! You have such a great eye for things. Your photos are awesome!

shibori girl

Wow. Can you come here and rescue MY garden and porches? We're in a drought and so everything looks dead.

I hope your back is better soon - I know how bad that can be.



I am so inspired by the photos on this post I had to give a bit of linky love on my post today about "faking" Spring. Pam


Ah!!! a live lived with pharmaceuticals...I am all for it. Cortisone injections helped my knees for a number of years...until I decided to have new ones, three years ago.
Are you having physical therapy as well?
I love your photos...we are kindred souls in our love of white flowers and foliage :)

Anita Rivera

OH MY GOSH you have a great talent. I have admired you for months but now I have a blog and wish to comment. I am speechless because your style is a cut above many others, really. I love glitter, I try to emulate the sparkle and what I do is nice, but your photos really show off your work. Excellent job. Anita

susan bartolucci

Donna Donna feeling quite contrary.......
How does your garden grow.........
With white flowere and topiaries all in a row.....
Just as you give nature some time..to think, and recharge
Given your pillow and pack you will soon be again living life large....(and I know you know what I mean)
Soon again will appear the reign of the Ribboned Queen!

I am not a poet but.......
I am thinking of you and sending good health wishes your way!


I am green with envy, I try and try but I can't get that beautiful look with my potted plants. Bravo! Cheers

robin dudley-howes

Your blog is so inspiring. So many beautiful images and art work!
Fly on over to my nest when you get a moment.


Your foliage is gorgeous and inspiring! I love it! :)


I am so glad it sounds like you are getting some relief. Just in time for garden planning time. That photo is amazing. If I could get my gardens to look a fraction as beautiful as yours I would be thrilled. Pam


i have been dying to see some green...thanks for sharing that...your porch is very lovely...hope your back is feeling much better Donna!!!


Your porch looks AMAZING!


I love your blog, you're very creative and
beautiful photo's
greetings from holland

LiLi M.

Good to hear that you have found something to ease the pain in your back. Now the wheather should improve, with higher temperatures, more sun, then everybody feels better and your garden will look as stunning as this in no time!


Wonderful display of plants and flowers! I love those french inspired ....Ok lost the word for it! Bah! You know what I mean!! Wonderful that you feel better! Take care!

Pattie W

Good Morning Donna!

Hang in there take things slowly and each day as it comes. It's hard to be patient when all you want to do is feel better, but sometimes that is exactly what is needed. these treatments are accumlative so each one will help a bit more.

Take care kiddo!!
Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

anji gallanos

What a beautiful garden. I could spend a day there with a book and a cup of tea.



Donna, your gardens make my heart all a'flutter - green and white is my favorite! I can't wait to see how everything looks this summer! Yum!
I hope your back feels better and better!
xo Isa


Your front porch is amazing!! I never have very good luck with topiaries. I'm so glad for all the rain - we really need it! My yard is looking happier already! Glad your back is feeling better!

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