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March 13, 2010


Vanessa Johanning

Well I dont know what to say that hasn't already been commented on!

This just goes to show how us bloggers are such a unique and wonderful group...

As far as That one "naysayer" begone with Them!!
Off with their head! he hee!

I love stopping in and seeing the pics!!!
Sometimes you just gotta do... what you can do!

Live creatively, one artwork at a time!!

Mitzi Curi

I think your blog is fabulous and if you don't have time to respond to comments, then so be it! People that appreciate your well-written, gorgeously photographed blog will just accept it! Like me....


You are simply charming my dear and so happy to hear that there is a new found spring in your step. You are as wise as you are talented and after visiting your sister's sight I want to know, what did your momma fed you girls when you were little? Whatever it was please share...

Wishing you both continued success in all that you do!


Sigh....I so LOVE to look at the pictures that you post and dream...I look at them over and over again....thank you!!


Donna, I was one who sent you an e-mail asking you not to go. I never commented on your blog but I dropped in weekly to admire your art, your vivid photographs, and to dream that you would someday OPEN A STORE! :) I am so glad to see that you have returned to the blogging world. It matters not if we can comment ... what matters is that you share your vision of beauty with us. It genuinely improves my day and lifts my spirits when I see that you have updated your blog and created something new to share. I truly consider you to be one of the most gifted altered artists of today. Welcome back. :)

Best wishes as always,
Misti Rose


But Donna, you ARE all that! LOL! Seriously, you have to do what you have to do. I'm just glad to enjoy your beautiful eye candy when you have time to post it. Glad you're feeling better. Keep up the good work! And don't feel obligated to swing by and comment on my blog-I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy yours.

Take care,


Hi Donna! I´m so glad You are feeling better. And I fully understand your decisions about the blog, I have done the same. There´s just not time enough to please everyone with comments.I´m glad if I have readers and followers but I have a life too. And I´m perfectly happy just popping by your place from time to time to look at what You are up to and I´m always pleased with what I see! So You haven´t lost me as a reader!
Varm hugs from Sweden, still covered in a lot of snow!


marilyn adams

your photos, creations, and words are so appreciated. i know it is supposed to be good "blogging etiquette" to do the whole response thing, but you have to put yourself before some silly etiquette thing that someone has created (who actually knows, don't think it was miss emily post). your blog is pure eye-candy and inspiration and that is so much more meaningful than the whole comment thing! i'm so glad you are feeling like posting again, i have really missed you!


Sometimes I really just read and visit for inspiration. Sometimes I just don't feel like commenting and yes sometimes the reciprocating does get to be a little too much even for me and I am not working right now so go figure. Love your pictures and your style. I would miss them if you weren't around.

elizabeth kirkpatrick

I have tried to e-mail YOU to no avail!I saw a SCOTTISH portrait and immeditately thought of YOU!
Love the photos............love the text!Dont let that TWIT comment maker make YOU nuts!You are JUST PERFECT!In everything you say and do.
Is that your house in this months ROAMNTIC HOMES magazine?The patio shot?!!!!Me thinks it is!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

We missed and miss you. This post is wonderful . I'm glad you are feeling better about your back and that is too bad if it means you have to be a lttle about away from us. Seing your pics and your creativity is always inspiring

Amada Lebel

Hey Donna,
I am so happy you continue to blog. I absolutely love the photos and to be honest sometimes I appreciate just "looking at the pictures" being the visual person I am. YOu are amazing and an inspiration. Thanks for letting me gush.

Fleur de Bee

Well after all the drooling and not being able to TELL YOU that I am so inspired and loving it all I am so happy you opened up the comment section, even if for a little while!!! Thank you for your pictures they make my....well my whenever I am able to check (day, week, months etc,,). I too have put pressure on myself and know what that is like. Harder even when you run a boutique online etc. I checked back in school to enhance my degree and fulfill some art mediums I wanted to learn and that forced me to slow down. Which was a good thing. So my posts are once maybe more a week now and I do it for me and those who come to view. My sitemeter tells me several visit but only a few comments happen it would seem. I'm ok with that and Its a relief to see someone else thought the same. Please keep posting, even if photos. You are such a lovely person to follow and enjoy! I hope your recovery is quick!

Big Hugs! - Molly

Joy Campbell

I am pleased a punch that you are willing to share your beautiful work with all of us in blogland....I don't need words, as your photos say it ALL!
Keep them coming and no need to comment back to me...



Okay girl, I just want you to know that I am THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF to see you posting again! Over the moon happy. I will take any posts I can get from you, comments or no. I adore your sweet style and magical, fanciful posts. And you are the fact that you are so sweet on top of it? Well, you just don't get that combination very much anymore. So thank you, and don't listen to the jealous person... Not one teensy, tiny bit. We all thank our lucky stars for you!!!

Take care, hope that back of yours feels better!
PS- and don't write me back!!! :)

Diana Frey

Donna.. I fully support you in taking care of yourself. I,too, struggle with back and neck issues and need to follow your lead. I love your photos and your antique/vintage jewelry is so wonderful.

Lisa Swifka

Dearest Donna,
I did and still do.... GET IT! You HAVE to think of your well being first as the last thing anyone who knows you would want is for you to be in pain. We have to weigh out our priorities in life...sometimes it's dictated FOR us. So I say post when you can...comments or not...I will still read!
I WILL say though, we are so overdue for a good Bachelor dish!! So maybe we can squeeze in a meet for coffee sometime soon!.
In the meantime.....you don't owe any more explanation to anyone!
Just be you, your wildly wicked sense of humor and talented YOU...at your own pace!

Karen Cook

Worked for Boeing for years--part of them at a drafting desk--talk about a back killer--kept my feet in a drawer--talk about graceful!
Now at the computer I keep my feet on a box--the one at home is about 6-9 inches--back loves it. Best advice I got from a therapist was think tall! Remember that little string on the top of my head pulling up. My 6 1/2 cents worth! Karen

Susan LaBadie

I love your honesty and your blog. I too have a very deteriorating spine. Your art has been a great inspiration to me. I do not have a blog but I long to have one of my own...time is so precious and you sharing yours with me is very spiffy! I take care of my very sick 90 year old Mom, art is not an option for me so looking at yours is almost like creating myself. Thanks for comming back, even if it is visual.

Dorian Fletcher

Those of us truly dedicated fans of your blog are just tickled to see a new entry. Your health is first and foremost - so share when you feel like it. Those of us that appreciate your voice and wit will still be there. I did wonder about the closed comments - your explanation sufficed. Take care of yourself.

Cynthia White

Your blog is lovely. The photography is really quite beautiful, and I pop in from time to time for inspiration. I love reading your entries, too. Best of luck with your back; I can certainly understand your reasons for keeping your blogging one-sided.

Cassondra W.

I am one of your SBD readers... Silent but Dedicated! :>) I love your blog... pictures and words or pictures alone. Don't let them get you down!!!


I am so sorry that you have such bad back problems...I know that it is not easy.
I appreciate each one of your posts no matter whether your comments are open or not. I especially love the Johnny sightings.
You are still the Queen...oooooops!!! fodder for that nasty 'thinks they're all that' person.
Speaking of Johnny did you see the "Alice" movie...I loved it. I went with an open mind and found many delights.
I still love you even though you make me "JEALOUS" 11 hours...I need that and more...but here I sit on my..... :) I do have an excuse...I have been sick with a super bug for over a year...the coughing is mostly gone but I still have a sore throat and sometimes loose my voice...much to some peoples delight.
What!!!? am I writing a post here.

Karla Laura Smith

Hi Donna,

I have hopped by your delightful blog since I started my own. Your art and continuous inspiration from your own spirit makes me have a bounce in my step each time.

As for your back issue, I too can not sit for long. (Due to 5 back surgeries and the misfortune the doctors left a screw in my spinal cord and titanium shaving spread around my lower back like I was in the war. We'll, now I feel I'm at war since I've been turned away by 24 pain management doctors so far. They all have said my case is too complicated.
I'm a pussy cat and I know it's not me. It's the system.

You are liked by so many, please don't go away!

Warmly with hugs,


I am all astonishment that someone would say such a nasty thing about you. For me, your posts are always delightful, a glimpse at something beautiful and from my vantage point, you come across as a generous and lovely person with a kind spirit. When I come to your blog I usually feel rather like Alice peeking through that keyhole into Wonderland's garden. And never, never ever, do you come off as someone who thinks she's all that.

But then again, you can show ten people something and no two of them will describe what they see the same. I learned this writing for a website that covers Disney and I can tell you I've had some nastiness flung at me for things I've said in the columns I wrote. I would read the comments and wonder how in the heck they came up with the criticism of me & what I wrote because it was so far off base from what I actually said.

I also used to teach teddy bear making classes 20 years ago when I used to design bears & I distinctly remember a class where I smiled at one of the students and she interpreted the smile as me making fun of her. She attacked me in front of the whole class for my condescending attitude toward her. I stood there listening to her berate me, thinking, "What? I smiled at you. That's all. A smile. No condescension." You know, 20-some odd years later, I'm still shaking my head at that one.

Over the years, I've just learned to let it all go and pay no mind. People will think what they want no matter what the intention and there is absolutely no way you can please everyone. C'est la vie, right?

Although ... after reading what you had to say about feeling bad for not following up people's blog comments with a visit to their blog, I wonder if I come across in a negative light at my blog because most of the time, I don't visit people who have left comments on my blog. I mean, I would love to, and I do sometimes, but usually I just simply do not have the luxury of loads of time to blog hop & leave comments. Hmmm. Oh well, I guess I have to let that one go too.

As for me, I'm just happy that you didn't give up the blog all together, and that you have a minute or two to post a photo now and then so I can peek through the keyhole and look at the marvelous things in that garden. :-)

PS - The crown is very happy here & I love looking at it sitting in its current perch upon my favorite cupboard (but alas, I have not affixed the little stars yet)!


Donna, ohmygosh...that makes me SO mad that someone sent you such a nasty email...every party needs a pooper i guess, and that was yours...i get a snarky comment once in a while...i don't understand the motivation behind it...but i just shrug if off and carry on...i will always visit you, comments open or not...i love your style, humor, and gorgeous creations...it makes me happy to see what you are up to...

Kris Shedarowich

Hey Donna!

I adore your blog and your art and whenever you choose to post is perfect!! And I can so relate to your situation! My neck was fused when I was 37 (10 years ago) Not easy! But it's life - luck it just is. You are a reflection of perfection! Thanks for being YOU!!!
Kris Shedarowich


You should always do what works for YOU on your blog.
I, for one, will always be here admiring your beautiful photographs and your amazing art.

Boxwood Cottage

Dear Donna,
I'm so happy to see you back on your blog more and more and even happier to read that your back is getting better and better! That's great news! And it gives me hope!
You know that I'm going through that same journey with my lumbal vertebrae facets syndrome and the need to work (at the pc) and the urge to create and blog and share. I too started working on my torso muscels and doing a constant training, but only 2 hours a week so far, which might not be enough when I read that it takes you 11 hours every week. Oh my that is a lot of spare time, one could spend more creative *sigh* but at the end of the day when it helpes to make that pain go away I'm at a point I'd do a lot more excercising too.
Don't let remarks like from the person that emailed you bring you down. It's as you said, you can't make it right for everyone, and I certainly wouldn't think that you are a snobby person, because you close your comments or because you don't answer back on my blog.

Now to your dreamy collection of luck signs, WOW just how awesome are they and your beautiful photos! It must have taken you ages to find all these gorgeous pieces! I covet every single one! Lucky you the he he

Sending you warmest wishes from still wintry Germany

xoxo, Carola

Emily M.

Your work speaks for itself no need for words,I always enjoy your eye popping blog.Donna your blog is a special treat and I always injoy peeking into your world,stay well and healthy...Blessing E.M.


I can't say it better than Stephanie and Jenn. So I won't repeat. A few words of my own, while I have the chance! There is nobody who does it better. But life as we know it didn't end when you took a break. I am still happy to drop in occasionally. No need to reply! Seriously :) ps Is your little heart just racing with the images from "Alice"? I must DO SOMETHING.


I find great inspiration in your photos, do keep them coming! :o)

Queen of Dreamsz

Hello Donna,

Lovely eye candy to look at [as usual]...your artistic expression really inspires me. ♥

I think each person that blogs has their own reasons for keeping the online journal...some do it just for themselves as a way to archive things that they are accomplishing...and the interaction with others really isn't thought about....some have the sole intention of networking with other bloggers and they have the hours and health to sit at their computers to enjoy it.

I think we have to blog in the manner that best fits our lives...

If someone takes issue with that then you just have to overlook it..it's coming from a person that has no real understanding of why [we] blog to begin with! No matter where we go in life [either on land or cyber based] there will always be the people that want to *rain on your parade* LOL

I'm happy just being able to come into your space and soak up the beauty. ♥

You take care of yourself and make life pleasurable for yourself and everything else will fall in place..don't worry what people will or won't think.

Those of us that arrive with LOVE in our hearts would never question why or how you approach your journal. :0)

Have a great day,
Stephanie ♥

Jo Hassan

Hmmm can really relate to what you have written here, Donna. I'm a recent follower of your blog (as a result of the OWOH event) and actually really like the fact that I'm not compelled to leave a comment but can quietly absorb the luscious beauty and eye-candy you display for us so generously, graciously and with soooo much glorious imagination too.
But its strange how some folk tend to make assumptions about us, without making the effort to fully understand and acknowledge another point of view. A couple of years ago I was advised to leave teaching and to decrease my voice-use due to damage and persistent problems with my throat/larynx function. It has taken me a while to accept this but think it has probably been harder for my friends, as they have had to adjust to the fact that I have to do things differently now to protect what little voice I have left: no lengthy chats on the phone, limiting my time spent meeting up for coffee/drink and avoiding places that are noisy or smoky etc etc.
I know its hard, hun, but your health is far far more important than blogging and sitting on the computer. Much better to spend your time healing and getting strong... and ofcourse making art!!!
Big hugs Jo x


First of all, thank you for your frankness and honesty....thank you for these absolutely gorgeous photographs! Every detail is so wonderful! Delicious eye candy! If you were to disappear you would be terribly missed. Next, I have to say that although I receive many comments and am very grateful for each and every one, I cannot possibly reply to all and have accepted that and do not feel bad about it. Perhaps it would help you if when you post you acknowledge that you have received comments and thank people all at once in your post. Or leave a message on your comment sheet explaining yourself and thanking people at the very moment they comment. Blogging is very time consuming and working full time and blogging is a huge commitment. I am sure that people would rather you continue to post and not worry about returning comments. Guilt free blogging....
You do not have to reply to this comment...I love you anyway!!!


Oh, and you are completely absolved from having to reply or read my blog or anything.


It amazes me how many people will go the extra mile to hurt someone's feelings. This person actually emailed you because they thought you were stuck up? Sheesh. They must not actually READ the blog because, duh, they'd know better. I love reading your blog, and appreciate it even more now that I know what it costs you to sit down and post. Keep up the good work - the exercise, the blogging, and the discipline!

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