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May 29, 2010


Lisa Bivona

I love coming here! I think I'd like to be the fortune teller at the circus...can't tell fortunes though!
and with your little birdie leaving the nest, it's hard, but a whole new stage of life opens up!


Fleur de Bee

Loving your latest posts so I'll scroll down here to leave my comment. Congrats to your daughter!! She's is STUNNING!! Just like her Mama!!! Empty Nester..yes my parents joined that club this Feb with my last brother to get married as he was living with them finishing up school. Bittersweet! However they travel more and have really found more time to do more and excuses to go elsewhere to see people and places. I hope you have the same fun experiences! Gosh where do I begin with all the Pomp and frills here? I am up to my neck in crepe paper, organza ribbon, fabric, dresdens and glitter....sounds like heaven I know haha But I can't wait to clean it all up and get the swaps all shipped off. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Big Hugs!!
xo Molly

Laura Irrgang

What a beautiful family!
And what a bittersweet day.
I'm sure she'll be flying back to the MamaNest frequently. I'm a lurker, but you seem like you'd be the NICEST nest to come back to!!!

Queen of Dreamsz  ~ The Art of Stuff

Hi Donna,

I looked at your newest post. I'm assuming that's you with your daughter? You are both absolute beauties. ♥

I always leave this universe while viewing your magical posts...your newest is just lovely.

I know you aren't on the computer much but I'd love for you to visit me to see how I've finally pulled together my studio after almost a year of being in our new home...these things take time when you have bad feet and two staircases! But it's done at last...

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you,
Stephanie ♥

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I love circus. Your daughter and your family look divine in the last post . Congratultions

Susan Bartolucci

Hey there...........I see you are back........with a wonderful new re-invention of your site Hip Hip Hooray..........I love a good circus. I truly believe I am descended from circus people..at least that's my excuse. Looking forward to seeing you soon....I will be thinking of you working away on stellar creations!

Karla Laura Smith

Hello Miss Donna!

Hopping by to say "HELLO", and say how I love your talents of ART, which inspires me as always! Would love to go to your circus any day.... Thanks for sharing.

Warmly with Hugs,

Lisa Bivona

Just Wonderful!

Mitzi Curi

Besides being exciting, the carnival and/or circus has the best food around! Elephant ears, caramel corn, Italian sausages and onions, frozen goodies.....and on and on.

Kris Shedarowich

We all fit into the Circus of Life in one way or another! Très Magnifique! Have great week and enjoy the show! :^)


Definitely loving the circus thing! Enjoy your weekend.


Queen of Dreamsz  ~ The Art of Stuff

Oh yes, a fantasy employer...absolutely! The imagination roams free in such an environment...maybe it should be a prereq for the creative soul. :0)

Love to read and gaze at your images..so very inspiring...just so magical and full of wonder.

Thanks for sharing....If you get out and about please drop by for a moment. PiNk Saturday is celebrating it's 2nd Birthday today..lots of fun.

Wishing for all things wonderful your way and healing energy for your body.

Have a lovely day,


there are days that i would love to travel with a circus or a fair....

Carnie folk are the best!

love your creations!


Tristan Robin

Once again, you have the most intriguing, magical, inspiring, beautiful and teasing photos I have seen on a blog.

I am gobsmacked every time I visit here.

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Hey, you!

Yes,I do believe the circus is an equal opportunity fantasy employer! Loving this post!


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